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The Episode starts with Satya breaking the things in the house where they went to catch Aleena. Gangu Tai calls Satya and tells him that Police is shifting Mahi to other police station. Satya says I will reach there soon. He reaches Police station. Mahi tells him that they are shifting her to some other Police station. While they take Mahi from there, Aleena comes there and throws ink on Mahi’s face. Media asks Mahi if her image is clean. Mahi is taken away by Police. Payal asks Satya to come home. Satya tells her that Mahi is taken by the Police. She tells that Aleena was the one who has thrown ink on Mahi, and asks him to think like Aleena. She says Aleena is desperate to know their plan. She gets Mitul’s call and says nothing will happen to Mahi, do as she says. Satya smiles and signs Gangu

Tai. Mitul and Gangu Tai dressed as a bengali and Punjabi woman and fighting on the road. Police’s car stops as they were fighting, and asks what is the matter?

Gangu Tai and Mitul tell that the place is theirs. Payal and Satya come there. The place gets smoky because of the medicine effect. Constable and Mahi faints. Payal and Satya keep dummy of Mahi and escapes with her after signing Gangu Tai and Mitul. Inspector threatens to lock them in lock up. They pretend to forgive each other. Inspector asks lady constable, if everything is fine. Payal says yes, everything is fine. They leave. Satya and Payal bring Mahi home. Mahi gains consciousness and hugs Satya crying. Satya jokes that she is looking beautiful and should go to jail to become lean. Payal and Gangu Tai smiles. Payal gives him fake passports and asks them to leave. She says she will handle Aleena.

Satya says your mum should be in mafia, she managed to get the fake passports. Satya asks them to leave, else people will doubt. Police team comes there and says they got the info that a criminal is hiding there and asks her to surrender. Satya and Mahi manages to escape, but a woman sees them and alerts Police. Police team run after Satya and Mahi. They continue to run, but Police catches them again. The inspector who looks like a goon asks Constable to separate them. They take Mahi in the jeep. Satya asks Mahi not to lose strength and says I am with you. Satya and Payal come to Police station and hear Inspector scolding Constables for letting Mahi elope and says we have to find her anyhow. Satya, Payal and Gangu Tai are shocked to know that Mahi is not with real Police. He says what is the matter? Payal says if they were not real Police? She gets call from Koel asking them to come home fast. Payal asks why? Koel insists. Payal tells Satya that they have to go home.

Satya, Payal and Gangu Tai come home and see Mahi sitting on sofa. Satya asks Mahi, how did she come there? He sees light falling on Mahi. He turns back and looks at Aleena who is holding gun at Mahi’s head. He gets up and asks her, what is all this? Aleena says shall I shoot? Satya says Aleena. Aleena says it is just a matter of 1 sec and then everything will be over. Satya asks her to keep gun down and listen to him. Goons come and target gun on him and Mahi. He sees goons surrounding their family members.

Aleena keeps gun on Mahi’s head and asks Satya to say that he will marry her. Satya agrees to marry her. Aleena leaves Mahi. Mahi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. indera sanichara

    Sapphire you are correct these brainless writers will not quit, this same shit is going around again can’t they find another man for Aleena. I feel like screaming at them it’s pure nonsence showing. When last you see the family sit together and be happy. It’s always suffering, running, cheating and misasery non stop.

    1. Correct, the families in Indian serials don’t know what peace means, it’s as if they need to function on drama-rama, infidelity, kidnappings, extortions, murder, etc etc….. I remember looking at Doli armano ki and Punarvivah and enjoying the real life plots of a married couple, their kids and extended family and how they had their real life ups and downs but bonded for their mutual benefits. I don’t know what the hell is happening with Indian soaps these days. Some of the acts are preposterous and defies logic….case in point, KT and a few others in the other channels that carry Indian serials.

  3. Leslie ann Benn

    Jamai raja is not the same without nia sharma

    1. True. Nia is the best.

  4. Why is it that all Indian series are of the same story??? A villain trying to separate lovers… Aleena trying to separate mahi and satya
    Tanu and Aaliyah trying to separate pragya and Abhi Iqbal trying to separate Rani and Raja.. Seriously?? This is utter nonsense and waste of time!! I’m always a silent reader but this is too much…

  5. shamina mohammed ali

    yep I so agree with all the above comments……………..get better stories with good meaning is that the way Indians lives

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