Jamai Raja 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Simran angrily walking into Sid’s cabin and asking what is he doing. Sid says she is his mother and should first sit and relax and then question him. Simran shouts this company belongs to not only him, but also her and Rajveer’s and asks how can he use company’s money for his personal use. Raj comes and asks why is she shouting, whole staff is listening. Simran says let the staff know how Sid is wasting their hard earned money by hiring detectives to search his wife. Rajveer comes and tries to enter cabin. Sid asks him to stop right there as he does not like perpetrators in his cabin. He says he will show her what he has done to the company and takes her out.


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Sid calls all his staff and tells Simran he will show what he has done. He asks accountant to give the file and shows how made 300% profit since he took over CEO position and says it would been 500% if Rajveer would not have made losses. He says Rajveer invested in lame projects and insults Rajveer that he is fit for nothing and does not even know to sell vada pav on street. Simran asks him to not insult her jamai. Sid continues insulting Rajveer that he is living on their money, earlier looted DD, now Simran, and later some one else. He is a filthy, waste creature. Simran again asks him to mind his tongue and not get personal. Sid says he gets personal into everything and it pays off. He insults Rajveer again that he is a filthy rat who is rottening their company and asks him to earn at least 25 paise first for the company and then challenge him. He says this company is his father and his hard earned money and he will not let any rongue to loot their hard earned money. He says Simran as a partner, she has right to question him and he is always ready to answer her (hurray… Sid vented out his anger at last). Rajveer tries to speak, but Simran angrily walks out.

Roshni and Yash walk on the road after their wok. DD calls Roshni and tells she has become wise in 6 months after being away from Sid and gets emotions. Yash’s mom calls him and talks how is he doing with Roshni, etc. DD asks Roshni to give phone to Yash and thanks Yash for taking care of Roshni well. Yash’s mom speaks to Roshni and also thanks her.

Rajveer apologizes Simran. She says he should be careful and not make losses in business. Rajveer uses emotional atyachar and says Sid insulted him in front of her today and challenged his capability, so he wants to resign and gives his resignation letter. Krutika asks how can he resign. Rajveer says he cannot let anyone insult and challenge his capability, so they have to move out. Krutika scolds Simran for letting Sid insult Rajveer.

Roshni looks at a couple’s romance and reminisces her happier moments with Sid. She gets irked then reminisces Sid’s betrayal and thinks Sid has his whole family with him, but she is alone here because of him.

Precap: Roshni sees news about Sid destroying her NGO and telling he has bought the land.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. harshitha reddy

    i;m actlly luvng yash nd roshini scenes……

  2. How roshni can become so much selfish? Sid had also left his family and living with her family and now she is thinking she is alone because of him.

  3. It is sid left alone trying to unite roshni and her mother.. And i think roshni is being to tough on sid now….

  4. writers please let roshini and sid unite take yash out of the picture and let sid find rshini before it is tooooooo late please for heavens sake let us have a good ending once and for all please show rajveers truse colours let him lose all simrans money and show her that sid her son was telling the truth how can a mother doubt her sons love and capability and as for roshini writers what is going on true indian girls suppose to carry themselves about in away that no s*x before marriage roshini is a married woman and yet she is in another country with another man cheating on sid and her mother is encouraging all this slackness

  5. i think this show is losing all its love towards family i wish after all there should be everything for better future of this show it should speed up.

  6. Roshni is too bad how could she behave so rudely towards sid he left all his luxury just to get her love but she is not forgiving him , she is heartless I think she never deserve so much love and her mom is always trying to separate them . now its irritating to watch such episodes

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