Jamai Raja 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sam’s boss calling Rajveer loafer calling him and informing about Sid creating havoc in office for Sam. Rajveer loafer asks him to take Sam out of country right away and keep him informed. He thinks Sid is trying to ruin his plan again, but he will not keep quiet this time.

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Roshni helps Simran in cleaning house. She asks her to get down from bench and let he clean. Simran asks her not to touch her and gets her leg twisted. Roshni helps her till bed and massages her feet.

Sid reaches DD’s house and asks Naani about Sam. DD asks how care he came to her house and continues yelling

him. Sid tells Naani that Sam’s boss is an womanizer and has many fraud cases on him. DD asks him to stop lying. He say he knew she would not believe him, so he brought a with him. She sees files and gets worried for Sam. she calls Sam and asks where is she. She says is on the way to airport and has got her visa. DD asks her to wait until she comes to airport as she has important work with her. Boss hears Sam’s conversation and in ileu of picking file from house takes her to his house and makes her unconscious with chloroform.

Roshni and Simran perform pooja. Biji orders them to perform pooja together till baisakhi. Simran gets irked. Raj says biji is right and says he will take care of her sprain as husband’s duty. Biji tells Roshni that Sid will also love her like this and asks her not to get sad. Roshni walks around Rajveer loafer room with prasad and hears her speaking to Sam’s boss and telling his name should not come in Sam’s kidnap. Ugly kritika comes there and with her filthy ascent asks what is she doing here. Roshni says she brought prasad for her. Ugly vamp sends her from there and asks her husband what is going in his mind.

DD goes to airport officer’s cabin and tells that her niece Samaira Patel is in problem and wants to know if she boarded flight. Office says he will not break rule and give her any info She says if anything happens to her niece, she will complain about him to his higher ups. He asks her to do whatever she wants. She thinks of calling Sid.

Roshni walks to her room reminiscing Rajveer’s loafer’s words and clashes with Sid. She tells biji told dropping pooja thali is a bad sign. Sid gets DD’s call and asks if she did not meet Sam till now and says he will come there right now. Roshni asks what happened to Sam. He says he will tell her later and rushes towards airport.

Rajveer loafer goes to Sam’s boss’s house and asks why did he kidnap Sam. Boss says Sam’s family was searching her and by now would have know she did not board flight, he will marry her at any cost and needs his help to elope from city. Rajveer says he will arrange something. He tells he will send them to Delhi. Boss liks his idea and says once he reaches Delhi, he will go to China from there. Rajveer asks him not to take his name anywhere.

Sid goes to airport with police and inspector checks record and says Sam and boss did not check out at all. DD thanks Sid. Sid says she can tell this without attitude. Sid thinks where boss would have taken Sam.

Rajveer searches car keys in boss’s house. Sid reaches there with police and DD and finds Rajveer’s keys on table. Rajveer thinks he should escape before Sid sees him. Sid sees him rushing.

Precap: Sam’s boss asks police to check his whole house if he does not believe him. Sid finds Sam in cupboard and holds boss’s collar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Atleastthis time rajveer should be caught with his plans before both d families
    otherwise there is no charm.

  2. Ye serial to koi dekhta nahn,trp is very low,nisha aur cousins is the best ,previous episode touched 1800 viewrs.amena ji ap nisha aur cousins update kijie please instead of this

  3. wow for once this show is going somewhere
    love the precap rajveer end is near can’t wait for tomorrow

  4. Please bring a change in the character of simran.
    please let her identify the difference between virtue n evil.

  5. I wish Rajveer and Krithika get caught!! Simmy needs to recognise Roshni is still the same person she adored, and I know her heart is softening,so very soon she will start loving her as her daughter again.I love Biju she is the best Grama!!! And Raj best father in law. U know Sasu Ma DD still has a soft spot for Sid too so im sure very soon the family will get back together again then Rajveer, Krithika, and Yash will go to hell!! lolI so love the pair Sid and Roshini!! But its sad that Sam is getting betrayed again, her greed for money is destroying her and she is not bad looking….soo sad. Well she lucky she has a bro in law like Sid to save her from the clutches of that old hag!! Look at him want to be with a young pretty girl with his mash up face, for sure he gotta use viagra!!! lol Old man go look after your pension !! Love s*xy!,she is the best Grama too!! I love Jamai Raja! <3

    1. Wow. That was alot

    2. Love the comment though.

  6. wow precap is awsome…
    I thnk at this time rajveer should b xposed

  7. sid.ua the bst husband nd Raj nce father inlaw..Roshni ua lucky …enjoy the opportunity


  9. Today’s episode please give it in and please tell the precap

  10. Where is the 7th of April epidode and precap ?????????????????????????????????

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