Jamai Raja 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Siddharth is seeing around , there’s someone with a joker card. He searches around. The person Jr there. He finds a joker card. He is shocked.

Sid says hi Alex , you are a big coward , came here and hid yourself. He says I’ll start my game , and then you won’t be able to run away. He says I give you a chance , say the truth. Or else I’ll take you to court , I’ll tell everything there , you stole my money , you almost made us lose our life. He says say the truth Alex. He says y did you do everything? Say the truth and say now. He sees her closely. He turns the chair.

He sees her dead. Scene changes to roshni and DD. Dd is calling sid but she isn’t able to connect to him. She scolds roshni saying where is your husband? Why can’t he come here? Where

is he gone? Not picking up? Roshni says everyday they keep on fighting , I think I am seeing a soap opera. Yash comes in , he says I came here to give these medicines to Sam. He denies seeing sid when roshni asks. He goes away with dd and asks roshni to give the medicines to Sam. A joker comes and says did you meet Alex sid? It is a video on the tv. The joker sings and says did you meet Alex? Would have been interesting? Let’s play the game!

He sees the pictures of everyone he loves on the screen. It shows roshni , dd , simran everyone. The joker laughs and says that now you’ll lose roshni. He picks ayesha , he picks sim and raj , then dd. The joker says one button and everyone is gone , dead. The joker says this is a secret between you and me , don’t let the police get to know this. If you tell then like this screen your life will become black. He trues calling someone

A driver comes to pick roshni and ayesha. They go away with the driver. He smirks. Sid reaches police station. He tries to inform the policeman when he gets a message saying get out from here or you’ll lose something important after half an hour. He tries calling roshni , roshni sees her phone on silent. She doesn’t pick Siddharth’s call. She says we are coming for lunch. Wait for a while. Sid says what lunch? Roshni I haven’t sent any driver. Get our of the car. The driver jumps out of the car. Roshni and ayesha shout. Police come with sid. Dd and yash are on the road. Someone throwing something on dd when yash saves her. Sid reaches for roshni and ayesha and they are safe.

Roshni gets a call and is shocked. Roshni comes home and asks mom how did you get hurt? Roshni is hurt as well. Dd asks her to sit down. Yash is also injured. Roshni and dd are worried. They ask sid where was he? Sid starts to say but then resham comes in and says I fell down. There was oil on floor. Roshni says how can all of us be injured together? A video of a joker plays on tv. Ayesha is excited.

Joker is dancing on screen , sid tries to switch it off but if doesn’t change , the channel doesn’t change. Roshni pulls off the plug. Everyone looks around , I think I saw yash smiling (I am not sure)
Sid is alone , he thinks who is doing all this? Someone is observing him.

Sid looks back and sees yash. Yash asks how r u? Are you fine? Sid says everything is fine , just some tension in office. Yash says something is there sid , I am your friend , you can tell me.s sid keeps denying. Yash says then I’ll tell uncle aunty. Sid says joker. Yash stops , sid says I’ll tell u everything , but this talk remains I’m between us. He tells him everything. Sid says finally that I have seen many challenges , many bad people but I have never felt so scared , so anxious.

Precap bunty is seeing a video and laughing.he says there is a video , this is so funny. Sid sees the video and thinks maybe he is hinting at ayesha.

Update Credit to: Aayu27

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  1. First I thought it may be….Misha’s…sister or frnd….
    Bt nw i’m quite tensed…may be Yash!??

  2. Hi guyz am bit lost ..so much confusion

  3. So, is this show a suspense thriller now? 😐 steups

  4. I think it’s yash.

  5. I don’t get it why is he doing this!!!!

  6. na man cant b yash u guys know how these soaps keep goin i am sayin shabnam is behin all this what say?

  7. I think it sam n yash doing

  8. It is yash because tat day yash took out sid wallet and throw at the road side when they meet up before going to Goa.

    1. Yeah…. But why he is doing all this? What is the reason???? Very confusing!!!.

      1. Yeah even now I also think its Yash.. But we should have an exception about shabnam because when sis threw her out of the house she said him that she will destroy all the people who he loves…

  9. Guys check out new fan fiction “music sheet” bye bella.

  10. Writers should really make a day where their is Sidni romance without disburtance of Alex and the Evil people in the story.Should add a twist where while saving ayshea, roshni falls ill and becomes pregnant(no miscarrge).Writers should change the setting so Sidni’s romance can happen like NGO

  11. I think Alex is rajveer sibling or maybe Kunal’s sister taking revenge for puting him in jail.

    1. Kunal is not in jail he is free… Sid in Jyoti tais ketup said in police that she is alive and kunal has not murdered her. And kunals sister is dead soo….

  12. I feel like its yash

  13. He’s doing it because he has a crazy woman for a wife, whom he married just because Roshni – whom he loved and took her in when she was in trouble – asked him to.
    and no one cares about Yash. I hope Yash makes them pay. He is broke – they haven’t said how he lost all his money because he was quite wealthy before – and he has a cow for a wife. I think I would be a little annoyed too

  14. Am so excited……
    Actually jamai raja is a superb serial which ever I seemed…
    Ravi sir Nia mam hats of u both…
    for doing such a amazing character like Sid and roshni

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