Jamai Raja 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with DD telling Nani that Roshni went out in a hurry. Just then she gets a goon call asking her to come and meet them if she wants her daughter alive. Shabnam tells Roshni not to worry amd says your mum might come now to save you. Goons give her passport and ticket. Shabnam asks them to go. She looks at her password and sees her name changed in the passport. She thinks she will go back to Karachi as Sultana after killing Sid. She leaves. DD arrives there and sees Roshni’s car. She sees Roshni unconscious, and asks her to wake up. She picks the gun from Roshni’s lap and throws it. Just then Police arrives there. DD thanks the Inspector and says they need help. Inspector takes the gun and says we will get proof near by. They look for proofs. Inspector tells DD that she is under

arrest. DD asks what is this nonsense? You are seeing my daughter’s state. Sub Inspector sees blood stains and tells that there is a blood here. Inspector says we are arresting you for killing Sid Khurana.

DD asks have you gone mad and says why she will kill Sid. Roshni gains consciousness and says she came to get Sid. Inspector says we got information that DD Patel killed Sid and have thrown him in the valley. DD says she has not killed Sid. Roshni cries. Inspector says look at the blood stains and says she has killed him here. Roshni panics and runs to search him. DD pleads innocence. All the corrupt police officers arrest DD. DD asks Roshni to come. They all leave with DD. Roshni shouts for Sid and cries miserably.

Later in house, Roshni tells Raj and Simran that her Sid left her. She says Sid loves me very much and will return if you call him. Roshni cries. Everyone cries seeing Roshni crying. DD tells Police that she has not killed her Jamai. Lawyer says you came to know that your Jamai was a cheap man and that’s why you have killed him. DD says she went to Sid’s house, but Sid and Roshni was not there. Lawyer tries to confuse her. Constable brings finger prints reports and says it have her finger prints. DD says she picked the gun as it was on Roshni. Lawyer asks her not to touch gun again, and says it was all clear. He says there is no chances of your freedom. They try to confuse her and says you are changing statement again and again. DD says she haven’t changed her statement.

Roshni tells that Shabnam have snatched her Sid from her. Inspector says DD had killed him and says she couldn’t get bail. Roshni says my mum haven’t kill him, but it is Shabnam who is the killer. Roshni tells Simran that all the conspiracy is done by Shabnam. She says when they caught them, she pleaded infront of them and they sent her to dubai. Inspector asks her if she has any proofs. Roshni gets angry. Inspector asks them to take Roshni away. Lawyer says finger prints on gun is matching with that of DD’s finger prints and says proofs are against her.

Simran who was shocked says DD has killed my son. Roshni says Shabnam is the killer. Simran goes out of Police station. Roshni insists to meet DD and shouts. Inspector asks her to come tomorrow. Roshni feels bad and cries.

In the house, Roshni looks at their photo while the song Mere Rubaru plays………..Roshni recalls their first meeting, romantic moments etc. She recalls Sid saying no one can separate them and thinks about his thoughts for her. She recalls Sid saying even if he dies, then he will come back to expose Shabnam.

Shabnam comes to DD’s house. Roshni slaps her and asks her to get lost. Shabnam says it is her house. Lawyer comes and says this house is hers. Roshni is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow Nia….. What an acting. Toda

  2. Wow Nia….. What an acting just awesome . Today no comments about episode.

  3. fan of jamai raja

    bl**dyy ..is this d way police work…disgusting…..whn will dis shabnam episode complete……can;t bear it……..we want sid back…..siddarthhhhhhhhhh

  4. This show is getting overbearing now….sigh

  5. i have only 1 word to say ‘bullsh*t’

  6. Oh my god same shit over and over again please get rid of zee tv

  7. Princess Sofia

    U r so [email protected],hey jamai writers no offence but u peeps dnt diserve to b called writers bkause u plpe coppied 2 series,choti Bahu nd Qubool hai,i cant bilive Ravi Dubey agreed to dis kind of crap.m rili disappointed.plss take dis serial nd shove it underground cuz it aint worth to b on TV

  8. This is a waste of time show end dis f***ing show if dis is the way just shit over an over dis show is to f**k up ………….wonder where the hell sid is???…..an dat b*t*h shambanm is too smart for those people plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get rid of her an baring sid back plzzzzzzzzzz bec share shit happening rite now

  9. blo*dy Hell!!!!!!!!

  10. Guys you’re right.. This episode is going really boring.. Writers do something?

  11. Y roshni don’t tell wat Happen

  12. what nonsense is this could someone tell me what is really going on with this serial why the writer always kill off the good ones and the bad ones remain to reap more havoc my my and simran is so stupid do you really think that DD could kill Sid no way so come on now start doing the math and find out who the real killer is

  13. Ediot bewkuf writer want to kill you how mad you make DD roshni n alk family member…. Go to hell I leave to wAtching this….. blo*dy teary serial

  14. This show has no substance anymore.Very,very boring.

  15. We need sid to b bk……really………..

  16. Come on writers dis series is getting boring everything jus keeps occurring from other series its all d same nutin new..we need entertainment n only entertainment so plzzz do sumting really shocking n exciting..add a little spice in it n plzzzzz do it fast…sid cum bk soon n kill dat shabnam i wnt her 2 be punish den rots in jail

  17. #WeWantSidBack

  18. I have never seen anything so stupid in my life like this episode of jamai raja the 5 of november

  19. Lovely episode.

  20. PlzZzzz bring sid back plz.. Sid is a very good person who always solve others problem but in his case no one was willing to help him overcome and expose shabnam. Writers instead of letting sid die you should just have ended the series and let sid and roshni live happily and also put a smile o the viewers face.. This is just like Satrangi Sasural

  21. I know in life people have to overcome many test and in sid and roshni’s case they had many tests including shabnam in which they could have gotten over but letting sid die or being killed was the height of it…. Writers pls put an end to all these evil happening in these serials..

  22. Jst f**k writers of dis stupid serial

  23. If this is how writers portray police in India then is bad no positive role like swaginni the worse serial ever why do goons and villains always win why can’t we put in a different acting positive acting

  24. Sid is the only reason I watch this show. Why name it Jamai Raja, if they want to kill the Jamai?

  25. Now ever since that shabnam is here this drama is becoming a flop

  26. good question fouda they have not found a body yet so there is still hope that sid is still alive maybe he will get help from someone so lets keep our fingers cross for now what I cannot understand is how shabnam have every one on her pay roll even the police where is she getting all this money from and how did she get hold of DDs property I say very poor script writing

  27. am watching this serial because of Sidharth.. if he is only not there.. then am gonna stop watching this Serial…. 🙁 plz expose that shabnam… i hate her

  28. I want come back to sid

  29. SID is the show – no SID no audience. Please change story lin quickly so he come back plzzzzz

  30. Kill SHABNAMs character and re-unit SID and his beloved ROSHNI

  31. Sidharth come back after some time….

    And expose shabnam…..

    Sidharth promised roshni…..

  32. I dont live in Asia and i love watching Zee tv especially Jamai Raja,the writers should sometimes read the audience comments,there is enough death, drama and witchcraft in the other shows, for once make this show different and show the beautiful side of the Indian culture where love, romance and family love exists.if you remove Sid, the entire essence of the show dies after all i believe he is called the ‘bahu’.

  33. U keep dragging the show..is dat the way how police to their job?lawyer n etc..ur script doesnt make sense at all..all fiction..bfore i used to watched but now ds is one of the worst story..

  34. U keep dragging the show..is dat the way how police to their job?as well as lawyer..try to make it more real if u want to use trial technique.ur script doesnt make sense at all..all fiction..bfore i used to watched but now ds is one of the worst story..

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