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The Episode starts with Sid talking to Roshni and says Mr. Sharma’s cheque couldn’t be encashed as Ragini’s signatures were not matching. Sid scolds Roshni for signing wrongly. Neil asks why you are making an issue. Sid says Khurana name is also attached to Mauve and says he will not tolerate these mistakes. Neil tells Ragini that they will solve the matter together. Sid thinks I hate myself…sasumom, when I treat Roshni this way, but I have to do this to fulfill the promise made to you and to keep her happy. He says I am sorry Sasumom. He sees Roshni and Neil going together to office.

Neil and Roshni are sitting in the office. Employee comes and asks her to proof reading. Roshni takes the file. Neil asks him to do the proof reading himself. Sid comes and asks about the papers. Mr. Bhatnagar

says he is proof reading the papers. Sid says now…and asks if we will do the mistakes this way. Neil intervenes. Sid says if you keeps on pulling curtains on your wife’s mistakes then you are also wrong. He says I don’t know why I am tolerating this, we are Khuranas and are very professional. He says this merger is not right. Neil says okay, we will not do the merger then. Roshni asks Sid, why he is taking it personally as the merger is best for both the companies. Sid says this is professional. He says I will make the papers ready. This merger is cancelled. Roshni is shocked.

Mitul tells that Ragini is very clever and owns 70 percent of Mauve as given by Neil. Mitul thinks now we have to do something to get that 70 percent. Anya thinks why Sid is scolding Ragini…and thinks there is something definitely for sure. She gets happy thinking Sid is doing this to stay away from Roshni and says she should help Sid. Sid is seeing their marriage pics on projector and says what nonsense. Roshni comes and asks why is he doing this? Neil is leaving. Roshni says there is something wrong and asks him to tell what is going on. She says you are upto something and asks him to tell…Neil comes to the projector room and sees their marriage pic, gets angry. He starts breaking the things in the room and hits on the projector screen.

Roshni and Sid hear the noise and sees them breaking the things. Sid tells Roshni that truth is that…Neil is ill..he is suffering from Bipolar disorder. Roshni asks what? Sid says yes. Neil breaks the projector screen. Sid says we have to help him out. He says it all happened when his girl friend Ria left him. He is afraid that you will leave him. He is losing control on himself. Roshni says it means that this is happening because of his disorder. She blames herself. Sid says this is circumstances. He says you have to make him believe that he is everything to you. You have to make him feel that your relation is safe. Roshni thinks you are thinking about me even today, but I thought you wrong.

Anya comes to Naina’s room and thinks to wear her saree from her cupboard. She takes out few sarees and thinks Sid may like it. She thinks to surprise Sid on a surprise date by wearing saree. She checks other sarees and takes it. Sid and Roshni’s divorce refusal notice comes under that saree. Anya takes it unknowingly with the sarees. Roshni thinks Neil’s condition is because of me, and other side is Sid, he is still trying to make my life good. Yeh Adhuri Kahani….She thinks may be I don’t deserve Sid.

Sid tells Roshni that he had promised someone to take care of her happiness and will always see to it that she stays happy. He says I had promised my sasumom. Roshni cries hugging him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. roshni looks goood only and only with siddharth….if they didn’t get unite soon means the show losts it’s stabity and will b boring to watch neil roshnis relationship….we want sidni together….whatever happens to neil no matters just reunite sidni with a happy ending of this twist….plz enter ria in the show and let her to b pair up with neil and anya with aarav and my siddharth with roshniii…plz

  2. Roshni life is full of drama n sid is only making thing worse for himself

  3. tori aka shriti

    aam………….u going to skool tmrw or not
    Caz report n stuff u know.
    where r u.
    u not commenting or replying….

  4. I just hate how anya behaving and Neil stews I just hate him plz writer make a twist so Sid an roshine becomes one again

  5. Guys I love sid character in this serial. No one are there like him in the world.

  6. Gosh, aanya is so irritating, liked roshni but not anymore. Earlier she made sid look like a crybaby and now she has done it again, with husband #2, made Neil into a snivelling boy. How mean she is. I don’t like Neil for coming between sidNi but I hate how she has reduced him to this state. She married him n now telling him that she can’t sleep with him. Her mother couldn’t keep a husband n neither can she. I also noticed that she is not ranting and raving anymore, how come she cowers so much when Neil talks to her. She had a hot mouth for sid, so why not for Neil.

  7. Hate roshni more than anya she deserve only a mad husband like Neil n the only person I like in this show is sid

  8. sid is superb. love you sid.

  9. No one is going to watch this boring concept of neil and roshni patchup and siddharth helping them…like common serials. This show was famous for siddharth and roshni love and romance not another drama show like saas bahu episodes…common show some sense and reunite siddharth and roshni

  10. Update the show and Sidni be together

  11. After reuniting siddharth roshni continue with some.twist but show them together

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