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The Episode starts with Neil thinking if he really deserve Ragini or not, but can’t let her go far from him. He cleans the bed room, thinking he has hurt Ragini very much and have to make everything fine. Roshni is waiting near the lift. Sid comes there and says you need to press the button to call lift. They get inside the lift. Neil decorates the room and thinks to inform Ragini. Ragini/Roshni reads the message from Neil about the surprise. She tells Sid that everything is ruined just because of me. She asks how can you be so selfless and thinking about just me and taking care of me. She asks why? Sid says God has snatched my everything from me, my life’s beautiful relation and you, but I won’t leave you so easily. I won’t let any trouble come your way. It was my responsibility to bring smile

on your happiness, you know why? As I have promised someone dear to me, I can’t break my promise.

Roshni asks with whom? Sid says you have forgotten and says my sasumom…I missed her. Roshni cries and hugs him. Sid says I can understand about Neil’s condition and says he has felt bad when she went. He says you are married now, be happy with your husband and take your marriage to new level. She breaks the hug. Lipstick mark is left on his suit. Roshni looks at him. Sid says I will be with you and will take care of you like a reflection, from a distance. Roshni thinks it was good when we were together. She thinks it would have been good if Anya was not pregnant with your child.

Neil thinks although Ragini don’t want to get involved in husband and wife’s relation, but I will convince her today. He gets happy. Anya gets ready in Naina’s saree and gets the paper. She is about to see the divorce notice when door bell rings. Sid comes and removes his suit. Anya says lets go to have dinner. Sid says no, and says he is tired now. Anya sees lipstick mark on Sid’s suit and wonders whose lipstick mark is this. She sees Ragini and sees same lipstick on Ragini’s lips. Ragini asks her to take care and goes. Anya understands and thinks why did Ragini’s lipstick mark came on his suit.

Ragini/Roshni comes to her room and sees the decorations. Neil comes infront of her and asks if you have cancelled the merger with Khuranas. Ragini says paper work is completed, and needs to be signed. Neil smiles and asks her to come. HE says your favorite movie on TV and asks her how many times she had watched it. Roshni says 20 times. Neil makes her sit. Sid gets Bunty’s call. Bunty says I gave you those papers. Sid searches for the papers and picks the divorce cancellation notice. Neil tells Ragini that our honeymoon is remaining and asks if she will come with him. Roshni recalls Sid asking her to move ahead in life for Neil betterment. Bunty checks the papers and says it is with me only. Sid keeps the divorce cancellation papers without seeing it, and asks him to tell Raj to meet. Neil asks will you come with me? Ragini nods. Neil says everything will happen slowly and thanks her. She smiles.

Sid hears Neil asking servant to take out suitcase as they are going for honeymoon. Sid gets teary eyes. Neil goes to his room and hugs her. Sid looks on helplessly. A sad music plays…………..Neil says finally…and smiles.

On the breakfast table, Neil asks Naina if she is fine and taking tablets. Naina says yes. Mitul is eating the breakfast fast. Naina asks her to eat slowly. Mitul says she is going to temple as Neil is relaxed now, and says it seems someone bad evil has fallen on him and looks at Sid. Sid says nothing will happen with Puja and Astha. He says if anything goes wrong with astha and puja then…He says my connection with Anya is good and from God. Neil says you are saying right. He says Ragini was worried before, but now after she got me , everything is changed for good. Sid says I am happy for you both. He says I have to go to make papers for cancellation of merger and goes. Anya asks food. Sid asks her to eat and goes.

Neil is waiting for Ragini in their room. Ragini comes out wearing beautiful dress. Neil compliments her beauty and asks her to come. He makes her sit infront of dressing table. He keeps necklace on her neck and recalls his ex girl friend. He makes an angered face and breaks the necklace. Roshni is shocked and stunned.

Arav kidnaps Anya and takes her in his car. Anya shouts for help. Sid happens to see Anya shouting for help and follows the car. He sees Arav. Anya asks Arav to leave him and calls Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg Anya I hate u and you brother so muh

  2. hehhehe ….nice precap it’s very good happens that sid has got know abt aarav that he is out of coma and fine now……hope he reads that notice paper also as soon as possible & get know that he nd roshni are stilll husband wife …and mitul mami it is known by everyone that she is evil minded bt hr evil plans bringing roshni closer to sid…!! eagerly waiting 4 coming episode in which sid nd roshni come closer in drunken state…..mitul mami u rockzzzz

  3. Arav is ok n anya didn’t say anything to sid she is wicked n

  4. i hate that b*t*h anya n i wish naina would die.

  5. Neil is an ugly bastard

  6. Roshni u stay with Neil only because u deserve only Neil..

  7. This is going in such a stupid way.. It is better to stop this serial. Otherwise we will hate Ravi Dubey a lot.. Sorry to say……

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