Jamai Raja 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with DD throwing stuff. Nani Maasi asks her to relax. DD says all the proofs are right infront of Roshni, and says why she is unable to see. Nani Maasi says there is always two sides of a coin, and tells about the possibilities. She says I saw trust in Roshni’s eyes for Sid and says we can’t ignore that. DD says her mind is not working. Nani Maasi asks her to call Roshni and says we have to take care of her always. She says a daughter can fight with her mum with confidence as she knows that her mum will not feel bad, and asks her not to snatch right from her daughter. Sid comes to the Police station and the constable and Inspector talk about the MMS and laughs. Sid asks about the other Inspector and is informed that he is on leave. Sid thinks it might be Shabnam’s work and

thinks all this is a blo*dy plan, I will not get this proof. He calls Roshni and tells her that the police man was on leave. Roshni is shocked and asks tells that a lady constable was present with Inspector. She says she heard lady constable address and says we shouldn’t have let Shabnam go. She says she talked to Krutika in night and she trusts him. She goes to meet the lady constable.

Some goons identify Roshni and she is the one whose husband did the MMS scandal. She comes to the lady constable’s house and sees her house locked. Someone informs her that lady constable left in the night. The goons tease Roshni. Roshni slaps him hard and asks not to feel her weak. The goons laugh and says your husband might be busy with your sister, and asks her to get busy with them. Roshni tells them that her husband is innocent and asks them not to take her husband’s name with their mouth. She asks if they don’t have mother- sister at their house. Some ladies come and beat the goons. They ask Roshni not to lose strength and think of it as a new start.

Roshni comes to the media. The reporter feels pity on Shabnam and takes her side. He says wife should not be blinded. Roshni tells him that her husband is innocent and says she will prove. Other reporters ask her, how do you feel? Roshni asks who give their training to ask stupid questions, and asks who are they to pass judgements. She says two people were looking in the MMS. She says my husband Sid who is saying that he is innocent, and other is Shabnam who is hidden since the MMS is leaked. Roshni tells them that a woman can be wrong too and asks why they think from one perspective. She says hats off to you, and says her husband is innocent and victimised by Shabnam. She says a man can’t be wrong everytime and says Shabnam can do anything for her advantage. She gives a good lecture to them and requests them to keep their judgement to themselves until her husband is proved innocent. All the media persons claps for Roshni. Roshni leaves from there.

DD comes to Simran and asks her to leave worrying for her son. She says I did a mistake by not believing on Sid. Simran asks how to believe you. DD says I am standing with Sid and will prove her innocent. Simran says it is late. DD says we will manage. Simran hugs DD. DD laughs and tells her that saree and mascara will be spoiled. They laugh.

Simran’s servant hears them and informs Shabnam. Shabnam asks her to delete her number. She tells today’s sun will be last day in your daughter and Sid’s life. She says 4th November will be written in golden words as Sid and Roshni will be separated today.

Maha Sangam Episode is shown. Sid tries to save Roshni and gets shot by Shabnam. He falls from the cliff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. A very nice episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Good show.

  3. end this serial with a good note

  4. I hope sid don’t die n shabnam gets caught now

  5. i do hope that shabnam is caught before it is too late and someone really gets hurt or even killed it is time to end the shabnam tract same old thing in all these serials

  6. Wow

  7. Can’t believe what people do for money – take Simran’s servant for instance. Such greedy people causing so much problems in SID an ROSHNI’s lives

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