Jamai Raja 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nani crying and requests Sid not to leave the house. DD and Roshni get emotional seeing Nani speaking. DD says he is not Sid. Nani asks her to keep quiet and says I know he is Sid only. She says when I fell down, why did tears come in his eyes, and that’s because he is Sid. Sid asks them to take care of Nani and says I think you are saying anything like that. He says I have stayed here for few days and got attached to elders’ here. He says I am happy that you can stand on your feet and got well. He says it is enough of Sid’s acting and says he can’t act anymore. He says his mum needs him, and tells Roshni used to slap him whenever she likes. He asks them not to contact them……and says he is Raghu…Nani cries and says Sid…..Roshni says he has misbehaved with you

and went. DD says he is not our Jamai Sid, and says my Jamai was not like him. Nani says he is Sid only. Roshni kisses the photos which Krutika gave to her and cries asking where is you Sid. DD comes. Roshni says why he is not returning to his Roshni. He knows how much I love him and gets scared thinking if he is trapped in any trouble. She says how did these photos reach Krutika and cries. DD asks her to calm down and says I have start searching for Sid. My men will find him. This Saas will not leave any chance to search him. Roshni says I can’t sit idle and wait for him to come. DD says where you will go and says my heart says we will find him. She says Shabnam doesn’t know that Sid is alive and says she might have started searching him. She says we won’t let Sid fall in Shabnam’s trap. Roshni cries and hugs her.

Sid says Shabnam will be trapped now. Pinto asks what is his planning? Sid says if you understand everything then you will become Sid Khurana. Pinto says you have proposed Shabnam first and then bhabhi ji. Sid says he had proposed Shabnam with the planning and tells that he proposed Roshni to see her angry look.

Krutika asks Bunty to get out of her house and reminds him that she was tricked to marry him by Sam. Bunty gets teary eyes. Krutika asks him not to return. Simran sees him with teary eyes and thinks my daughter can’t behave this way with her husband. She says Sid used to say that relations can get better even if they are complicated. She says she has to save her daughter’s married.

Pinto asks what is his next plan. Sid says Roshni slapped me infront of me and says Shabnam might be coming here to have friendship with me. He bets with him. Pinto and Sid see Shabnam coming. Sid asks him to get 1000 Rs ready and asks him to hide. Pinto hides. Sid opens the door. Shabnam comes inside and says you did a good drama. Sid asks what do you mean and stares her. Shabnam asks him not to stare her else he will fall in love with her even more. She says I am accepting your proposal. Sid says it is good that you have accepted my proposal, now lets see what I do with you. Sid thinks you did a big mistake, and says you will accept your crimes with your own mouth.

Sid says it will be a wonder when we unite. Shabnam says she wants to ruin Patel family and asks why did you want to ruin them. She says you fell in love with you at first sight and says it is strange. Sid holds her and says when I saw you for the first time, I fell for you and told Roshni that it is difficult to do enmity with a beautiful lady. He says he wanted to propose her then, but stopped as he had given a word to Roshni. He says he did so much for Roshni and DD, but they insulted him. He rues to take revenge from them and says even if Sid comes back from dead bed then he will not identify them. He says he is very eager to unite with her. He says our enemy is one and we are riding on a single boat. He says lets do romance, dance and then everything. He says until I am here, Sid Khurana can’t come back. Shabnam pulls him closer and hugs him. She says she yearned for Sid. Raghu says you have changed my life. Shabnam says we will blast this bomb in the morning. Once Shabnam goes, Raghu feels bad hugging her and says he wants to run to Roshni and hugs her. He says he can’t let anything happen to Roshni. He says we are fighting with a fire and says I will fight alone. I have to hug this Naagin for my family, and says I will ruin her.

Wedding planner come to DD’s house. DD asks you are planning whose marriage. Shabnam comes and says my marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. heart touching episode … nani scenes
    enough of raghu maan … hume toh ab sid chahiye

  2. this is real shit going on here when sid could easily prove he is sid and in the process save dd and bring shabnam down this serial has become way to borin, dragging and monotonous now whats next to come cannot wait to see

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Sid can’t just say he s sid. He has to get DD property back. If he does this achting with shabnam she will herself confess everything. And she will trust him allso and who knows. That way hecan get the property and house back

  4. It will hard to trap clever gal .on the other hand roshni very stubborn can fault the actors .the writers doing no nonsense story .trying to make it realty which is confusing.

  5. I believe it is gonna be raghu and shabnam marriage track drag ??
    Plz sid let roshini know.. If you tell her later she might be angry at you and may not believe you… Plz…

  6. Raghu won’t marry shabnam. I hope before all tatvshe reveals the truth

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