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The episode starts with Raj and Simran seeing Sid and Roshni cleaning floor. Simran asks what are they doing, where are servants. Resham says it is a punishment for them as they did not clear bills, so DD asked them to work like a servant. Simran gets angry and says she did not send them to work like a servant here and tries to drag them. Naani comes and says Sid that Simran is doing right. Sid says he will not come and reminds her of his childhood incidents where she encouraged him to overcome his fears and face challenges. He says even today to face challenges, he needs courage which you people give me and asks if she wants to take him even after this. Simran says he remembers everything and asks why is he so good, she hugs him emotionally. She looks at his hands and her tear drops fall in

them. He says it is not paining now as your tears fell in them. Roshni asks her to smile. Simran says god gave me such a lovely children and asks Roshni to encourage Sid. Roshni says you are Sid’s encouragement. Simran prays god for them and asks Roshni to clear DD’s loan and come back home soon. Roshni promises that she will enjoy this diwali with her.

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Pratima decorates DD’s jewelry store with marigold flowers. Decorator asks Pratima if she is sure she wants marigold as Bablu used to decorate it with carnation. Pratima says on Diwali, marigold is thought as auspicious. DD comes there and throws all flowers, scolds Pratima that it is her premium jewelry shop and not a cheap market, asks her to clean her office soon.

Resham says Mona that Sid should apologize DD and waive off his punishment as he cannot arrange money so soon. Mona scolds her. She then calls her travel agent and asks him to book US flight tickets, says she will reach airport right now. Resham asks if her daughter Samaira is alright. She does not say anything and hurriedly leaves.

Simran during pooja gets worried about Sid and says Raj that she cannot see DD punish his son like that and says she will inform truth to DD, then she will accept Sid. She walks out of pooja.

DD sees Kesar worriedly talking on phone and asks him to join pooja. Kesar informs that due to some problem, their diamond consignment will lost and they will lose 25 lakhs. DD scolds him for making such a big mistake and asks him to correct it. He says he will try his best. She sees Pratima attending client and thinks it is happening because of this girl, if she would not have married Bablu, she would not have kicked him out of her house.

Simran reaches DD’s building. Raj asks her to calm down as Sid’s plain will get ruined. She says she has decided that her children will enjoy diwali with her. He says Sid’s effort will go in vain. She says does not care and gets into lift.

DD comes home and sees house clean. She asks Naani if Sid and Roshni cleaned it. Naani says of course they did. Sid gives DD sweets and asks her to taste sweets prepared by him.

Simran comes back sadly. Raj says she did good by not hurrying and says children come soon and enjoy diwali with us. He says if DD does anything again, he himself will inform her the truth.

DD tastes Sid’s sweets and gives one to Kesar. Naani asks how it is. Sid says it is very tasty. Naani says let us perform aarti now, earlier Durga and Roshni used to perform aarti, now Sid, Roshni and Durga should perform aarti. DD says she will not perform arti with servants. Roshni says DD is telling right, she is also servant and will not perform aarti with DD. DD alone performs aarti by closing her eyes. Sid adds camphor in aarti and stands silently with shank. He prays good to help him.

Precap: Roshni sees DD’s aarti thali burning and rescues her. She then performs aarti with DD.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show is just dragging…..wow

  2. Crystal Singh

    I agree, dragging on too long. What’s the point anyway. Such a waste of time, and beginning to get boring.

  3. Frustrated now

    Enough of this nonsense now……this is dragging on for too long….tell dd and roshni the truth and get another story line please. You writers are stressing the viewers.

  4. Bored watching sid as a servant

  5. In New promo.. sid reality as a big shot will come out infront of all.. by new person entry.. 🙂 gud finally it will be out

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