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The Episode starts with Sid and Bunty waiting at Ragini’s office. Anya greets him and asks if he is Mr. Smith’s partner. Sid calls her Anya. Anya is surprised to see him. Sid asks her to give him a hug. She asks what are you doing here? Sid says you had resigned from our company and came here. It was a bad decision. Anya smiles. Sid says you had left super hot, super cool, humble boss and chosen hitler boss. Anya says Ragini is somewhat strict but because of her only, this magazine is on number 1 position. Sid says if this is your family business. Anya says this is just part of our family business, and says Ragini is the CEO. Sid says you have a good growth. Anya asks him to wait in Ragini’s cabin, and says she is coming back to meet you. Sid says we have to catch a flight, but will sit for sometime.

Anya makes them sit in Ragini’s cabin. Sid asks her to take care. Bunty asks Sid, if she is the same girl which Simran had chosen for him. Sid says she is a little girl. He sits on Ragini’s chair and says her taste is good. He says where are you? Ms. Ragini Desai. Sid Khurana is waiting for you eagerly.

Ragini/Roshni hears DD’s voice asking her to face her fears. Ragini/Roshni says I am scared to look down since you have gone. Kesar chacha comes and says you have reached heights like your mum. Roshni hugs him. Kesar says I couldn’t understand your plan to come back here. Roshni asks him not to take Sid’s name infront of her. She recalls DD’s death, and says there is nobody by that name in my life or office. She says Mumbai is a big city and he will never be able to search Roshni as she is dead, and I am Ragini Desai.

Sid recalls Roshni and reminisces their conversation. He tells Bunty that he is missing Roshni and is seeing her everywhere even in gol gappa. Bunty smiles. Sid says I am missing her very much since 2-3 dats. Anya asks everyone to pack the things as they need to shift. Sid asks what happened? Anya says they are shifting to Mumbai. Bunty asks then why did she call us here? Anya says don’t know. Sid says this Ragini Desai is a difficult fish to catch, she can be away from media, but not from me. He says she is like DD and Roshni, and says deadly combination. Sid is about to see DD and Roshni’s photo frame which peon keeps on chair. He picks the photo frame, just then Bunty tells him that they need to reach airport 3 hours before for security purpose. Sid says it means we have to leave now, and keeps the photo frame back without seeing the pic. Sid tells Bunty that he will say bye to Anya and come. Roshni asks Kesar to reach airport and takes lift. Bunty goes through stairs. Ragini comes back and looks for Anya. Sid is busy on call. Ragini is stopped by her employee, and she asks her to check the designs.

Ragini checks it and goes. Sid sees her from behind and comes to Anya. He asks what happened Anya? Why you are crying? Anya says I am fine….Sid says our flight is preponed and that’s why we have to go. Anya says then how you will meet Ragini? Sid says as you said that your office is shifting to Mumbai, we can meet there. Anya says okay. He asks her to take care and call him whenever she needs help. He hugs her and goes. Bunty waits for him outside the office. Ragini also comes out and asks Anya how did they leave without meeting her. She says I came back for just the meeting. Sid misses her again. Ragini says I would never entertain such un-professionals. She sees Anya lost and asks what is the matter with you? Anya says nothing. Ragini says no personal angst at work, I hope you get it. She asks her to be present in Mumbai and goes. She checks her air tickets. Bunty gives ticket to Sid. Sid says seat number 25, good job. Roshni says 26, back seat. Bunty says we couldn’t meet Ragini. Sid says we will meet her in Mumbai, why you are taking tension jija ji. Bunty smiles.

Manager tells the waiters about Ragini Desai’s instructions. Raj asks Manager. Manager says she don’t want any media glare or photographers. Raj says I want to welcome her personally. Manager says okay. Sid and Roshni’s cars stop at a signal. He sees candy floss and recalls his first meeting with Roshni and gets teary eyes.

Roshni’s new male lead is shown….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hello Roshini . I didn’t expect this from you. You are really sick. Sid has done much for you and your family.he sacrified everything he made how true love would be and he’s still in his heart and to make justice for that girl named roshini . From dis 2years he didn’t even try a girl to make him . and in return what you did for him ? Shame on youuu.. your problem is your trust is so weak Instead of trusting ur own members you bilndly trust outers and make ur life shit.
    this has happend before also in march 6th 2015 episode you trust someone and made sid a Rapist and accused him infornt of everyone . and now when yash said sid is the reason to die DD. you blindly trust him ? don’t you get the feel that it would be a lie as you know how yash character was a bad. You simply trust him and left sid. and now after 2years still blaming Sid was the reason of ur mom’s death. You are educated only right ? couldn’t you find who is wrong and who is right ? And yaa, Ur ugly hair and your over acting attitude doesn’t fit yu k. You were cute in ur starting episodes. ab Nayi. Get a life. you don’t deserve sid.He deserves more better girl then you b*t*h. And ya finally, what’s writers gonna say from this ? What I learnt is Making True Love always lasts sad at the end there wouldn’t be happy as you can see from Sid’s Character.

    1. fan of jamai raja

      totally agree wid u


  3. Plzzzzz anyone plzz give summary of what is happening in jamai raja plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz
    Someone plzzzz tell me this is humble request plzzzzzz tell me plzzzzzzz

  4. blo*dy hell- still saying yhr same thing… it just shows how much roshni is matlabi and self centered. she didn’t see all that he did for her… she didnt even have a gud motger daughter relationship without sid. he is better of without her 🙁

  5. Plzzz give short summary of what is happening in jamai raja plzzzzz

  6. May be the writer is trying to show the real situation of husband who sacrifices a lot for his wife

  7. IF…I had a crystal ball a year ago that told me that Jamai Raja would have gotten to this point, I would not have wasted so much effin time looking at it. More horseshit than all the Queen’s stables. DD, Sam, Kritika, Shabnam….all look like angels now.

    1. fan of jamai raja

      lol…..yeah ofcourse they all luk like angels infront of this stupid idiotic roshni….

  8. So now Roshini will be forgiven because she is allowed to hate the man that brought her mother close to her to begin with ??? she had no relation with her mother until Sid got them together… but regardless, where is thier daughter??? these people seem to leave thier children to fend for themselves…
    not really enjoying this any more.

    1. fan of jamai raja

      yes..how could roshni leave ayesha

  9. Marie Taylor

    So now this show name Roshni? Please clear my doubt someone? Roshni new male lead??? Isn’t Sid the real male lead of this show? What’s the need for another male lead? I can’t stand that ungrateful b*t*h Roshni… I wish she had died instead of DD.

  10. Roshni is so stupid .she only cares for herself she never ever thinks bout sid and all the things he went through to keep her happy and after all that said still loves her.and I think she have a husband or sumn like that now what kind of stupidness is that .I shall stop watching this crap?

  11. Completely agree with you shekar

  12. A pack of shit.
    End this show

  13. I just hope that simran roshni ko pehle dekh le and use warn kre k sid ke aas pas bhi mat ana..n ek hard slap bhi de uske face par..blo*dy irritating roshni.pta nhi konsi dunia me jee rhi hai.apne hi assumptions and rules bnati rehti hai.i really want that sid should move on happily with some1 else

  14. Iam also agree with shekar statement. Roshini is not really love sid. She feel like that. But she is a stupid girl how can she miss that a truly loved person. The writer of the story have no idea about love and marriage. That’s y he wrote this story such a stupid way

  15. Okay so now this show is just going to show more crap. I mean what happen? This show was like fabulous and had a full swing on it but whats this. I mean why are they trying to Roshini as a negative character. This is going to take the show nowhere and honestly, I am leaving. I get it that to keep a show on, they need to add twists but not like the ones that the writer of Jamai Raja is adding. This is really going to the spoil, (the once amazing) show.

  16. I really hate roshini aka nia sharma.she is over acting.sid aka ravi dubey doing wonderful job.i think writers ne sid dusra heroine dena chahiye..iss serial me ab yeh hai mohabaten jaise lag rahiye jaise lead separation and flight scenes(seat number)..writers ne kuch alag sochna chahiye.

  17. fan of jamai raja

    i really dint understand one thing ….do ragini / roshni know that it is meeting wid sid or not ? n one more thing is THE attitude shown by DD …….no one can beat them …even roshni….its irritating roshni

  18. What nonsense. … shows the mentality of the writer, producer, director. …. Evil triumphs over good, once again. Hate triumphs over love once again. What are they trying to prove. I can’t stand Roshini. Infact she had always been such a gullable and selffish character. Never trusted her love 110%. By the way i thought the program was about the Jamai and mother in law relationship. …mm mm interesting. ….The storyline now has nothing to do about Jamai Raja. Wow what writing and thinking skills. Hate watching this show…. how much can one person go through in life. .. is there no light at the end of the tunnel ??????

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