Jamai Raja 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Roshni in her room and looks at their photo while the song Mere Rubaru plays…………….She wears her earrings and hugs their photo frame. She thinks about Sid’s words that he can lose everything, but can’t lose her. She cries and recalls their happy moments. Mere Rubaru continues to play. Ayesha sees Roshni crying and wipes her tears. Nani looks on helplessly. Roshni keeps her head on Nani’s lap and cries. Nani tries to move her hand to keep on her head. Simran cries and tells Raj that everything is finished. She asks how can DD kill our son. She says Sid has done so much for them, and she has taken his life. Raj says my heart is not believing that it was DD’s work, and says DD used to love him. Simran asks what happened to you? She says DD used to hate our son

since his marriage with Roshni. She says we couldn’t see our son’s face for last time. She says I can’t forgive Patel family, DD and Roshni, all my life. Beeji cries badly. Krutika and Simran cries.

Lawyer tells DD that all the proofs are against her and he will try to get bail. He says he brought POA papers and says Roshni will take decisions in your absence. DD says that makes sense and thanks him. She signs on the papers without reading and says she trusts him. Krutika scolds Bunty for trying to wear Sid’s clothes and says you can’t be like my brother. Bunty says he is saying truth and says Sid has made everyone feel insulted. He says I will show how the Jamai should be. Krutika hugs Sid’s suit and cries. She looks at Sid’s photo and cries. She keeps his suit back in almira.

Roshni and her family come to Khurana’s house to mourn for Sid at the prayer meet for Sid. Simran sees her and asks her to get out of her house. She pushes her out of house. Raj says he is our Roshni, Sid’s Roshni and our bahu. Simran requests Patel family to leave from her house. She says she can’t see her son’s murderer in her house. Roshni says he is my Sid too. Simran asks her not to touch her and says I have heard enough. She says my son has given his life while trying to keep them happy. She declares that Roshni is no longer bahu of their house.

Beeji asks Simran to calm down. Simran says no one shall ask me to calm down, I have lost my son. She says this girl is dead for me and is not bahu of our family. Roshni looks on shockingly with teary eyes. Patel family leave from there. They come back home and sees Shabnam sitting. They are shocked. Shabnam asks I heard that Jiju is dead and says she felt bad to hear that. She says I thought to support you and that’s why came here. She says DD shot good Jamai Sid, and says he was a good man. She says she saw him from very close. Roshni asks her to get out and says you have killed my husband. She pushes her. Shabnam asks will you throw me out of my own house, this is not fair. Roshni looks on shocked. She says this is not your house. Lawyer comes and says this is her house only.

Roshni asks the lawyer what he is saying. Corrupt lawyer tells Roshni that DD has named her property, house and everything on her name. Shabnam smirks. Roshni tells Lawyer Tiwari that you have cheated mom and says it is a lie. She says I will not spare you and says you have killed my husband, trapped my mom and does my Nani’s accident. Shabnam says from where you will get proofs. She feels pity on her and asks what you will do, where you will go? Roshni asks her to think and worry about herself and says she will take revenge from her. She says Sid is with her and will not let her lose from her. She says I want to kill you, but then there will be no difference between us. She asks her to start reverse counting. Media comes and asks Roshni, what she want to tell as DD has transferred property on Shabnam’s name. Roshni says Shabnam has betrayed them and have got property transferred on her name. Shabnam says DD couldn’t bear to see her son in law molesting her and that’s why killed him.

Roshni asks the media to question DD. Reporter says DD’s lawyer is not allowing them to question DD and said no media. Roshni looks on shocked. Shabnam smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hope Sid comes back. Sad episode ?

  2. This was required. If sid would have try to prove himself no one would have accepted him. Now shabnam the new heroine will show the real place where they actually belong without sid to them

  3. Yesterday and today’s episode made me cry so much???
    Writers what is going on??
    Bring my sid back!!I want him back!!
    Without him there should b no jamai raja..I understand simran’s pain.don’t mind what she said to roshini,she’s in a lot of pain.she’s grieving! She’s a mother!!but roshini is hurting badly also..please get shabnam exposed fast.let her die..let her fall off a cliff.don’t let this serial b like satrangi sasural where they took arushi away from us and spoil the show.BRING SID BACK!!!!

  4. Fed up with this drama. Why is it that Sid and Roshni live happily and end this serial.????

    Come on Producers…Why prolong…..Never new such corruption take place there in India .

  5. sid is the real person who can b the jamai raja only and it will b the producer’s foolishness to took sid and put other charater in place of him.
    No body can took sid’s place even if it’s also came. As bcoz roshni loves only not any one else. No the DD will and family would realise that how alone they are without sid

  6. sid is the real person who can b the jamai raja only and it will b the producer’s foolishness to took sid off and put other charater in place of him.
    No body can took sid’s place even if it’s duplicate also came. As bcoz roshni loves only not any one else. No the DD will and family would realise that how alone they are without sid

  7. Relax guys sid will not die because he got bullet shot on his hand

  8. No zareen……… sid got bullets on his hand and chest. But don’t worry he will come back soon. Because if he dies there will be no chance to continue this show. After all he is the hero of it. I request to the writers please don’t take much time to reenter the hero.

  9. This has got to be the most foolish show on TV, how do they charge some for murder without a body, they have no proof other than someone calling to say a crime was committed. How did Shabnam get her hands on DD property, a business woman like DD with such a suspicious mind sign over her property before reading what she is signing, especially coming from her exhusband daughter. This show is just stupid, stupid, the law in India must be different every where else in the world.

  10. One of the fans in an earlier episode mentioned that Ravi was in a movie so needed time off.

  11. This story is going round and round the merry go round.simran loves Roshini then she hates her,then DD kicks sid’s family out of her house,then Simran kicks Roshini ‘s family out of her house,now the long boring fight for revenge,and proving shabnam guilty and DD innocent. Yaaaaawwwwn?

  12. I will not be surprised if they take out sid. Like how they did in satrangi sasural when they killed the queen of the show which is Aarushi.

  13. Pathetic I don’t think the Directors of this movie know what they are airing, a good show has now turn boring.

  14. you know what I think something needs to be upgraded when coming to writing scripts for the indian serials imagine no body is found but you charge some one for murder murder of what the air another thing you want to tell me all he police are corrupt that shabnam could pay off a whole police station in order to get her way what nonsense and these police not taking the time to do a thorough investigation in the matter I say these a real joky police they came up saw dd assisting her daughter and all of a sudden they arrest her because they find the gun on the ground with her finger prints on it they never even gave her the chance to explain and as for roshini she is just as bad because she could have said something in the early about her being hit on the head and what took place after that my gosh this is what you call very poor poor script writing total nonsense and when you look at it even the lawyers are corrupt so how this one poor ass girl get so much power and money all of a sudden unbelievable ztv

  15. Nonsense, nonsense and again nonsense Very bad writing . Totally unbelievable episode.

  16. Oh plz Dis series is soo boring they shud jus end it instead of taking out sid

  17. how many times will show such stupidity? DD touching a gun is straight out of 60s movies. does not fit in with her character at all. and why would she sign papers without checking? the writers are the most pathetic. TRP please drop drop and they will realize how outdated they are!

  18. Heart breaking hope Sid will still alive ?

  19. Seriously, it seems as though a 2 year old writing the script can all the bacchanal without proper evidence, a girl without nothing becomes a millionaire over night to buy out a police station and lawyers, come on are you people real, the police have bionic eyes to see DD finger print, they so good but yet cant show the murder victim..this is a cartoon cause only in Cartoon this could happen..

  20. I think Sid is not dead

  21. Hmm.. I saw in in promo tat sid isnt dead… He s alive guyzzz… Hurrahh!

  22. Yes friends… I’ve also seen the promo. Sid is coming back. Most probably they will show it on next Monday. Any way this is a great news for all of us. I hope now Shabnam’s track will be end soon……

  23. Where is the promo

  24. So sad, poor Roshi pls Sid should come back and support Roshi?.

  25. Richard I totally agree with you devoted watchers I do not know if you noticed but when sid fell he did not hit the ground he fell among some bushes which cushioned the fall so he is not dead wait and watch he is coming back with a VENGENCE

  26. If sid is dead then i will not watch jamai raja anymore,bring back our sid script writter

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