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The Episode starts with Neil and Ria are in the car. Chup Tum Raho Chup Hum Rahe song plays…………They look at each other. Neil gets message from Sid that he has kept Champagne. Neil shows Champagne to Ria. Ria keeps her head on his shoulder. Driver says Sen Gupta house came. Ria says first I will go and asks him to come later. Neil stops her and says he can’t change the past, and her sufferings which she faced because of his mum. He says if we leave our past behind and start afresh. Ria holds his hand. Neil asks her to give him a chance. Ria smiles. Neil thanks and hugs her.

Sid tells Roshni that they will do as planned. He tells Payal that we want to talk to you. He says I would have fight with you if being alone, but I have many responsibilities of Roshni and baby. He apologizes and

asks her to think about his baby. Payal says the great industrialist and ex CEO are bent infront of me and begging. Roshni says what she think about herself. She pulls her hairs and it comes in Roshni’s hand shocking Payal. Payal thinks about Doctor’s words that she will have a hair fall and goes. Roshni tells Sid that she has added hair removal cream in her shampoo bottle. Ria informs Sid and Roshni that Payal went to the same doctor. Sid says shooting is going on there. While Payal is driving the car, Simran comes infront of her car and says she hit me and cries.

Payal comes out of her car and apologizes. Sid, Ria and Roshni are looking at their plan. The people gather there ask Simran to take rest in godown. Payal says she is in hurry and will take her to hospital. Simran says she don’t have time for poor. Payal happens to see Simran’s face and says Mrs. Khurana. The people standing there see Simran standing on her feet, and says it is their personal matter, and leave. Payal asks what is your motive? Simran says you are a witch and curses her. Payal is about to slap her. Roshni comes and holds her hand, asking her not to dare slap her mum. Sid and Neil also comes. Payal says everyone is standing to fight with me and praises herself. She then sees Ria with them and is shocked. She recalls Ria taking her to the hospital.

Payal realizes that she was never ill and they have done this to get company back from her. She tells I will see you later Ria…but will see your lover first. She says I have lost my baba, property, home and respect because of you. She says you are guilty of me and my baba…I will bring you on road with all your family. She tells Sid that she will cut his nose in business community for helping Neil. She announces that she will get even Khurana company with Mauve. Ria says di. Payal slaps her. Neil is shocked.

She says we have suffered a lot because of them and then also supporting them. She says first you lost baba and now me, you are now an orphan and goes. Later Ria tells that Payal is very determined and will take revenge. Neil says if anything happens to you all, then I can’t bear. Sid says this war is not between you or Payal…It is between right and wrong. He says we are one family now and will win together. Payal comes there.

And asks them to sit and don’t embarrassed her. She says did you remember what I said? I said that I will end you within 10 hours, and says says this is the invite, come for sure. She throws the card and asks them to see the press conference. She says Steven Smith will buy Mauve and I will become wealthy, and then Steven Smith company will sue Khurana company. Sid, Raj and Neil are shocked. Sid gets irked. Payal asks them to come for food atleast, don’t know if you will get it or not. Sid says lets go…Simran asks what you are saying? Sid says what she said that the food is good and I can go anywhere for good food, lets go.

Payal checks some papers happily. Mr. Smith announces the merger with Khurana company shocking Payal. Sid walks victoriously.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Writers plzzzzzzzzzz make a promo for season 3

  3. LOL!!! The precap was awesome!!!

  4. Whats sushmita’s charcter’s name after the leap?Can writers plzzz make sushmita’s charcter have a younger dibling as u dhiwed roshni having an older sibling

    1. She not playing any character in jr. Fake news. She confirmed on Instagram

  5. When exactly is this leap happening?(Date).I jyst hope writers don’t plan a fourth season otherwise they’ll loose their viewers like QH.

  6. Sushmita Bhandari replaces Nia Sharma in Jamai Raja

    Get ready for another big replacement on small screen!
    Tellychakkar.com had exclusively reported about Zee TV’s popular show Jamai Raja undergoing a major change.
    This Grazing Goat and Sagar Pictures’ show is set is to take a leap of 20 years.
    As reported by us, the lead actress Nia had stepped out of the show as she did not wish to play a mom’s role at this moment in her career. As for Ravi, post the story jump, he will be seen playing Sid-Roshni’s son.
    So who is the new actress paired opposite Ravi Dubey?
    As promised by us, here we bring you the exclusive news!
    It’s the very pretty looking Sushmita Bhandari, winner of Clean and Clear Fresh Face competition.
    We couldn’t get though Sushmita but she announced about the project on her personal Facebook account. Have a look!

  7. We all should stand together against this leap either the end the show or bring back Rossini in a story .Come on friends it’s time to stand by our sidni without the show is nothing.plz friends what can we do.

  8. What happened to Jamai raja august 6th episode?Jaamai raja airs monday-saturday.What happened?

    1. Xavier

      I noticed that as well.. Zee tv launched some new shows on weekends . so the daily soap operas are back to Monday to Fridays now.. I am really sad.. my and parents and I really look forward to watching them. especially Jamai Raja. Our household loves it 🙁

  9. Tiy jamai Raja is from Monday till Friday

  10. Who is the new female lead?Sone websites say mahi and ithers say sushmita

  11. Both actress should enter JR.Sushmita oppisite ravi and mahi should play sushmita’s younger sister who will merge the 2 lovers together and will help both of them change payal who will be really strict.

  12. Whats sushmita’s charcter name?Can writers plzzzzzzzzzzzz reveal more about the leap

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