Jamai Raja 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Misha asking Sid to forward his hand and makes him wear the ring. Roshni cries silently. Misha claps and says they are engaged now. She asks why everyone is not happy here? Simran wipes her tears and is unhappy. Sacrifice devi Roshni claps, followed by everyone. Misha asks Sid to make her wear ring. Sid looks at Roshni, and thinks about DD’s words. The goons are taking Shiv wrapped in the carpet. Jigna catches them and asks to clean the carpet. She asks them to follow her. Sid takes out ring from the box and keeps on looking at Roshni tearfully. Misha forwards her hand. Sid is about to put ring on Misha’s finger, DD couldn’t see and goes from there. Everyone turn their faces. Roshni closes her eyes. Sid makes Misha wear the ring. Psycho Misha looks at the ring

madly and hugs Sid. Sid stares Roshni emotionally.

Roshni feigns smile on her face and pretends to be happy for them. Roshni is going from there, but Sid holds her hand and tells that since he got engaged to Misha, it doesn’t mean that their love will end. You are mine always, just make it clear. Misha comes and hugs Sid again.

DD comes to the pool side and sees someone in the swimming pool. She sees Shiv’s face and shouts Shiv. Everyone go outside near the pool side. Misha thinks stupid goons couldn’t do the work properly. Nani asks DD, what happened. DD sits in shock. Sid holds Roshni, while others bring Shiv out of pool. Roshni asks Shiv to wake up. Beeji cries. Mona asks Shiv to open eyes. Kesar also cries. Simran asks Sid to do something. Roshni asks DD to tell Shiv to wake up. Everyone cries. Misha looks at Sid and is tensed. She starts acting and asks why everyone is crying on her engagement day. She asks him to take her home. Sid asks Misha to go inside and sit. Misha insists him to take her home. Sid shouts at her and asks to go inside.

Misha calls the goons and scolds them for dumping Shiv in the pool. She worries about the proofs against her. The goon says that chlorine in the pool will washed away the proofs. Sid is about to hold Shiv, but DD asks him not to touch Shiv, as they don’t need him. She asks him to take care of his mad fiance. She says she is with Shiv.

Shiv dies and DD mourns for his death. She gets a call from the Inspector to come to Police station. DD in white saree, says she will come. Misha thinks to get the proofs against her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kristelle

    More Murder Zee? These fun loving shows just getting disastrous…death after death. Starting to get the feeling as Bhandaan. All these shows just disappointing me one by one….I used to sit from 7:00pm to 11:30pm on Zee TV every single night…..Now if I watch 2 different serials a night I watched plenty. Jamai Raja is one I still watched more often than others…now it has become like the rest..sigh.

    • dannybell

      Couldn’t agree more. But as such now dd got involved. She might look into the matter to find out who killed her husband and why??

    • khushi

      I think they care more about quantity and less about quality that’d y I don’t watch Indian serials that are so disgusting wait soon it will complete 2000 episode

  2. dannybell

    Finally… Even then shiv was stab to death. With scissors the marks and d site suggest dat it was not a suicide nor accident and some body murdered him. So at least d case won’t b closed. If they think logically. Which obviously they won’t.

  3. dannybell

    If it would have been detective serial then now they would draw their attention to d missing mobile wid d dead body and also d msg which was send to dd. Also those marks DAT are already their on the body like beating and tying with d rope don’t get of dat easily. It takes hours to b in water to remove those mark from body. Beside a murder requires a pm. Any unnatural cause of death could b asked for pm. So basically that reveals he was murdered

  4. dannybell

    If this doesn’t happen Jr should b declared as a serial which has no relation to science, logic and to the judicial system of india

  5. writers what the hell you all doing not shiv roshini now get her father back and dd now get her husband back why kill him off why don’t you kill off that mad psycho misha the storyline would have been better with shiv in it my gosh you all just do not know what to write again I am so disappointed with this serial as with all the others poor dd and roshini why this have to happen to them no happiness at all for the good ones come on writers are you all sadists you all just continue to do evil wicked things to the good ones

  6. what I cannot understand is shiv was the one to expose that psycho misha he is the one who followed her and saw where her parents were hidden and he knows everything about misha yet you killed him off I am so damn vex dotish sid best you had killed him off instead by letting he and misha jump off the damn roof since he so stupid to leave the love of his life for that psycho this is the worse cannot deal with this type of nonsensical writing

  7. you heard it going off air well I hope that this is soon because I rather not watch this shit anymore for every serial written it is the same nonsensical scripts being written and the good characters bad things always happen to them shit man I am sooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed

  8. ms sng

    The worst serial with the lowest quality in all the channels.
    only this serial was worth watching.
    I think the purpose of serial was to prove sid as d best jamai ever who is too smart n best to handle all problems. But its deviated now from the name JR.

  9. sid

    aree man what us the problem with these producers what a nice and exciting serial this was and now it turned out to be one of the worst.what a change . niw i hate this serial to hell.get lost

  10. Desa

    Why when DD now finds happiness again and Roshni now unites with her father that all their happiness is being snatch away from them,I’m fed up with this serial,you best unite Sid and Roshni very soon.

  11. Philosopher

    Ayyo shiv dies!! Prducrs pls cum up wid sumthng nw!!! Serial name mst b THYAG RAJA nd nt JAMAI RAJA… No 1 wud do sucg a sacrifices…i mean over sacrifices!!!lol

  12. simi

    This show is so teribbly boring including all other zee serials…Come’on people write some practical stories,zee producers always kill the serials just as soon as their audience start enjoying,you directors should learn from American directors!!!

    • dannybell

      Yup agreed I watched entire seasons . Of perception but was never bored even once. Friends is also awesome. And whenthey get good ttrps they improve their efforts not like these zee serial

  13. simi

    This show is so terbbly boring including all other zee serials…Come’on people write some practical stories,zee producers always kill the serials just as soon as their audience start enjoying,you directors should learn from American directors!!!

  14. marie taylor

    All that is Simran Fault……. She will regret her it. If she had never ask Sid to divorce none of this would have ever happen. I hope she is happy now

  15. Kristelle

    Devils Advocate: Maybe Shiv is not dead and Sid is just saying that to try to capture his killer, and DD just pretending wearing white…hmmm…but who am I fooling right? lolol.

  16. sharmi

    Don’t watch this show but have read up on it sometimes. Sid and the crazy lady will have a crazy baby lol

  17. nadine

    This serial had a good starting. Off but start to fall apart with SIDS broken marriage rajveer dearth death and now meesha .they need now shiv,’s phone meesha’s parents and probably security checks to bring up some essence base on the serial

  18. Dis show wll never let the sacrifice queen roshni and sabka bhala karne wala larka sid to live hapily together and dis misha or i should say manju from kapil’s show with her so big lippppppppppppps will ruin everything.and may be even d show feeling too bad for shiv nd y only good character suffer

  19. heidi

    All comments. You,re right : the writers loves only evil I don, t understand that !!! Come on writers change your storyline positve **

  20. Charmin

    Shiv is not dead. All will be reveal in due time.

    When Shiv reveals Misha’s secret to Misha thinking her to be Roshni, Misha stabs him with pointed scissor repeatedly. Shiv gets injured. Just when Pyscho Misha tries to kill Shiv, Roshni and Sid reach there and rescue Shiv. They get shocked seeing Misha’s madness at the peak. DD will be shocked and will be confused about Shiv’s message that he left from their life. She will realize that there is surely something hidden from her eye. Roshni and Sid take Shiv to hospital. Everyone pray for Shiv’s recovery and his wellbeing. Misha gets the news of Shiv being still alive and wants to clear every evidence by which she can get caught.

    Sid comes to the hospital and wants to unveil the mask from someone face. He wants to expose someone and diminish the gap between Roshni and him. Misha is seen hiding in the hospital, in disguise of a nurse and then wears burqa. Sid follows Misha who has reached to hospital to steal the proof against her with Shiv, when she has tried to kill him. Sid tries to catch the girl, after seeing the lady doctor running from the ward. Misha succeeds in clearing the evidence and tries to harm Shiv again. She sees Sid coming and runs away. There will be major revelation of Misha being behind attack on Shiv. It is yet to be seen how Sid manages to expose Misha.


  21. Fay

    This show has become too illogical and unrealistic. As for the Sid/Roshni/Misha story line – it’s total BS…….. this is so much crap. Apparently the writers think that the viewers are idiots because they continue to insult our intelligence on a daily basis. I wanted to give this show a chance because it had a good start and I really like some of the actors. However, I cannot take these idiotic story lines any more. Unless there is a drastic change in the direction of this story line, I will have to stop watching this show. The stupidity of the main characters is overbearing.

  22. POOJA

    I can’t believe they had to kill Shiv’s character off!!! What the hell man!!! How long are they planning to drag the show with that BASTARD MISHA ruining Roshni’s and Sid’s life??! Poor Shiv.. He’s character will be missed!!!



    Its high time this show comes to an end!!! This really sucks!!!!

    • Desi

      This show is getting crazier by the day just like Doli Armano ki. I used to watch these two shows only. Now I just have to cancel zee tv from my subscription. Very disappointed by Zee tv. Doli Armano ki was my favorite show but now I am just fed up with Zee tv and all the crazy nonsensical drama. Zee tv You will lose all your customers if you keep disappointing everyone like this.

  23. nadine

    Meesha will be exposed like like Arvin in satrani sasural n sunidhi in hello pratibha
    N u need one like laboni in jodha Akbar to possess in meesha to reveil out .yash is a cool guy .but I like shiv .wish to know him

  24. dolly

    This serial is totally worthless. what they are trying to show in this serial.. nt getting it.. no relevance of serial name Jamai raja Sid is playing opposite to its serial name. Totally rubbish serial. No one in this world is too stupid to sacrifice again n again their love to be a great guy.. I think people will accept SID type person as a stupid guy rather than great guy in a realistic life.

    • dannybell

      U r right no girl accepts such guy. Girl need someone who would b their for her whole life and won’t leave her. No matter d consequence. Her every now and then rosh and sid decide to separate.

  25. dannybell

    When I 1st commented on d forum people thought DAT I was a sadist. Now a day i see similar comments to mine. People told me love is great. And rosh and sid are good people. And were justifying their action. Now those people are not commenting at all.

  26. Shanaya sindh.

    Yeah …itz tym to fnsh d serial..always rona dhona…rona wali nd tyag bahu award goes to rosh

  27. dannybell

    Misha ( killer manju) achi bhi nai lagti. Moti hai. Figure ka koi thekana nai, mote mote lips jispe bhadi lal lipstick karti hai. Complexion bhi uska aveiye hai. Height kuch achi nahi. Aur mu uthake ay gai k sid aur rosh ke equivalent role do. Shakal dekhi he aiene me. Make up k bena to khud bhi dar jaye!! Pata nahi kise dekh leya kar k

  28. Kristelle

    I actually watched the episode last night….Simran ran behind Misha when Sid shouted at her. I wonder if it will be revealed (2 months later lol) that Simran actually heard Misha yelling at the goons on her phone, which put a whole plan into action….I know I am reaching again right!?!? lmao.

  29. More deaths zee TV i am boad of your i am now watching sony tv now . and that made fish face misha go back to the river and let sid and roshini live a happy life

  30. Sheruy

    I love roshni and sid but y would they sacrifice there love just for Misha
    Ps I think Misha is sid wife in real life

    • Kristelle

      no she is not….his wife in real life is the girl who was in the temporary circus show that started before Tumhi….i forgot the name

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