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The Episode starts with Gangu Tai and Naina praying in the inhouse temple. Gangu Tai tells Naina that she is thinking to get puja done in the ganpati temple for Mahi and Satya. Naina says it is good. Mahi says even I will come. Payal comes and says if they agree then she can come. Mahi says no need and asks her to stay at home. Satya tells Mahi, what is her problem when she wants to go to temple. Mahi says only one of us will go. Aarti plate falls. Gangu Tai says it is an inauspicious thing. They reach temple. Shri Ganesha Deva plays……..Aleena comes there holding knife in her hand. Gangu Tai and Mahi are praying with their eyes closed. Aleena keeps hand on Mahi’s mouth and kidnaps her. Gangu Tai turns when the aarti is done, and looks for Mahi. She calls Satya and tells that she couldn’t find

Mahi in basti after puja.

Satya says I am coming. He comes there and asks what happened? Gangu Tai tells that she got her chunari just and didn’t find her. Kajal, Payal, Satya, Mitul and Sunil start searching her. Satya gets a call from Mahi’s phone number and is shocked. He comes to the said place and asks Mahi how did she come there. He throws the knife which was in her hand, and asks how did you come here. Mahi tells him that she was kidnapped from the temple, and then she didn’t know anything. She looks at blood on her hand and knife and says she don’t remember anything. Satya says you are fine and with your family. He says whoever have done this with you, I won’t leave that person. He says Aleena must have done this surely, I won’t leave her. They come home and see Police already waiting for Mahi. Inspector asks who is Mahi Sawant? Satya asks what happened? Inspector arrests Mahi on murder charges of Aleena. Satya tells that Aleena is faking the murder. Inspector arrests Mahi and takes her. Satya is shocked. Payal tells Satya that she will come with him.

Satya comes to the Police station and meets Mahi. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Gangu Tai goes to meet Inspector and says Mahi is a nice girl. Sunil says you can’t arrest her without proofs. Constable asks Satya to stop romancing with her and leave. Satya says I just want to talk to her. Lady constable asks other constable to kick him out. Gangu Tai says she is innocent. Satya asks where is the proof? Inspector says we got this recorded message, and plays the recording in which Aleena said that Mahi have kidnapped her and will kill her. Mahi tells that she won’t leave her. Satya says this is not the proof. Inspector shows photos and knife in which Mahi’s finger prints are there. He says we will get the dead body soon, and can’t let the murderer free. Payal is shocked too. Lawyer tells that bail can happen only on Monday, as today is Saturday. Satya asks him to do something. Lawyer says court is closed today. Payal says we have no option left now, Mahi have to stay here till Monday. Mahi is shocked too. Satya tells Mahi that he will stay with her and asks her not to lose hope.

Satya tells Payal that he didn’t know about Aleena and asks her to help him find her. Payal promises him that she will bring Aleena. Aleena comes to the Police station and beats Mahi there, but then some other ladies is shown suffocating Mahi holding her neck. Satya comes there and asks Inspector what is happening. Inspector frees Mahi from the woman and asks Satya to go as well. Mahi cries and tells Satya that she didn’t know why this woman want to kill her. Inspector asks him to go.

Satya also gets arrested by the police so that he can be with Mahi. Mahi gets emotional. Payal gets some proofs against Aleena and tells Gangu Tai that she needs Satya for searching her. Gangu Tai says she will bail him out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  4. Same as season1

  5. Hi guys am new to this page.did Payal really changed or she is just faking her concerns towards mahi.Coz anything can happen with this script writers.just like bramarashkas who would have thought mohini was bad
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  6. Oh is Tuesday and Saturday is same in Jamaica raja????

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