Jamai Raja 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid and DD reaching Baweja’s house with police. Rajveer loafer sees them and hides. Sid sees his car keys on table, but ignores and starts searching Sam. Rajveer thinks if Sam is found here, he will be caught, so he runs from there. DD goes to Baweja’s room and asks where is Sam. Baweja says Sam is his employee and not girlfriend to be at his house. DD says she spoke to Sam and she told she is going to china with him. He says he has some important meeting tomorrow, so he came back and does not know where Sam is. He asks them to search whole house if they want. They search whole house and don’t find sam.

Roshni tells Simran that Sam is missing, so Sid went to DD’s house to help her find Sam. Simran shouts that DD must be trapping sid again.

Biji intervenes and asks Simran to behave well and says there is nothing wrong if Sid went to help his in-laws, even Raj used to help his in-laws. She tells Roshni she can go to her mom’s house if she wants and asks her to call her once she reaches there. Roshni thanks her and leaves.

Police does not find Sam at Baweja’s house. Baweja’s lawyer gets stay orders. Sid warns Baweja if Sam does not come home, he will not spare him. Inspector takes Sid and Dd and leaves. Baweja asks his lawyer to file harassment case on Sid. He then goes and takes out Sam from cupboard and says nobody can stop him from marrying Sam.

Sid is with police commissioner who says he cannot help him more as Baweja got stay orders. Inspector comes and shows harrassment case file to commissioner. Commissioner asks Sid why did he go and harrass Baweja at his office. Sid says he went to warn him. Commissioner says until Sam is not found, Baweja is considered innocent. Sid says he is right and he will prove Baweja guilty. He says Sam is like her sister and he will do anything to protect his family.

Rajveer loafer comes home. Kritka and Simran ask where had he gone and why is his phone off. He says he had some important work and forgot his battery charger. Driver comes and asks him where is his car as his should go for servicing. He reminisces leaving car keys at Baweja’s house and says he gave it for servicing himself. Kritika tries to speak, but he shouts at her and leaves. She thinks he is tensed regarding something.

At DD’s house, Mona starts crying and getting concerned for Sam. DD says when she asked where Sam is working, she said she is interfering and made her a villain, now she is worried for her mistake. Sid says Sam is being kidnapped. Roshni who is there and Mona are shocked to hear that. Roshni asks what is he telling. Sid says this is truth and they have 2 options, one to accept the faith and keep quiet and another to find Sam, he likes the latter. Naani says she is with her. Mona also nods head.

Baweja calls his lawyer and tells he wants to register his marriage. Lawyer says he needs 2 days for paper work. Baweja says he has money but no time and asks him to do it fast. He then turns back to confined Sam and tells after this night, they both will be one and touches her. Sam resists.

Sid tells DD and family that he is sure Sam is at Baweja’s house, so they should spy outside Baweja’s house and once he comes out should rescue Sam. DD says there is no other go than this. Roshni says firs time DD is accepting Sid’s idea, which is very weird. Sid asks then she should give her fool proof idea. She says Baweja has seen Sid and DD, so she will enter his house. He and DD at once say no way. She says she liked their opinion and says she is telling her plan and not asking their opinion and asks who wants to help her. Naani and Mona say they are with her. Sid says they both are dal badlu/party changer.

Baweja looks at bridal dress and says Sam will look beautiful in it. Door bell rings and he thinks who must have at this time. Servant tells him that he has some important work, so he is home and will leave his sister here. Roshni comes disguised as servant in sari and greets Baweja.

Precap: Roshni while sweeping kitchen floor finds Sam’s mobile. She calls Sid and informs him about mobile. Baweja comes and asks what is she doing here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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