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The Episode starts with Sid reading about Ragini Desai in the magazine. Bunty tells him about Ragini Desai attitude and workaholic nature. Ragini’s secretary talks to Farzana and asks her to give reports fast. Receptionist says mam is here. Secretary asks where is her coffee. Bunty says there is no pics of her on the net and she is strange. Sid says my pics are posted because of you. Ragini comes to her office and drinks coffee. Sid says this lady reminds me of Sasumom. Ragini’s face is revealed, and it resembles Roshni. Ragini drinks coffee. Secretary informs him that Mr. Klaire is in Paris as his flight delayed, and his partner from Mumbai is on his way. Ragini asks her to call him in 5 mins else she will cancel the meeting. Just then she hears her employee talking to his wife, and says no personal

calls. Employee calls her hitler. Sid says she must be called as hitler. Bunty gets secretary’s call. Sid hears the qawwali playing at the dargah and asks driver to stop the car. He ties hand kerchief on his head and goes to dargah. A touchy qawwali plays………….Sid gets emotional and sits with teary eyes. A priest tells him that his loved one is near him. Sid says this is not possible as I have lost it. Priest says she is alive in your heart, and heart relations don’t end so easily. He gives him taweez. Sid thanks him and looks at the taweez. He reminisces happy moments with Roshni.

Ragini gives instructions to her employees. She asks his employees to present the presentation. He says I will, and makes the photo frame fall. Ragini asks him to be out of her sight and gets very much angry. They leave. Ragini looks at the photo frame and gets teary eyes. It shows DD and Roshni’s pic (so Ragini is none other than Roshni). Servant brings photo frame and gives to Simran. Simran looks at her pic with Roshni, and scolds servant. She breaks the photo frame and asks him to keep it in storeroom again. Raj asks why are you angry? Roshni is not alive. Simran blames Roshni for ruining Sid’s life and says he lives in her memories, but she never respect him. She says Sid was always there for them, but he got accusations in return. He says I can’t see my son sad and cries.

Sid sits in car. Bunty gives call to Sid. Sid says hello and says he is Sid…Ragini/Roshni identifies his voice. Sid says we are trying to reach there. Ragini says I can’t hear you. She gives call to Anya. Anya asks when are you reaching office. Sid says within 5 mins. Ragini says she is going and says she don’t wait for anyone. She leaves.

Simran tells Raj that Sid’s pic is posted in the magazine with a play boy title. Raj says he don’t want to marry. Simran says Sid should move on and that girl died 2 years back. Raj says she is Roshni, our bahu. He reminds her that once you did her kanyadaan. Simran says I loved her and gave her daughter’s place, but she accused my son. Simran says she was Roshni, but brought darkness in my son’s life. She says I want some other girl to come in my son’s life. Sid reaches Ragini’s office. Ragini is leaving and takes the lift. Bunty and Sid wait for the lift. Sid asks Bunty not to take tension. Ragini tells Anya that she got a call from Naina aunty from London. She says I will brief you to execute her plan. Sid and Bunty wait for the lift. Bunty says don’t know where it is stuck. Ragini sees Anya lost and says I am talking to you and not the walls. Anya says yes. Ragini scolds her for her behavior and asks her to treat clients well.

She takes the lift and checks the time. The lift door opens. Sid and Bunty looks on. Ragini comes out from other lift. Sid senses Roshni’s presence. Roshni’s phone falls down. Bunty asks what happened bhai. Sid says I felt some known feeling. The boy asks if you want to eat candy floss. Ragini says she don’t like it. Sid looks at the taweez.

Kesar tells Ragini that she is looking like her mom. Ragini/Roshni hugs him. Kesar asks about her decision to move to Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate roshni’s character more than ever. She never did anything for sid except blaming n quarrelling with him. She should not forget that her mom accepted her only coz of Sid’s efforts.

  2. So kesar knows she is roshni n i hope sid get to see her

    1. Is roshni suffering from memory loss or what? She forgot sid. I hate her. Sid has done so much for her and she always blamed him

  3. Sid did so much for Roshini and her family, he loved Roshini unconditionally and without inhibitions and never demanded anything in return except their love, Roshini’s especially and her trust as well.
    But Roshini never loved Sid that way, she doubted him, questioned his motives all the time and took him for granted.

  4. Sooo all this while sid was mourning the love of his life n kesar knew she was alive but allowed him to grieve? Roshini n her whole family give sid such a raw deal…I cnt believe roshini said she loved sid but in the end did this to him..then move on with a new identity, new man…new everything like sid never existed..meanwhile he’s stuck in da past with every wound fresh loving a mean, selfish blo*dy witch tht does not n will never deserve him…writers, I strongly suggest u add another lead to this show..a girl..for sid..someone tht deserves him..someone tht he deserves…I cnt c his pain.. Bring radhika bk…the girl from the start of season 2..I think she’ll b great for sid..help him forget those selfish ppl n gain all tht he was robbed him.. Plz dnt drag on his pain.. I just hate roshini

  5. Yes chin completely agree with you

  6. Pls writers I beg u not to spoil roshni s character pls I love her a lot and I don’t want her to turn like this for such lame reason either change her behavior or introduce a sensible reason for her to go away from Sid
    The story must proceed like roshni have gone away from Sid coz some man or baba should have said tht if she lives with Sid the Sid could face more problems so for his betterment she went away from him……smthing like tht
    It is so stupid reason tht she went away from him coz yash said 1 line and she believed him
    It changed the whole plot of the story

    y r u turning Sid as superhero and roshni as villan

  7. I completely agree with simran even i think he shld move on come on i mean roshni was alive all the time she is such a cold heart person she didn’t even think about sid in the past two year she is ungrateful so much sid did for her n her annoying mom and in the end no thank or please only pure accusations n blaming….
    I don’t want sid to run behind her n trying to win her trust or love cuz she don’t deserve none of that.sid deserve better a better life partner some1who will trust n love him alwyz n forever he have to stop being weak in her so called love now sid shld show her that he don’t need her in his life n let her feel left out for a while

  8. Guys I think that roshni still loves sid but does not show it and about her character she is just hard from outside but soft from inside (as shown by the precap) she is just like DD… Once she and Sid meet and Sid gets to know her truth he will once again woe back his roshni… And I think she wants to see if Sid is living happily or not this is the reason I guess she wants to move to mumbai

  9. Dear writer love never lost. Pls win the love between sid and Roshini. Sid is a wonderful guy. Roshini understand the sid love otherwise I can’t see this serial. Pls join that two member. U enter another villan in their life at any time Roshini and sid always together

  10. Frnds send download link for jamai raja season2 serial promo song

  11. is there any Kira here we need to talk

    1. Here wah happen rite mi nah find de love letta poem

      1. see how yuh can help mi out nah

  12. Jamai Raja OMG i had enough of this ????? ? ?

    1. True! It’s getting draggy

  13. So Roshni still up to her immature ways!??!?! So she deliberately move from him! I don’t know what is the purpose of this story again anyways…Roshni is not looking like a hero anymore but the main villian….disappointed doesn’t even really describe what I feel ….This show has lost me totally now.

  14. Please can some one tell me the name of the qawwalu in this episode please.

    1. the name of who?????????///

  15. ok so Breanna I was rely rely bizy I had to do hw was riting notes
    didn’t search for poem yet I will rite are this
    I was watching the other kingdom new episodes and also school of rock
    kinda nice mostly th other king…
    I was also reading ff
    will tell u if I find d poem thingy…
    see u 2 Moro hopefully…..??????

  16. searching all over the inter… not finding this poem
    did u

  17. Breanna search on yutube bfb it’s a song by Victoria
    it doesn’t mean anything it just sounds nice.. check it out rite

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