Jamai Raja 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni in servant’s attire telling Baweja she will replace her uncle servant for some days. Baweja asks her to come in the morning. Sam who is confined hears her voice and drops glass on floor. Roshni says something drop and she will clear it. Baweja says he will take care and asks her again to come in the morning. She comes out, gives servant some money and asks him to go to his village until she finds her sister.

Roshni comes back home and in her bedroom tells Sid that she is sure Sam is there and will search her soon. Sid asks her to relax and stop getting tensed. She asks him to go and sleep. She sleeps on sofa and closes eyes. She thinks he says there is nothing between them, but he can do anything for her and her family, hopes they reunite soon.


the morning, Roshni goes to Baweja’s house in maid’s attire (looking like a real maid) and starts sweeping floor. She looks at Sam’s confined room. Baweja asks her to get tea and once she leaves, starts searching her bag. He is about to pick her license when Roshni comes with tea and picks back her items. She picks laundry clothes and asks if she can keep it in bedroom. He says he will keep it and asks her to continue her work. She starts sweeping floor. He looks at her and goes to bedroom. She calls Sid and tells that she did not get any proof but doubts something is wrong in bedroom, Baweja has started doubting her and even was checking her purse. He asks her to come right now. She says she will not until she finds her sister. He asks why Patel ladies are so dumb. DD warns him and even Roshni. Roshni finds Sam’s phone on floor. Baweja comes and asks what is she doing on floor. She gives him phone and says she it must be some girls. He asks her to mind her business and leave.s She calls back DD and tells she is sure Sam is here. DD says she will get police Roshni asks her not to do any mistake and wait until she finds some proof.

Mona cries remembering Sam. Yash comes there and asks her the reason. She says nothing. He insists and says he is like her family member.

Baweja asks Roshni to prepare extra food. She asks if someone is coming. He asks her to mind her business. She thinks her doubt is strengthening. She sees house keys on table, injures herself purposefully and asks him to get some ice. While he gets her ice, she takes keys imprint on soap and rushes out telling she will go to doc while Baweja continues asking her to cook food and then go.

While having breakfast, Biji asks about Roshni. Raj says she went to her NGO. Rajveer loafer thinks something is wrong. He calls his manager and scolds him for granting leave to DD and asks to call her bag. Raj hears that and tells everyone has some work and DD is his samdhi/relative, so he does not want him to trouble her. He says though he is handling his office, he is the owner and asks him to call manager and stop him from calling Dd. Rajveer loafer does the same. Raj warns him not to repeat his mistake. Rajveer loafer thinks Roshni is missing, he has to find out what is she up to.

Precap: Roshni finds Sam in Baweja’s room and frees her. Rajveer loafer hits her head from back and she falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Koi ha

  2. Best Indian soap ever

  3. nice episode can’t wait for tomorrow
    rajveer sid will not spare you this time you will be a goner soon
    this is the only show that is going on the right track love it

  4. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    yah interesting

  5. I do not agree with you commentators I do not find this serial to be the best the only sane serial is jodha Akbar all the others the evil ones are just getting away with murder and all we are seeing is evil taking precedence over good which should not be so the problem with these serial is that the writers do not want to end them so they are finding any way to prolong them do not matter if the serial is going shitty the worst one is bhandan real total shit then qubool hai right after that well do not talk about doli armaano ki that is on par with qubool hai I find all these serial need to come to an end because they have lost their substance and so ratings have gone down some viewers do not even watch them again like before I could not miss an episode but now it does not make a difference sometimes I watch sometimes I dont

    1. You should then not watch it and let the ones who enjoy it watch get lost

  6. same here gloria i dont seem to interested in these serials anymore

  7. why no written update of 7 april

  8. True,……gloria

  9. Who is it Rajveer hit on the head and she falls unconscious?Is it Sam or Roshni?I am waiting patiently to see Rajveer gets his dose of medicine.Imagine DD calls Sid for help.The same who was not good for her daughter.Roshni your are brave and was able to help find Sam.Sam did not listen to Sid and this is what she got.Rajveer,is the one whocooked up this whole foolishness for his greed. It is time to expose Kritika and Rajveer.

  10. Why does it take soo long for these crooks to get caught??? Ughhhh 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  11. Hi gys it so interesting pls Sid should forgive roshni so that they start a new life

  12. Are u all Indians pis

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