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The Episode starts with the wedding planner coming to DD’s house. DD asks the woman, she is planning for whose wedding. Shabnam says my marriage, and gives her wedding card to DD asking her to keep it in the temple. DD and Roshni are shocked to see Raghu’s name as the groom. Shabnam smirks.

Simran asks Bunty to sit and talks about her happy family, then someone bad eye fall on her house. She says Krutika and you haven’t get married in a proper way, and says you are a nice man at heart. Bunty says he was a spoilt man before, but wants to change now. Simran says she will support him and says this Jamai will take his dulhaniya home. He says I got my mum today and promises to be a good Jamai. He says I will prove myself. Raj says it is difficult to prove, and asks him to do 10% of Sid’s

duties, but before that prove him worthy for Krutika. Simran cries and tells Raj misses Sid very much. Bunty asks her to have faith and says good thing will happen for sure. They smile.

Roshni wonders what is happening? At one side, they are not getting Sid’s info, and at the other side Raghu is eager to marry Shabnam. DD says Shabnam might have given him more money. Roshni says Raghu is not bad at heart and wonders why did he convince to marry Shabnam. DD asks her why she is hoping from Raghu and says they shall find Sid, and send Shabnam to jail. She says this shall be our motto and I will find him. She gets a phone call that someone found out about Sid. She says she will go and find out. Roshni prays that they shall find Sid. DD comes to the temple and enquires about Sid. Pandit ji shows her that Sid is there. DD sees him, and asks him to stop, but he leave in a hurry. Actually it is Sid’s plan. DD wonders where did he go and enquires with the people. Sid hides and thinks I want to hug you, takes your blessings, but not now. He thinks he wanted to raise hope in her heart so that they live happily.

Shabnam asks wedding planner about the place for her sangeet and mehendi. Sid comes in Raghu’s attire and hugs her. He shows her ring. Shabnam gets happy and asks him to make her wear it. Sid says not now…..and says I will make you wear it with band baaja infront of many people. She introduces him to the wedding planner, and talks about her marriage functions. Roshni gets irked. Shabnam is happy with Raghu. Sid says environment will be like a heaven on our marriage day. Shabnam hugs him. Roshni pushes Shabnam in the pool and takes Raghu from there. Raghu says I am someone’s man.

Roshni takes him to her room. Raghu says he is smelling burning smell. Shabnam calls Raghu. Raghu thinks two woman is after him. Roshni says I am sure that you doesn’t love Shabnam. Raghu asks how did you know so much about me and asks did you change my nappy in my childhood. Roshni asks why you are doing this. Raghu asks her to come closer to him, and says so close that even air couldn’t pass through us. He gets romantic.

They are about to kiss. Shabnam asks them to open the door and knocks on the door. Raghu says I called you, but you came as if you loves me. He says you would have keep me, but refused. Roshni says I will kick you out of house once Sid comes. Raghu says this is not a film, and says only Raghu can take Sid’s place. Roshni goes angrily. Shabnam enters the room and asks what happened in the room. She asks if you are really Raghu? Sid says I am Raghu. Shabnam asks if you are really Raghu then you shall kiss me on my lips. Raghu asks what is this and says we shall wait. Shabnam says you loves me truly, and says beautiful girl is asking you to kiss her. Sid gets tensed. Sid panics and says I have never done this before. Shabnam says you are shying, but not me. Sid says once we marry….we…..Shabnam says I will kiss you…She comes closer to him. Roshni comes and keeps hand between their lips.

Precap: Roshni tries to make Raghu understand about Shabnam’s truth. Sid asks who are you to me. Shabnam doubts if he is Raghu or Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Interesting…sid go on…

    1. Interesting..sid…go..on

  2. Yes interesting but too much of dragging…anyway any bet instead of shabnam maybe roshni will be the one to remarry sid/raghu on shabnam so called wedding and all shabnam evil doing will be expose and raghu/sid real idenity will be out too just hoping that will happen soon cus i cannot take this closiness n disgusting??romance between raghu/sid n shabnam??? soo soo yuck??

  3. Shabnam is a stupid woman but it is interesting.go on sid

  4. Interesting…….shabnam is clever,that is why sid needs the perfect plan to trap her…love jamai raja so much…

  5. Yes it is sid n i hope he do that to trap her ass

  6. Nice episode.

  7. Nice episode, love sid

  8. writers will you please speed up with this serial

  9. Nice episode .. Sid you are awesome…. ?? Go on with your plan sid… Can’t wait for shabnam to get kicked out…

  10. roshni needs to change her style. always in salwars… bored to see her…..

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