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The Episode starts with Roshni telling Simran about Raj and Sid’s plan. Simran says she knows how to handle Raj and says everything was happening in my house under my rose. Roshni comes home. Bansi asks the women to take Roshni inside and dresses her up like a bride. Roshni refuses. DD takes her side, and asks what she is doing. Bansi says she is doing Shuddikaran puja of her and tries to pull her mangalsutra out. Roshni doesn’t let her touch it and tells about the power of it. Nani asks Bansi not to take it out. Bansi tries to break it. Sid comes and talk about its importance. Premal holds Sid and stops him. Nani falls on Bansi’s feet and folds her hand. Bansi asks her to make Roshni understand else she will call….She asks Premal to call Heeralal. Nani touches her feet. Sid

says no…Premal calls Heeralal..Kunal thinks he can’t do anything infront of Roshni. Sid asks Roshni to do as they say and asks her to sit with Kunal in the havan. Roshni shouts asking him to shut up and says everyone has gone mad.

Roshni goes inside her room and breaks the things. Sid comes to her room. Roshni asks why did you come and asks why did you do this, asks did he forget the rituals/vows of marriage. She asks him to say that he is fed up of her and asks her to marry Kunal. She asks do she matters to him, and asks why don’t you fight for me. She says she knows mangalsutra value and no one can take it out until she is alive. She says she will talk to Kunal and will not let this happen. Sid calls someone. Roshni comes to Kunal and says she need to talk to him. Kunal says I know what you want to say and says he want to tell her something, says he is helpless, tried to make Bansi understand, but she is not in a mood to understand. He requests her to say her once for the peace of house, else a storn will come today. He says Bansi is angry with Sid and his dad. He apologizes and says he can’t help her. He thinks you have to take fake mangalsutra of Sid’s name and wear real of my name. He says your relation is swaha….gone…Roshni is shocked and sits down. Sid comes and says he knows about mangalsutra’s importance. Roshni says I will burn myself in the havan kund and no one can stop me, not even you. Mere Khuda music plays………………She hugs him.

Bansi waits for Roshni to come. She asks DD, where is your daughter? DD asks her to give some time. Bansi says Kunal is waiting for the puja and says she will make Roshni understand her way. Roshni comes and asks what to do. Bansi asks her to sit with Kunal. Sid signs her to do as Bansi says. DD signs at Sid. Sid nods her. He thinks just few mins. Premal ties Roshni’s hands. DD asks what they were doing? Bansi says she doesn’t trust on Roshni and that’s why getting her hands tied with rope. Pandit starts reciting the mantras and sprinkle gangajal. Bansi asks Pandit ji to give pot in her hand and pours gangajal on Roshni’s head. Roshni looks at Sid. Sid signs her to stay calm. Pandit recites mantras again. Bansi asks Kunal to pull her mangasultra. Sid and Roshni are shocked. Roshni says nobody can snatch my mangalsutra. She asks Sid to do something. Bansi and Premal ask Kunal to pull it out. DD and Nani panic and feel bad. Kunal tries to pull her mangalsutra.

Roshni cries helplessly. Sid couldn’t bear and is about to stop them, just then women organization come there and asks them to stop. Bansi asks who called you here? Raj says I brought them here, and says Roshni is married to his son and nothing can get her remarried to anybody. Roshni cries. Bansi says how dare you and raise her hand. Sid holds her hand and says it is good that your hands are stopped. He says my hands are tied else I would have kept you in the havan kund. Raj says they are bad people who don’t respect their own daughter. The women organization say that they met Bansi’s daughter. She says you have done bad with her. She shows the cow’s dung and says they will do her shuddikaran today. Premal asks them not to do anything. The women apply cow’s dung on Bansi’s face. Raj asks Premal to get his shuddikaran as well. Bansi takes oath that nobody will be saved from her wrath.

Bansi says Sid is playing game with her and says she will not leave him and his dad. Sid gets a call and is shocked. Bansi asks he will save whom?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What’s da secret???!!!! Cnt wait 4 it 2 b revealed!!!!!! Luv u sid….

    1. The secret is already revealed roshini is not dd daughter she was exchanged at birth

  2. Sidni scene was damn emotional ..made me cryy…

  3. Plz sid do something

  4. Yeah sid do something quick to stop this madness

  5. the secret is alrdy reveald…………………………..

  6. I am tired of sid hé always breaks roshini heart is better she leaves him hé always thinks to do something tot make him look good

  7. what a trash story. How come the Indian still believe this. Common guys, they are fooling you and make money.

  8. This continuous twist in the story is becoming sickening. Get rid of all these frauds and give us back a true love story. But then the same things happens in all the soaps ,KKB, Tashan-e-Isqh,

    Script writers become real for a change

  9. Roshni you don’t deserve sid

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