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The Episode starts with Sid telling Simran that there is no groom…Simran is stunned. Sid says I mean that I am not a groom. I am talking about Anya’s marriage, and asks Bunty can’t you tell the truth to everyone. He says he has saved Anya from committing suicide and brought her here. He asks Simran to hold on her emotions. Bunty says Mummy ji don’t listens. Simran prays to God and asks him to get Sid and Anya married. Sid is driving the car and asks Anya why she is looking tensed? Roshni talks to her friend and asks him to find out about Anya till she reaches aunty. She gets hiccups and thinks who is missing me. She looks for water and thinks it is not in the car. Anya says what I will tell to mom and dada. Sid says I know how to handle kids and stops the car to buy some sweets, after asking Anya

not to run. Anya laughs and says she will not run. Sid goes to shop and asks him to give sweets. Roshni also comes there and asks shop keeper to give water bottle. Shop keeper says he don’t want water bottles.

Neither Roshni or Sid see each other. Sid tears the packet and keeps a chocolate there. Roshni sees him going, but misses to see his face. She picks the chocolate. Sid brings chocolate packet and gives it to Anya. Anya gets glad. Roshni collides with someone and gets hurt. Sid and Anya come to her house. Sid asks her to have faith on her family. Sid says I am there with you. Anya says door is half opened, we can’t go. Sid says it is good, lets go inside. Anya says I am not joking, it is inauspicious thing. Sid says you are making an excuse and believing on superstition. Anya says lets ring the door bell. He says I am your boss, and asks her to come inside. They go inside. Sid says nice house Anya. A lady comes and stares Sid. Anya nods no. Lady says sarvanaash. Sid greets her, and introduces himself as Sid. Lady who is Anya’s Mitul Mami calls Anya’s mum and goes inside. Sid asks why did she run away seeing me. What happened to her.

Sid says you would have taught me bengali. He says lets go. Just then Anya’s mum comes and asks him to stop. She gets down the stairs…Anya looks on hopeful. Sid asks who is she? Anya calls her maa. Her mum smiles. Anya hugs her. Her mum smiles and asks where did you go? Anya says sorry. Her mum asks if you are fine. Anya says yes. Sid greets her. Anya says she is my mum Naina Devi. Sid says okay. Anya says he is the one…but before she could complete the sentence. Naina thanks Sid. She says I was worried thinking whom did she marry. Mami smiles and tells Naina that he is our Jamai. Sid says my sasumom had me jagat Jamai, as everyone calls me Jamai. Anya says Mami told that I brought my groom with me. Sid says no, and tries to clear the misunderstanding. Naina does their aarti. Sid says I am not a groom and the aarti plate falls down. Naina and Mami are shocked. Mami says Sharvanash. Sid says nothing have happened. I will pick it up. A man comes and holds Sid’s hand, asking him to leave it for servants. Sid says nothing inauspicious have happened as your daughter came home. Naina agrees with him.

Sid says I will clear the confusion. Just then man asks servant to clean the floor. He asks Anya what did she do? He says your mum was hospitalized. Naina says we will talk later. Mami says you know that what happened last time with Neil. Sid says I want to say something, actually…Naina stops him and asks Anya to come to her. She asks Sid to take rest and think of sasural as his home. Sid is shocked and surprised. Mami asks where is Neil? Neil is seen going somewhere. Kesar asks Roshni to rest. Roshni says no, and says she has to complete the presentation and go Anya’s home also. Neil asks about Ragini’s cabin. Roshni tells Kesar that she will finish her presentation. Neil comes there and shuts her laptop. Roshni asks him not to dare touch her laptop.

Sid asks Anya why didn’t you tell your family about the truth. Anya asks do you want me to commit suicide. Sid asks where is your brother? I will explain to him. Anya says Dada….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakwas boring …roshni itna makeup thopny k bad bhi achi nae lg rahii eeee you .the writers r totally crazy …

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Aisha, she does that type of makeup deliberately as she think it is fashion

  2. hmmm one of my fav serial n I luv Roshni… She is the best one…….

  3. BC kutta writers ye Kya bakwas ha Sid de bakwas nahi hoti ka shadi nahi hui fazool drama f**king time waste

  4. all this nonsense we dont wanna see this we wanna see roshni and sid meet this anya drama is all trash

  5. This is same crap as what was in Tashni ishq. how boring they need new stpry line.

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