Jamai Raja 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Roshni seeing DD’s aarti thali catching fire and DD getting panicked. She sets fire off and gives DD water to drink. She then performs aarti with DD. Naani sees that and gets happy.

DD’s client calls her and asks her to deliver his ordered jewelry today instead of tomorrow. She agrees and says it is our specialty, we deliver our client according to their needs. She calls Kesar and asks him to personally deliver jewelry to her client right now as she cannot believe anyone else. Kesar hesitantly agrees.

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Roshni is busy decorating landscape around swimming pool with lamps. Sid

comes and shows her his decorates. She happily looks at it. He asks her to continue this work as they have a lot of other work to finish. He then gets Simran’s call with ring tone Maa Ka Phone Aaya. Roshni says it is a very tacky ring tone. Sid says it is his mom’s phone and asks her to pick it. She picks and starts talking to Simran. Resham comes there and asks when will they finish other work and gives Sid list saying it is DD’s order. Simran hears their whole conversation and thinks she will teach Dd a lesson today.

After finishing work, Sid asks DD if he can go out now. Roshni says we have finished all work and are free to go, then why are you asking her. DD says they cannot go as she wants to take them to a charity function. She goes to change. Kesar gives jewelry bag to Pratima, says it is 35 lakhs worth jewelry, and asks her to deliver it. She says she wants to go home early. He says she cannot go without finishing her work. He comes home and sees DD at home who if he delivered jewelry. He says yes. DD gets a call from client that he did not get jewelry yet. She says client that she will call him in 10 minutes and asks Kesar why did not he deliver jewelry. He asked Pratima to deliver it as he wants to know if Bablu’s wife is trust worthy or not.

Pratima while walking through a secluded area sees goons playing cards who see jewelry box in her hand and start following her. Kesar tries to call her, but she does not pick call. He says DD that he wanted to favor Pratima by giving her work and getting into your good books, but she eloped with jewelry. Pratima falls on ground while running and jewelry box also falls down. She leaves box and runs from there. DD calls police and says she doubts that Pratima stole her 35 lakhs jewelry, she gave her to deliver it to client, but Pratima eloped with it. Inspector asks if she is talking about her devrani as he saw karvachauth news. DD says she is not my devrani and it was just a rumor. She gives Pratima’s pic to inspector. Just then, Pratima reaches there. Inspector says DD your thief came. Pratima asks why is she calling her thief when she herself came her after escaping from goons. DD asks her to stop her drama and asks inspector arrest her. Sid says inspector he cannot arrest her without proof. Pratima says there is not need for that and takes out necklace from her bag, gives it to DD. Naani asks how did she escape from goons. Pratima tells them the whole incident. Sid praises Pratima and asks everyone to clap for her. Roshni and Naani clap. Inspector also praises Pratima and walks out. Naani says DD that you rejected Pratima, but she risked her life for you, she asks to get back Bablu and her wife. DD (as is she Darauni Dayan) does not reply anything.

Precap: DD slaps Kesar for his mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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