Jamai Raja 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with DD complaining her boss about low quality gold supplied by the supplier. Boss calls manager and scolds him for not changing supplier. Once DD leaves, manager asks boss if he should change supplier. Boss asks him not to and says he is just trying to grab DD’s customers.

Raj tells Sid that he knows his wife Simran is wrong and he is right, so he is with him. Detective comes and tells Sid that his info about Roshni being in Thailand is wrong. Sid gets irked hearing that, throws money on him and asks him if he needs more money to find Roshni. Detective apologizes him again. Raj asks him to leave.

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Yash calls

DD and informs her about detective trying to find out about Roshni. DD thanks him for safeguarding Roshni. Yash says he will transfer some money into detective’s account to stop him further interrogate Roshni’s whereabouts. DD says he has already done a lot and it is her turn, she has called detective home. Detective comes to her home and she gives him 2 lakhs worth bangles and asks him to keep his mouth shut. He agrees and leaves.

Roshni sees a news about Sid destroying her NGO and evicting children. Sid says he was eying on this property since a long ago and finally got it. Roshni sees kids crying and gets angry.

Pratima asks crying kids to stop acting now. Kids ask if Roshni would have watched them. Pratims says hope so. Raj also says the same. Sid reminisces meeting Pratima and planning this, gets emotional. Raj asks him not to lose hope and says Roshni will have to come back at any cost. Roshni on the other side thinks Sid cannot evict NGO children from their shelter and calls him from telephone booth. Raj says it is internationationl number and asks Sid to pick it. Sid picks and gets emotional hearing Roshni’s voice who asks him not to dare destroy her NGO. Tears roll down Sid’s cheeks. She warns him that she will not let him destroy her NGO and cuts call. Sid starts laughing happily.

Sid tells Raj and Pratima that he was waiting for 6 months to hear Roshni’s voice and she called him today. He says she is angry on him, but he will search her day and night and will get her back into his life. He gets a call from his detective that Roshni’s call was from Bangkok and thinks it is time to get her back, he is going to get her.

Precap: Sid reaches Bangkok to search Roshni. Roshni senses his presence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. roshini and her whole family is selfish they never try to find out why sid lie to them and roshini keep on saying that sid separate her from her family and how she have to live away from them she think sid is enjoying this life even sid is living by himself and he is doing everything possible to fine her and she still a bad mouth and blame him for every things

  2. Yes Rani, they are selfish

  3. I agree with rani roshinis family never took the time to find out sids intentions why he did what he did they just jumped to conclusions it is the same thing going on with rajveer and sids family they all are jumping to conclusions that is why rajveer needs to clean them out dry and then let simran see that she should have listened to her own son sid and that flesh and blood comes first but she simran took crooked rajveers side it is a good thing that sids father raj stuck with him all along now let us see the outcome of this cannot wait lol

  4. Stupid show get off the air. STUPID STUPID DUMB DUMB. SHOW GET ITVOFF THE AIR.

  5. Now this story is heading like Sslk , Gunjan and mayank After a 6 month leap !

  6. Story is getting Bakwaas now

  7. Roshni character is baseless..she is good for nothing..The actress who plays her also got ugly face..she is nothing to reckon with…

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