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The Episode starts with DD asks what proof they have against her. She says if she has done, then it is her house. Mona says what if she would have been suffocated? DD says she feels suffocated seeing her face and asks others to leave. Mona goes angrily. Shabnam thinks she got locked inside the box with her consent, and smirks. Ayesha hugs her. Sid tells Roshni that DD’s doing is not justified. He says whatever happened with her was not right, but her conduct is not justified. He says Shabnam and Ayesha, are your step sisters. He talks about humanity, and tells that whatever he will do is right. Shabnam thinks she will do anything to ruin DD, and is ready to bear the torture. She sees Sid coming and hugs him while thanking him. She calls him jiju. Nani Maasi sees Shabnam hugging Sid and thinks to inform

DD. Sid asks Shabnam if she want to stay somewhere else. Shabnam refuses and says DD will feel bad if she stays somewhere else.

Samaira tells Bunty that Krutika should fall in his trap and thinks he is from Canada. Bua Dadi brings krutika to the restaurant to make her meet Bunty. Bunty introduces himself as Bunty Sharam from Canada. Bua Dadi tells that he has a big business. Krutika asks him where do he live in Canada? Bunty says Toronto. Krutika asks for exact address. Bunty asks the waiter to serve fast. He gets nervous. Krutika tells it is enough and leaves. Sam and Bua Dadi scold Bunty. Bua Dadi tells we have only one way now. Shabnam looks at her mum’s pic and says she would not have done this if she was alive. She says we were happy, but Abbu decided to get back to DD Patel’s house. She says I have searched for Abbu for six years, and when I found him, he got married to DD already. She says she will snatched everything from Roshni and DD, and promises her Ammi.

Krutika opens the door and finds newspaper. She opens the newspaper and sees her photo with Yash in the room. She sits down shockingly. She gets Sam’s message asking her to get engaged within a week, and not to talk to Sid about it. She warns her to get engaged else she will get the photos printed in newspaper for sure. Shabnam talks to someone and says this Navrathi 9 days should be tough for Roshni and DD. Nani Maasi comes and asks Shabnam to wash the clothes. Roshni comes and says Shabnam will not wash clothes. She says Shabnam will come with me to school. Sid gets happy and thinks sisters are bonding now. Shabnam holds Sid’s hand and kisses on his hand shocking him. Shabnam says this is happening because of you. Sid says Roshni has a heart of gold and praises her. He asks her to come downstairs. Shabnam thinks she will sell her heart of gold.

In the school, Sid asks Roshni to talk to Shabnam about Shiv. Shabnam and Ayesha are together. Roshni tells Ayesha about the switches which will be on tomorrow. Shabnam plans something. DD calls Roshni and asks about Navrathi Preparations. Just then she shouts Kesar…

Sam and Bua Dadi gets successful. Krutika and Bunty get engaged, just then Sid comes there. Shabnam plans to get Roshni electrocuted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really think sid is being blind & idiotic…I mean,there is nothing wrong with doing gud for sumbody… But atleast investigate them alittle… Try to figure out their motives & intentions, don’t just take somebody’s word for it… Sid will be the reason for wht happens to DD & roshini if he doesn’t pull his socks up n start acting smart…secondly, Sam’s insecurity will lead her to a place in which she’ll b trapped..thirdly, shabnam is really a b**** isn’t she?I hate seeing her face…y make innocent ppl pay for nothing? Lastly, I don’t like the sight of tht little girl ayesha…my opinion is she’s kind of ungrateful.

    1. I agree helping or doing good for some 1is not a crime but sometime’s u have to stop it cuz there is a limit for everything’s and not every1 u help is good n genius sometime there can be back stabbing……..
      And sid is irrtitating me it like he is losing it it true he will cause dd n roshni plenty pain if he keep on support shabnam and u r ryt ayesha is a ungrate little gal so much roshni did for her n today she is treating roshni so bad because of her sister when that sister of her was not there sid n roshni was the ones taking care of her n her needs and today she is turning against roshni it like she is a two head snake
      I enjoy what dd did to her in that last episode and when will the truth come out about Sam n that old witch idk why sid n his family keeping her for

  2. I’m hating this serial more as the day goes by. Stupid did, don’t believe the things I hear coming out of his mouth…so not like the did we all grew to love. Also can’t stand that ayesha, living all this while with the family n never talked about a sister, how stupid that is, and shabnam face I can’t stand…I want DD to terrorise her till she gets mad n then kick her out the window!!!! Bua dadi, you look like a witch….thats an under exaggeration,!!! Sam….i want you to end up without yash….go live with bua dadi. Feel sorry for kritika, i like her now….repented a lot. Writers, give her a break nah.

  3. Boring… Now stop watch this movie

  4. Hate buddies please end it its so boring

  5. Buadadii injamai raja please end

  6. Here we go again! The Misha story line recycled! How many times are the writers going to put viewers through this crap? Sid is so gullible! Does he have to try and solve everyone’s problems? Is he trying to compete with Mother Teresa? He’s supposed to be so smart and he can’t see what Shabnam is trying to do? He needs to “man up” and realize that he is being used! Idiot!
    Kritika needs to use some common sense, toughen up and fight back. I want Yash to divorce Sam. She is a person who can never be happy because she is shallow, stupid and selfish! I am rooting for Kritika – I want her to crush Sam and BD.

  7. They should end this ayesha and shabnam track

  8. farida uttan

    Change the storyline and end the series. This Shabnam/Ayesha bit is gettig to much. Let SID realise what is happening to his sister and help her expose BUA DADI and SAMAIRA who is nothing but an insecure piece of trash

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