Jamai Raja 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni looking stains on her dress and thinks of calling Simran and getting tips to remove stains. Simran is ill with cough and cold. Raj says he will cancel his London trip. Roshni calls Simran and hears her coughing. She says she will come there right now. Simran says she is fine, but Roshni insists. Simran says Raj that after dropping him to airport, she will go to their chawl to meet Roshni. Raj says he will ask Sid to stop Roshni. Simran says she will get well seeing Roshni.

Mona’s son-in-law Rajveer stays at Sid’s hotel and asks waiter to get alcohol in his room. Waiter says it is dry day in their hotel today and he cannot get alcohol. Sid is busy in business meeting with his clients and hears Rajveer shouting to get alcohol and disturbing

his meeting. He asks secretary to handle guest, but Rajveer continues shouting. Sid goes there and sees Rajveer misbehaving with waiter and forcefully trying to drink alcohol. He stops him and asks him to go to another hotel if he wants to drink alcohol. Rajveer starts misbehaving with Sid and asks who the hell he is to send him out and if it is his dad’s hotel. Sid asks him not to take his dad’s name, but Rajveer tries to hit him. Sid overpowers him and says it is his dad’s hotel and he is Sidharth Khurana and asks security to kick Rajveer out. Rajveer says he will remember his insult and will take his revenge.

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Roshni meets Simran and massages her legs with vicks to ease her cold and cough. Simran says she is is more than her daughter now and they both share a lighter moment.

DD calls her factory and asks if Sid came there. Worker says Sid did not come and jewelry will be ready tomorrow. She thinks of teaching Sid a lesson for lying. Sid reaches home. DD asks where was he when he did not go to factory. He says he was there and asks her to call and check. Roshni asks DD to stop troubling her husband. Naani also asks DD to stop. They all see Mona coming home. Resham asks her what is her surprise. Mona calls her daughter Samaira and everyone gets happy seeing her. Roshni happily hugs her and asks why did not she inform her that she is coming. she introduces Sid to her, but Sid is busy SMSing Bablu on phone. DD says Samaira that she will get her married to a nice guy now as she did not get a chance to enjoy someone’s marriage, pointing at Roshni. Samaira gets tensed hearing that. Naani asks if she got married in US. Mona says it is true, Samaira married in US and she went to US to bring back her daughter and SIL. DD gets irked hearing that and asks how can even she betray her. Naani asks DD to stop cribbing and asks Mona to call jamai/SIL. Rajveer comes and everyone gets happy seeing him. Mona introduces Sid to Rajveer. Sid gets tensed seeing him. Mona introduces whole family to him and then to Sid saying he changed the whole house and is ghar jamai. Raj reminisces Sid’s insult at hotel and kicking him out of his hotel. Sid thinks his truth will come out now.

Precap: Raj tells Sid’s truth to DD’s family that he is 5-star hotel owner Sidharth Khurana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  4. I’m glad the secret is coming out…..but not by that idiot. He has no respect for people.

  5. Hope it’s real and not a dream


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