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The Episode starts with Sid seeing a kid selling candy floss on signal and reminisces his meeting with Roshni. Just then Roshni/Ragini’s car comes and stops next to his car. He couldn’t see her, and thinks there is a lot of traffic. He tells Bunty that once he came to Delhi with Roshni. He says she loved the place. Just then he sees Anya climbing the mountain and asks driver to stop the car fast. H runs and goes there. Bunty asks Sid to stop. Sid crosses the road and climbs the mountain. Anya is about to fall down from the bridge, when Sid stops her and asks her to look at him. Anya asks him not to come near her, else she will jump. Anya says no, I don’t want to hear anything. She says he said that he will marry me, but ran away leaving me. Sid is shocked. He sees train fast speeding towards her

and holds her hand to save her. He asks her to think about herself and family, and asks her to face the situation. Anya says you don’t know anything. Sid says I will not judge you, or get angry on you. He asks her to talk to him, and says may be we can get some solution.

Anya says she loves her boyfriend very much, but his image is of casanova type. She thought her mum will not agree and thought to elope with him, but he is not replying to her. She says I don’t have any solution now. What I will tell to mum and dada? Let me go. Sid says how can you say that you have lived your full life. He says it is easy to think to commit suicide, and asks if she wants to set example for the youth. He says I quit is the easiest word of the world, and says every weak person do this. He asks her to face the world with strength and says I have lost my dear ones too. What to do? Shall I kill myself?

He says I smile for the people, just because I don’t want to be remembered as a loser. He says he has no motivation to live, and says he wants to be remembered as a winner. He says life is God’s beautiful gift and says you want to waste it for a wrong guy. He says his family who left him might be happy seeing him. He says I will take you to Mumbai and will talk to your family. Anya says I had written letter to mum. Sid asks her to talk to family. Anya asks why did you want to interfere in my problem. Sid says just because someone said that life is a waste if we don’t help anyone. Anya looks hopeful.

Krutika comes to Raj’s hotel. Raj welcomes her and asks how is your conference. Krutika says I rocked the conference, and came to our new hotel in excitement. Manager informs him that Ragini Desai came and went to her suite straight. Roshni is in hotel room and thinks this city had given and snatched everything. She recalls DD’s death and her conversation with Sid. She gets a call. Raj says Krutika came after a long time. He says lets start work today. Roshni gets a call from someone, who informs that Anya has eloped. The guy says I was doubtful about her and should have trusted her instincts. Roshni asks why didn’t you tell me earlier and asks about Anya’s mum. Krutika and Raj ring the bell. Roshni says we shall enquire where is she? Raj rings bell again. Roshni asks him to keep her posted just as he comes to know about Anya. He says okay. She hears the bell and goes to open the door. Raj gets a call from Simran and she asks him to come fast. Raj and krutika leaves. Roshni opens the door and sees nobody.

Simran and Bunty peep in Sid’s room. Simran tries to hear what is she saying? Krutika and Raj comes. Bunty says bhai brought her from Delhi. Raj says so you called us for her. Sid tells Anya that he will sort out everything and will meet her family. Anya says what I will tell my family. Sid asks her not to hide anything from family. He asks her to take shower, and call him Sid. Anya says okay and goes. Raj says audio is low and asks them to go inside. Sid sees everyone.

Sid asks servant to bring soup and not to add much spices. Simran asks Sid about Anya. Sid says mom….how to tell you. Simran thinks he is shying. Sid says Anya wants to marry soon. Simran says I like it. Raj asks what is the confusion and asks him to tell clearly. Sid says there is a small problem. Simran says I will solve everything. Sid says there is no groom. Simran is shocked. Bunty smiles. Krutika laughs. Sid also smiles.

Sid and Roshni are standing at different shops. Sid senses her presence as Roshni gets hiccups.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Okay… So this anya track is good…roshni will b so jealous and angry…I just hope anya falls for sid..maybe then roshni will c her ungrateful soul for it is…I know u writers will pair roshni and sid again at d end but y nt give anya and sid a shot since roshni does nt deserve him?

  2. Thank goodness the writers didn’t change main characters in this serial n is still roshni…with DD’ s attitude……as if she didn’t have one before.!! So small time leap, no problem, at least it isn’t a roshni lookalike but actual roshni!!! Looking forward to see where this serial goes.

  3. This Anya is the villan she said Sid tht the boy left him bt actually she left may be she wants to get married to Sid for his property ……what say guys if Sid lost all his property coz of Anya and later whn roshni will come to know abt it she will allow Sid and his family to live in her house which will create Sid and roshni to meet each other…………
    Atleast I’m happy coz this dev was not with roshni from 2 years now it is like he will eventually fall for roshni

  4. Who is anya n where she came from

  5. I thought Kritika was pregnant…? what happened with that?

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I saw roshni face is full of powder how many noticed it??

  7. I think it is Anya plan to married Sid .

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