Jamai Raja 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Sid reaching Bangkok in search of Roshni. Roshni senses his presence but then gets angry reminisces Sid destroying her NGO and kids pleading for help. She thinks she will not spare Sid. Yash asks her why did she call Sid, maybe he wanted to know your address, so he made this NGO drama. She says whatever it is, but they should stop DD knowing about it. DD calls her just then and asks if she is fine. She says yes, but DD says she senses something wrong. Roshni says nothing wrong and cuts call.

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Kritika (ugly vamp) tells her crook/thief husband that if Sid brings back Roshni, their happiness will be gone for

the task and they will be separated, she does not want as she loves him a lot. He says even he loves her and they both will have to plan something. Kritika tells Simran (greedy, characterless aunt) that Sid has gone to Bangkok even after their warning. Simran gets angry hearing this.

DD’s boss alleges her instead for selling defective necklace to client. DD says she is the one who told him about defect in necklace. He says she is lying and will kick her out of job. DD says she knows he was eying on her clients and says she is resigning his job instead and tells client that he sold fake diamond necklace to her. Client angrily looks at Boss, Boss warns DD that he will not spare her. DD comes home and tells Naani about losing her job. Naani asks why did she do that and says Mona and her plastic doll daughter Sam is creating problems at home, even then she does not tell them anything, now she lost job. Naani asks her to take help from Sid. DD says she will never take help from her daughter’s family. Simran comes there and yells that Roshni is not sparing her son even after being separated.

Sid starts signing Challa di labh da phire……song…with guitar on Bangkok streets. Roshni senses his presence around. Sid imagines dancing with Roshni. He continues singing song loudly. Roshni comes in search of him. Sid has already left and is seen behind her talking on phone. Both don’t see each other (as usual).

Simran (dumb vamp) comes to DD’s house and yells that Roshni is still not sparing her son. DD says she ruined Sid’s life with her con. Simran says she is still arrogant like before even after losing money. DD says it is pride and not arrogance. Simran continues yelling that Roshni is again ruining her son’s life and he has gone to Bangkok behind her. Naani is surprised to her that Roshni’s in Bangkok.

Local detective informs Sid that Roshni was seen around here. Sid sees Roshni with some people clicking pics.

Precap: Roshni and Sid meet at a temple and emotionally hug each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    waoooooooo impressive at last

  2. yaaarrrr!!!!!bring those two together fastly…….hadh hoti hai yar….kitne din aur drama karte rahenge….

  3. Im sure the precap is a dream….

  4. Please unite did & roshni. Don’t show the precap as a dream

  5. Nice precap but can’t wait to see when simran and they rest of them who is against sid fall flat on they face now sirman is in hot water because her darling son in law is planing to take over every things she own that will be good for her because she trust a stranger over her own son

  6. it is about time this soap comes to an end it is prolonging one storyline to long frustration to the highest

  7. Lol! H hassan u are funny by calling samairah plastic doll,anyway she looks exactly

  8. hahha hasna nice nicknames to all the vamps here 😛

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