Jamai Raja 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid telling Roshni that they can give good life to a girl and give her parents’ love. He takes Ayesha’s name shocking everyone. Sid asks Roshni to think and says Ayesha is the one who can fill empty place in their life and vice versa. She can bring happiness in our life and we can bring happiness in her life. He says I want everyone’s opinion especially sasumom. DD asks have you lost it? Seriously have you mind gone mad? She says how can you do this? Simran says your intention is good, but how can you take it suddenly. One incident don’t change life. She says Roshni needs time to think. Sid says you said right that a big incident happened in our life, but life goes on. We have to win and we can’t lose. He says there is a huge difference between your and my thinking.

I don’t know if Roshni would be able to conceive in future or not, but we can become parents now. He says I saw Roshni happy with Ayesha. He says there is a life ahead for Ayesha. We come across so many children on the street, and don’t have time to think about them. Today God has given us a chance to give a better life to a child, then why not, we shall grab this chance. You all should agree with my opinion. Raj supports Sid and tells DD that Roshni likes Ayesha. Bua Dadi says we didn’t know about her parents nor her blood.

Beeji asks her to stop it. Nani Maasi says your Jamai is 8th wonder of the world, we shall exhibit him. She says Sid is favoring the girl who is responsible for all this. Sid says If I am 8th wonder then you people are 9th and 10th wonder. If you bite anyone then that person will die because of venom inside you. He says you have grown old, but don’t have any maturity or understanding etc. He says I am disappointed. This decision will be taken by Roshni and me. Life has given me two options, to cry all life, or to start new life with Roshni. I don’t care about others’ thinking and cares for Roshni’s perception. He asks her to tell what she wants? He says we know that what she means to us now. He says Ayesha brings smile at our faces and give peace to us. He asks her to agree. Roshni thinks about her moments with Ayesha. She says I can’t do this and goes to room cryingly.

Bua Dadi tells their coin is useless. Krutika tells a child don’t have choice to choose their parents. She says my blood is not bad, but my upbringing was wrong. She says I don’t agree with you. Bua Dadi taunts her and says you used to roam on the streets like an orphan, but now became a maharani. Raj says he is proud of his daughter as she has accepted her mistake. DD tells Nani that Sid wants to become great and that’s why giving this idea. Raj says they can take their own decision. It doesn’t mean that they will not have their own kids. DD asks if Roshni have her own kids, then will she able to give same love to Ayesha.

Sid comes to Roshni. Roshni cries and tells she can’t do this. Sid says I have seen love for Ayesha in your eyes. Roshni says she can’t take care of Ayesha as she couldn’t take care of her own child. Sid says you can’t blame yourself as circumstances is responsible. Roshni says that baby was inside me, and was my responsibility. He has gone and left us. She cries. She says if we take Ayesha’s responsibility and if she leave us then I will not be able to take it. She deserves a parents who could take care of her well. I couldn’t take care of her. Nani Maasi smiles and goes to DD. Roshni cries and hugs Sid.

Sid tells a girl told me that she don’t deserve to be a mum. He says you are doing all the motherly duties towards Ayesha. He says our child is not anymore because of us. He says don’t tell that you don’t deserve to be a mum.

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  1. gabi

    Lovely episode…I hope Roshni adopts ayesha ,she is such a cute little girl.. But it is true what roshni said…she isn’t gonna be able to handle it if someone comes one day and takes ayesha from her

  2. Ajay M

    This serial needs to be buried. When Sid and Roshni married – thats when it should have been made to rest. Now see what happend is another endless pit of drama on Ayesha.. Man – zee TV sucks.. 🙁

  3. gabi

    Ajay M please!! This serial is better then the others .. You guys always keep complaining.. You need to understand that the writers have to come up with something all the time because Indian series are 7 days a week unlike American series that are in seasons and a season has a few episodes …

  4. Leila love is unconditional you cannot force or make someone love another if that love is not within and we all know that dd despised ahesha from the beginning so get that thought out of your head for now and as for roshini I think she needs time to process the whole situation before taking a huge step like that Ayesha is not a baby and yes roshini loves her but it is not the same as loving the child you carried and bond with for nine months it will definitely take time to adjust so like I said give roshini ample time to think about it and who knows in the meanwhile she will conceive again and all will be happy once more

  5. Then they should do it in seasons. the drama should have ended after the wedding. cuz most characters are oblivious now. and who just picks a child off d streets without paper works. the writers make the characters look dumb especially Roshini’s character.

  6. yashvora

    really hate d way d soap is shown after miscarriage ; d couple r over emphasizing their pains & loss above their love ; d fact that a third person is able to bring back a smile on R’s face & even S is emphasizing on that point leaves a bad effect – how many times that they will need someone else to keep 1 of them smiling – can’t both of them enough for each other ;

    well they may need to look at d same track of miscarriage in yrkkh or d track of low fertility in mkap [pratigya] – in both d real cause of pain isn’t so stretched to involve someone else – raising d questions whether their love is good enough 2 overcome d pains

    so hopefully d sidni scenes will b there but concentrating on their love – not being burden by pains

  7. Ravi's fan

    It is still a lovely serial…. Though whoever thinks whatever I don’t care but they r the best and that’s it… Nothing else pls… Its ur point of view but I’ll love this one … If u don’t lyk it then pls don’t criticize n discourage the fans…

  8. me


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