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The Episode starts with Payal talks to the manager, and he asks them to wait for 2 mins. Payal asks how can be they so disorganized. Manager apologizes. Satya sees a woman swimming in the pool and sees Mahi’s face girl. He is quite surprised and goes near swimming pool. Old Mahi is swimming in the pool. Satya gets inside the swimming pool and comes to her. He observes her. Mahi swims and comes near him. Satya still couldn’t believe his eyes. He holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. He is shocked. He recalls Mahi’s original face and the moments they have spent together. He recalls taking her out from the burnt car and taking her to hospital. He recalls hearing Mahi’s voice before, arguing with the shop keeper while they were on the way. He calls her Mahi….Mahi looks at him and asks who

are you? How dare you to touch me? Satya says Mahi…I am Satya. Mahi calls security and asks them to throw him out. Security guys take him out of pool.

Satya says I am Satya…Mahi looks on and continues to swim. Satya looks at her. Naina and others come there. New Mahi asks what happened? You are totally drenched in water. Satya recalls seeing Old Mahi. He is confused. New Mahi asks what happened? He thinks what to say? He says I had slipped. Payal looks on. Manager comes to Payal and says room is ready, please come. They go. New Mahi asks Satya to come. Satya says lets go. They go to room. New Mahi says nice room. Satya asks her to rest and asks waiter about Mahi. Waiter says she is here. Satya asks about her room no, and gives money. Waiter says I can’t tell you her room no., but she will be there in the evening. Satya sees Halloween Resort hall. He brings the pamphlet and shows to everyone. He says we will go today to Halloween party. Mitul opens her mouth surprisingly and says she will come.

Payal refuses to come. Satya asks her to come dressed as witch and says special teeth for you. Payal says joke is too much. Mahi asks her to come. Payal agrees. Later Payal is talking to some girl and asks her to be careful. Satya is about to see her face, but on seeing Satya, she asks her to go. Satya comes to Payal and asks about the girl. Payal says she was talking about Halloween costume. Payal asks if his mind stopped working, and hopes Satya didn’t see something. Satya thinks if sasu mummy saw Mahi.

Later in the party, Payal, Satya, New Mahi and others come to the party. The host comes and says we will start the Halloween party with a dance. Satya and New Mahi dance. Satya tries to search Old Mahi and dances with girls and remove their mask. They get irritated.

Satya holds Mahi’s hand and gets closer to her. They start dancing on the music….Payal looks on. Both of them dance sensually. Satya takes flower near her face, to check if she is allergic to it. Mahi calls him idiot and says she is allergic to people like you. Satya says I thought you are allergic to flower. She removes her mask and goes. Payal sees her face and is shocked.

Payal asks Satya not to play game with her and says she has seen her. She asks her to tell truth, who is real Mahi? Satya asks her. Payal says she doesn’t know. She says we have to find who is real Mahi and who is not. Satya nods.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. so nice…suspense…i hope the old mahi wil be back.

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    Oh, it’s really amazing to see shiny doshi back.

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