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The Episode starts with Krutika coming to DD’s house and tells that you can’t arrest DD as Sid is alive. She says you can’t do double jeopardy. Shabnam says you can’t listen to her and leave DD. Inspector says she is right, we can’t arrest DD. Roshni tells Shabnam that God is helping truth. DD looks at Shabnam. Shabnam gets annoyed and goes. Roshni hugs Krutika and thanks her. Krutika smiles seeing Sid. Roshni tells DD that Sid is alive and nothing will happen to her. She asks Raghu to go and says everything will be fine once Sid is back. She tells DD that they shall celebrate. Krutika thinks Raghu is her own brother Sid and she is sure. Sid thinks he can’t even attend his own party, and thinks he has sent this photo. He says truth will be out once Shabnam exposes.

Shabnam thinks

if Sid is alive and wonders what is happening. Sid asks why you are worried and asks her what is the matter? He pulls her closer and says just look in my eyes….I have so much love for you in my heart. Shabnam says so much things are going on in my mind, I will think and let you know. Sid says you are taking much tension and offers his help. Shabnam says she is going to Spa now. Sid says he can massage her. Shabnam asks what did you say? Sid says you are getting late and asks her to go. Shabnam goes. Roshni hears them and thinks she thought wrongly about Raghu. She thinks Sid can’t think of this cheap thought even in his dreams and thinks to kick Raghu out of house once Sid is out.

Later Sid in Raghu’s get up brings band baja and tells that his (Sid’s) Sasumom is back home from jail and says that counts for celebration. He asks will you marry me? DD asks what? Sid bends down on his knees and asks Roshni why she is shying now. He says you don’t shy to touch me when you are alone. He says when a girl says no then it means yes. He holds the garland and tells Roshni to marry him. Roshni throws the garland. Sid says you have thrown 25 Rs garland and adds the amount to the money which she has to pay him. He says everyone here is oldies, so lets go to room and marry. We will take elders’ blessings and then……..Roshni slaps him hard on his face.

Sid says I think whenever you want to ring bell, you slaps me. Roshni asks how dare you to think that I will marry you. She says I thought you are doing masti, but I was wrong. You are pretending to love Shabnam and me. She says your face is like Sid, but you can’t be Sid even after you takes 100 births. She says I brought you here in this house, so I am asking you to get lost. She pushes him asking to leave. Sid says she looks for a chance to touch me, today she has hit me on my heart and asks why did you bring me here if I am illiterate. He says if I am illiterate why did you let me touch you and brought me to this point that I came with the garland here. He says truth is that you loves me in heart and wants to touch my cheeks. He says my cheeks are so smooth…..

He says today you have broken my heart and plays the sad music. He sees Shabnam coming and tells that his life is ruined because of them. He says I left my Maayi for you both, and when you people don’t care for me, I don’t care for you. He says I will leave the house and I am your big enemy now. He says I am leaving now and will not return. Nani falls down. Everyone rush to her. DD asks her to give hand, but Nani doesn’t let her touch her. Sid comes there. Nani hugs him and asks him not to go calling him Sid. Everyone is shocked. Sid gets teary eyed.

Precap: Nani asks why did you get teary eyes when I fell down. Sid says it is enough of Sid’s drama and asks them not to contact him. He says he is Raghu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hajira ruksaar

    god……how many times will this roshni slap sid…….poor sid

  2. So much of confusion in this one

  3. Plz revel d truth. Sid plz tell ur roshni that u r Sid then she will also help u

    1. hajira ruksaar

      agree with u……..sid plzzz tell roshni that u r sid…….she will also join hands with u and help u. . …then u can easily expose that b*t*h shabnam

  4. Sid is doing the same mistake as he did before he is not telling the truth to roshni and now when roshni gets to know that he is sid she won’t believe him coz according to her sid won’t do like this cheap things
    Hope so roshni won’t leave sidhharth thinking that the mms was real and he was trapping her in his love and he loves shabnam

  5. Jamai raja is the only serial i watch now… Plz don’t drag the serial… ?
    Sid you are adorable… i love the way you care for all the people whom you love…

  6. u knw guys i think tht whn sid finally tells roshni he is sid …. she wont even believe him
    pls producers get the truth out quick
    we want more supportive , caring n luv scenes

    guys i really lyk it whn u reply to my comments so pls reply

  7. Yes Navya……. I also think that roshni will not accept this truth so easily. And it will be another issue to prolong this drama.
    But if this happens then no problem. As usual it will be enjoyable for us. Isn’t it???

  8. sid’s face must reallyy be soar fell so sorry for u

  9. Trapping shabnam will be though that witch is a clever gal.dd should put back behind bars for sid to roll on action to trap shabnam very soon .the move with kritika was a wrong idea

  10. Nanny might bring some judgement to how shabnam try to kill .hope u can talk soon .let’s just watch on .like raghu thou with pani n match stick n his tone calm down sweet slang

  11. Why aren’t they uploading the full episode if jamai raja in youtube ?? Can anyone help ??

  12. this serial is beginning to lose stripes just because of the boring storyline with shabnam, my gosh shabnam shot sid and sid knows this why is he taking so long to expose her, why is he playing all these childish mindless games is this necessary at all when he could easily identify her for shooting him my my these writers sure know how to turn the viewers off how long will this go on for please writers tell me because it just is not making any sense we demand more love and less hate speed the damn serial up and expose shabnam for who she really is ie a MURDERING THIEF WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR HER OWN GAIN COME ON WRITERS THINK ABOUT WHAT I AM SAYING AND HURRY AND END THIS SERIAL

  13. Jamaican girl

    Love Sid as Ragu, love his street ghetto style, s*xy indeed. Hope Shabnam is exposed soon. Love Roshni and Sid. Missed having Babloo.

  14. I am really scared now. This sid is trying to make her fall in love with raghu. First oly he has molestation charges. Now if shabnam plays and back trick. Everyone might actually think sid is molesting shabnam. I hope they do nt mess up.

  15. In this chaotic situation it would be hilarious if they bring back beeji and if beeji plays along with sid’s plan

    No offence for ayesha but when the shabnam track ends,aysha should be sent away too…just my thought

  16. lawan I agree with you Ayesha should be sent away too in order for the both families to have a fresh start

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