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The Episode starts with Alex telling Sid and Yash that Roshni and Sam’s life is dependent on them now. She says if your target fails, then their life will end. She announces that the game starts now. Roshni and Sam is seen standing with apple on their head, and their hands tied. They are tensed and shocked. Roshni tells Sid that she trust him, and says I love you, I knew that you can do. Sam asks Yash to be careful and says he should not do any mistake. Sid and Yash are seen holding knife in their hands. Roshni asks Sid to throw the knife, and says you can do it. Alex starts counting the numbers. Sid and Yash target the apple. Sam bends down and gets hurt, before knife would hit the apple. Sid hits the apple kept on Roshni’s head. Yash runs towards Sam. Sam scolds Yash for his wrong target. Alex declares

them runner up and asks her men to take Sam for medical treatment. She tells Sid that she will see how he plays the game now. Sid and Roshni are tensed. DD asks the servant to tell about the phone call. Servant says I can’t recall anything. DD asks him to get out. DD says I am in tension, and says if it was Sid’s call then I have missed them.

Later Alex welcomes Sid and Roshni and says this is the last part of the game. She asks them to play truth and dare? She starts the game with Sid and asks him to kiss her (Alex). Roshni says Sid will not kiss you. Sid refuses to kiss her and says he will leave the game. Alex’s goon try to strangulate Roshni. Sid agrees to kiss her and goes near her. Roshni nods no and cries. Alex looks at Sid. The goons hurt Roshni and strangulate her with belt. Sid says no. He goes near Alex and is about to kiss her. Alex keeps hand on his mouth and says I just asked you to kiss me, you would have kissed me on your hand, what is going on in your mind. She gives her hand. Sid kisses on her hand. Roshni feels bad. The goon frees Roshni. Alex asks Sid to go and sit. Sam and Yash comes back to the den. Alex welcomes them. She says I know what is going on in Mr. Khurana’s mind, and says you will leave with my wish. She says next dare is for Roshni. She asks her to choose any one goon among the three goons and gives her 30 sec time.

Roshni asks what? Alex says today is your wedding night and asks her to choose? Sid gets angry and says I will kill you Alex. Alex targets pistol on Sid, and asks Roshni to agree. Roshni folds her hands and asks her not to agree. Alex counts the numbers. Roshni says she can’t do this. One of the goon asks Roshni to come near him and do everything with him. Sid says I will snatch your tongue. The goon is taking Roshni.

Sid asks Roshni to stop and holds on the pistol asking Alex to shoot. He says I don’t get afraid of you or your bullet. Yash and Sam looks on shockingly. Alex is shocked too. Sid snatches gun from her hand and targets her. Yash and Sam are happy. Sid says your face is looks scared, as the trigger will not make any noise again. He asks the goons to free Roshni. Roshni runs to him. Sid says we have come here with our wish and will go with our wish. He asks Yash and Sam to come. They leave. Alex says you have broken this game rules, and you will repent for this, you will be left alone and nobody will support you. Sam and Yash are in the jungle and wait for Sid and Roshni. Sam continues to argue with him. Yash sees the goons coming and asks her to come. Sid and Roshni pack the bags. Roshni apologizes to Sid. Sid says first we will leave from here. They find the door locked. Alex sees CCTV live footage of DD’s house. Ayesha asks DD to come somewhere. DD agrees. Alex calls someone and says bird is freed from the cage, and her eyes are looking at him. She says Sasumaa will be punished for her Jamai’s mistake.

DD and Ayesha see a car fast approaching them and get tensed. Roshni and Sid try to escape from the canal. Alex wonders why they couldn’t be seen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. whts goin on.nonsense.maan na maan mai tera mehmaan..ab alex kis bat ka revenge le rhi hai

  2. Wat now n wat alex has to do with sid n roshni

  3. woowwww nice story it feels like i am watching a mystery movie ….very good jamai raja i am enjoying it …nice chemestry between nia and ravi

  4. What the stupid story. So lame how can some one can’t leave the game . Sid can beat the goons and easily escape from there why the hell he is obeying tht b*t*h
    Cm on writers poor story line
    I think Alex loves Sid the why she wants roshni to get married and she even asked him to kiss her

  5. So idiotic story Sid could have bet the goons instead of obeying Alex and kissing her . The biggest mistake he did was to flirt with Alex If he would have not flirted then Alex wouldn’t have known who Sid is then there would have been no problems only

  6. could someone tell me what nonsense these writers really thinking my gosh in SARONJINI there is also a game being played and now in JAMAI RAJA a game is being played it is only a whole set of copycatting shit going on and how many time will cameras be put in dds house this is so frustrating and there is nothing we can do because these writers just not listening to our pleas WE ARE TOTALLY FED UP WITH YOUR NONSENSICAL SCRIPTS FOR THESE SERIALS WHY CANNOT YOU END IT OR GIVE US WHAT WE WANT and that is a good serial to look at another thing I was suppose to bring to the writers attention and that is in all the serials there is a line that is always use WAIT AND WATCH my gosh is there no other line you can use it is so damn monotonous to tell the truth just now you will have no viewers it is way too frustrating for us

  7. wow love the plot???

  8. If you guys have so much of problem with the story stop watching it..
    Don’t create a fuss

  9. jignesh nagar

    Really horrible. pl stop all this. it’s not happening. Either stop this or end the serial. the serial is loosing its touch.

  10. All this game shit. Just end it . Its too boring and stupid. Really is

  11. seems like you stand alone tara newcomer

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