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The Episode starts with Sid telling Mrs and Mr. Sharma that there is some miscommunication and they don’t want to give Ayesha for adoption. DD tells Mrs. And Mr. Sharma have got the papers ready too. Mrs. Sharma that they couldn’t conceive nor get anyone child, and says this girl is our last hope. Roshni says we need some time to think. Mrs. Sharma thanks her. DD smiles and tells Roshni that she is sure that her daughter will take a right decision. Sid thinks Roshni’s decision is wrong and says he needs to talk to her. He tells Roshni, why she wants to keep Ayesha far from her. She says you are unreasonable and is agreeing to your mom’s demands. Roshni tells she likes their family and says Ayesha can go with them. Sid repeats her words and says you can’t stay without tears after she is gone.

It is strange that you fight for her at the one moment and keeps her far at the other. You think that you can stay without her, but the reality is that you can’t stay without her. She gets emotional seeing the paintings. She decides that Ayesha will go and stay with Sharmas. Sid looks on.

Yash is unhappy with his PR and asks Sam to handle it. He says we can spend time together. Sam says she has kids responsibility and asks him to manage. Ayesha writes that she will not touch DD’s stuff and will not trouble Roshni, etc etc. DD reads it and tears the papers. Sid comes and asks who has torn the papers and reads it. He says my Ayesha writes so well. Ayesha goes inside. Sid reminds DD about her behavior and asks once you had heart, don’t know where you have left it. DD tells she is a mum and feels bad as Ayesha is responsible. She says until she is here, our happiness will not return. She is a dark reflection and should go. Sid says I know Roshni well, more than you. He says he knows where her happiness lies and he will do everything to keep her happy. He says Ayesha will not go from this house and this decision will be of Roshni, and it will not be forced by me or you. He says it is a challenge. DD says challenge accepted. Sid says lets see who wins, your hatred or Roshni’s motherly love.

Nani Maasi comes to the dining table and sees Ayesha sitting on the chair. She claims that the chair is hers and asks her to get up. She pushes her on floor and asks her to sit on floor. She asks the servant to bring separate plate for her and give leftover food to her. DD looks on and asks her to eat it. Ayesha gets teary eyed and is about to eat the food. Sid comes there and looks shockingly at the way little girl is treated in the house. Sid asks Ayesha, who gave you this food. Nani Maasi asks everyone to come and have food. Sid asks Ayesha to come and sit, and says I will show your real place. He serves her juice and asks her to drink. He feeds her with his hand. Roshni tells DD that she is going to Sharma’s house. DD says I will also come with you.

Sid expresses his disappointment as Ayesha is leaving and asks Roshni to keep her painting in her stuff. Roshni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. roshni i feel to slap u now you getting just like ur mom dd sid is tryin to help u to get out of the depression of lose ur baby by telling u to adopted ayesha but u olny act stupid i think the mr n mrs sharma them shld come an adopted ayesha maybe she will get better treatment then stayin with u n ur so called family dd idk what u she think of her self
    sid shld left u roshni on her own cus no matter what sid do he never get thanks cuz dd always cursing n scold him because of u roshni you shld be lucky to have a husband like sid who go against his family for u like in that episode when that woman get to know that u cannot conceive anymore she go n tell the whole family that the shld go n look for a next for wife sid.sid hear that n tell them that no matter what happen u roshni will always be this wife n will always love her so i think u shld start acting as his wife n stop listen to dd cus now sid is ur first priority n go back and live with urs- in laws cuz that where a married woman belong

  2. a lover of jamai raja

    I think you are right rani……. Roshni has to change her way of thinking. Comeon Roshni…… You can also be a good mother.

  3. a lover of jamai raja

    I think you are right rani….. Roshni has to change her way of thinking. Comeon Roshni…… You can also be a good mother.

  4. I think roshni did the right thing because aye asha has a bad manners Sid needs to get hold of his self and think before taking action?????

  5. I think Rani is right
    Roshni ur a fool

  6. Aretha Fouda

    Is roshini a bandy dis too much

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