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The Episode starts with Misha stabbing Shiv with scissor to stop him from exposing her. Sid and Roshni are coming towards there, but Nani stops Sid and Roshni from going to Misha’s room. She tells Sid that he is neither a good Jamai nor a good husband. Sid feels miserable. Roshni tells Sid that only he can comfort and support Misha. Misha stabs Shiv with scissor. Sid asks Misha needs me, but what about Roshni. If she don’t needs me. He touches her. They go to room and see Misha holding scissor with blood all over her hand, but didn’t see Shiv as Misha hide him. Sid asks Roshni to get first aid. Misha sees Shiv’s hand coming out from table, and stops Roshni. Roshni and Sid couldn’t see Shiv. Sid assures her that the ointment will not burn her hand and applies on it. Misha asks Sid to tell Roshni

to leave. Roshni asks Sid to come, as engagement mahurat is ending. Misha says let’s get engaged.

Sid and Misha come to the hall. Misha holds him and says my best friend will be now my fiance. We will get engaged today. Roshni asks for ring. Kesar says he kept it in DD’s room. Everyone looks on sadly. Roshni goes to bring ring. Mona and Sam come there. Sam says this is just unfair and asks DD to stop Sid from getting engaged to Misha. DD says she is not wrong, and Roshni has made us strangers in one go. Roshni comes there to get ring. Yash says Roshni……..Roshni gets ring and is about to leave. DD asks where are you taking ring. Roshni says for engagement. DD says she is getting her to be husband’s engaged to someone else. She says Sid can’t do this, if you don’t support her. She asks her not to become sacrifice devi, and says she is feeling sad. She asks her to stop this engagement atleast for her happiness. Roshni cries. DD says she cares for others and don’t care about her mum. She says whatever you want to do, we will support you. She asks her to talk. Roshni cries.

Roshni tells mahurat is ending, so she has to leave. She says Papa will understand her, and asks her to understand. Once Roshni leaves. DD tells your Papa will not come, just like your Sid betrayed you, he also betrayed me. Misha scolds the goons and asks them to dump Shiv’s body somewhere. Roshni brings the ring. Misha also comes after sending injured Shiv with the goons. Sid looks at Roshni emotionally. Roshni gives him ring. Everyone looks on helplessly. Tujhe Bin Suna Sa Mann plays……Mere Rubara……Sid holds her hand while taking the ring……….They have an eye lock and emotional turmoil goes in their hearts. Misha tries to divert his attention and sees him looking at Roshni. She gets hyper and pushes Roshni asking her to move. Everyone is shocked at Misha’s mad attitude.

Sid holds Roshni’s hand and tells her that he will always love her, and their love will not end with his engagement. DD happens to see Shiv drowned in the swimming pool and shouts shockingly. Shiv and others tries to wake him up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. common writer need some story why cant they see shiv too much prolong

    1. getting so bore wid dis phsyco mish
      a…. And how the fool sid is how he can do dis to her wife stupid sid and how roshni scrafise her husband… I wish writer culd do smthng new to do dis serial very excited

  2. shiv try to help your self get out of the room and lets drama drama starts

  3. plz shiv be strong put a fight against these goons your daughter needs not to suffer anymore .sid an dumbo idiot do not scarifice your wife for insane meesha

  4. Yar jo sbs segment dikhaya us main shiv Mar chuka ha lakin jobyahan review likhay haan us main shiv zinda ha aur hospitalized ha uska kia Matlab agar toh shiv zinda ga toh ab maza aye ga sahi but if he died toh kaisay aye ga Misha ka sach bahar ye dakhna pade ga felling confused 🙁 🙁

    1. U r too optimistic


    1. You are absolutely right.

  6. Shanaya sindh.

    Hey sid dnt tll lyk diz hw cn v c sid&rosh funny romance

  7. Look told u so

  8. Hope d writer and director sees these comments might b he would understand DAT people r not liking unnecessary addition of misha. And will break her contract soon

  9. Stop this shit. Dukhiyari rosh gives me a headache now

  10. so close and yet so far roshini and sid were so close until nanai stopped them which maked it easy for misha to hide shivs body and as for shiv I find he moves too dotish he stays tooooo long in his movements and that is why he always gets caught anyway I hope he does not drown and will be able to speak and say what misha did shiv came into the house he saw simran and he other in a group speaking well alert them by calling out every one was around so the goons would not have been able to hurt him yet instead of doing that he decided to play hide and seek with them and that is why misha got the opportunity to stab him imagine one little stupid girl like misha shiv is way stronger than her he could have hit her or grab her in a head lock before she could have stab him but then again it is only a movie so that it is how it had to be in order to prolong it wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Ya too filmy… And too far from reality…

  11. another thing writers stop building us up and giving us hope we saw in the precap when sid and roshini came into the room misha was standing with the knife and blood was on her hands while shiv was on the bed holding his neck yet in todays episode that was not so misha was able to hide shiv until the goons came and took him and dispose of the body viewers if you remember this was not so in Fridays episode so what we were hoping for in Mondays episode was not the case that is not right building up us like that then for a fall

  12. Oh SK**t what the hell is this in the precap the had sid n roshni enter the room seeing Misha blo*dy hand with the scissor stabing shiv and today episode the have something different idk why the bring such percap for when it not really that what going to happen in the upcoming episode….hope in this precap something good come out of it shiv get up and talk out the truth and misha parent where r they on to now the two of them cant free them self yet them too need to be there so that when shiv is telling sid n families the truth they can back him up so that they can believe and know that misha was lieing about her parent die in some accident cuz meehsa is so ittirate she always pushing roshni then again she deserve it but if i were she i would done dig one tight so tight slap in her face that she remember her limits but this roshni is so stupid soft n emotion fool for falling for all her antics

  13. Hope DAT one day rosh will listen to DD. The only practical character of the show. Not behave like some daneshwari devi

  14. Rosh d headache!!! Aaaaaggggggghhhhhh

  15. I wanted to beat rosh. Dd should have beaten her in d segment she was trying to convince her to take her support back. Rosh was behaving such nonsensically

  16. SO they see a scissors covered by blood YET with no visible injuries on Misha (showing that she didn’t hard herself) then where did the blood come from!?!?! SO no one found it important to investigate!?!??! Look, for that stupidity Sid and Roshni deserve whatever comes to them lol

    1. *harm herself

      1. Agreed_/\_

  17. Biji z so clever.
    dd and sid are also very smart.
    I really dont understand how the writer makes all the strong characters dumb and deaf at a time to catch misha’s moves n plans.

    1. Dd is unaware of most things but she is clever to find out d truth. Unlike her daughter who is stupid enough to give away her own husband to his best friend, when even her husband didn’t ask for it. And is telling to revert her decision.

  18. Hey danny bell

    1. Hello

  19. Roshni was a nice character.
    but being the main plot she has to take care of herself and her family as well.
    not blindly believing all.
    atleast one relationship of the world cant be sacrificed for others.

    1. Agreed totally

  20. Rosh is going to know truth about misha. And will try to tell sid. But as usual blindfoldedly sid won’t believe her. Misha and rosh will come face to face. However misha will create a rift between sid and rosh. So Jr fans get ready to see a rosh and sid getting separated

  21. This show is full of shirt i can enjoy this show this just playing spuid

  22. MaressaStyles

    I just want to know one thing did they get engaged n misha should dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………

  23. why does not Sid call Shiv’s phone? Or DD try to call him instead of assuming? stupid

    1. Really they should have

  24. what a rubbish serial damm shit

  25. Misha is a woman and shiv is freaking man. But i am surprized that shiv couldn’t defend himself. And Shiv does not have common sense. When he was telling the truth about Misha in the room, the person he was talking to never even move. If it was Roshni, she would have turned to face Shiv in shock. They are just dragging this Misha’s drama.

    1. Shiv looks fit and could ride cycle wid dd then how couldn’t he subdue misha

    2. That is the burning question!!! How the hell let Misha subdue him!?!?!? She didn’t even attack in surprise…is like Shiv just let her attack him lol

      1. Ya dat was so comic.

  26. My father in law use to watch it with me but today he say is nonsense

  27. End tis drama ???
    writers is prolong ????
    back to d same damn thing sacrifice???

  28. Are yar an thoda jaldi aage badhe to acha hai!!

  29. this is what I said in these serials they always jump to conclusions before they think of what is going on imagine you came into a room you see a person with a scissors in her hand and blood is seen before investigating to see where the cut is you send roshini for the first aid kit okay now you must wipe the blood off before putting the medication so where is the cut how unrealistic come on writers you can do better than that same thing sid is willing to marry misha and sacrifice the love of his life roshini for what cannot he see clearly that something is totally wrong with misha who would want to marry a person who is not in control of her actions she pushes roshini all the time she hit neils mother on her head she choked another she faked wanting to jump off the roof my gosh sid think this girl is totally psychotic that is the person you want to make your life with and have kids with and all because she is your childhood best friend come on writers unbelievable all these serials are the same old scripts not making any sense at all wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you can do better

  30. Load of hog wash if u ask me!!!!!!!! These ppl all need to retire frm the serial. LOL

  31. anyway I hope doish shiv does not die because I like him although he does things without thinking shiv is strong and you let a little shorty like misha out do you if the goons were there then I would have said ok three against one but my gosh scrawny ass misha no way hosay writers make things a little true to life for us please

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