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The Episode starts with Sid taking Roshni to the stage and shows her ring. Everyone is shocked. Neil asks what you are doing? Sid says this is destiny..I didn’t call him but he came by himself. He introduces Neil to the guest and says he is elder than Anya, and if he don’t get engaged before Anya then it will be not right. He says I have a condition, that Neil and Ragini should get engaged before us, else we will not get engaged. Neil says I knew you are filmy and joker type, but this is our house. He asks Anya, why she has chosen him. He says you are drunk and doing drama. Sid says he just had a drink being a punjabi. Neil apologizes to the guests. Roshni says Sid is right, when we have compassion and understand then why are we delaying our engagement. She says our engagement is pushed because of

him, and announces that they will get engaged right now. Sid and Anya are shocked. Roshni asks Sid to give ring. Sid gives ring with much difficultly. Roshni makes Neil wear ring. Everyone claps for them. Raj seems worried for Sid, though Simran is happy. Neil makes Roshni wear the ring then. Everyone claps.

Naina hugs Neil and Roshni. Simran gives ring to Sid and Anya and asks them to exchange rings. Just then electricity goes off. Then it comes after sometime. Simran asks Sid to make each other wear ring. Sid shows his hand and says we have already worn it, till when have to wait for Roshni…Roshni looks on. Simran says they were in a hurry. They bring the cake and the newly engaged couple cut it. Ae Khuda song plays………….Raj calls Roshni and says you both are ruining each other lives. He says his condition is bad and says he has to see everything with his eyes. He calls her Roshni…Naina hears him and says roshni. Simran says he forgot and calls Ragini as Roshni. Sid and Anya wonder how could Roshni get engaged to Neil. Neil asks Roshni if she is pressurize to say yes. Just then Simran shouts and says Raj has fallen. They run and help him get up. Raj says his leg slipped. Simran taunts Roshni and praises Anya. Sid and Roshni looks on.

Raj is drinking in his house. Simran asks are you alright? Raj says he was seeing revenge of a saas who ruined her son’s life. Simran says she has woken up Sid’s hopes. Raj says you have ruined her hopes. Simran says Roshni has ruined his life, and Anya will make his life better. Raj says I can’t see my son’s life ruining and determines to unite them. Sid asks Roshni to have sweets and insists her to eat it. Roshni eats the sweets. Sid asks why there is tears in your eyes and asks what is the problem now? Roshni says you are right, I got what I wanted. She says Maa said right that our relation was not right, but now as I am with Neil, everything will be perfect and good. Sid thinks I will make you realize that heart relations are not wrong.

Precap: Sid apologizes to Naina and says we will go on a picnic. Neil refuses. Sid challenges him indirectly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahahahaha bullshit…..nvm Sid will left alone once Arav is good again

  2. Ravi fan saiba

    I really don’t believe this Roshni opps sorry Ragini because if you are Roshni na so never cross your limits she really engaged with Nile if she think about sid na she never did this to sid anyways guys I think that in the end they will again together plz guys say me how many of you agree with me, any ways love you Ravi??☺

    1. Cut it out,its not a preaching court

  3. Roshni says tht she still love sid…but she does not. She is a liar…she is fake. V hate u roshni…U r so akdu..ego wali..pagal ladki.stupid dumb…u dont even knw wat is love…roshni pyar wyar tumhare bus ki baat nahi hai. V HATE u ROSHNI….v HATE u RAGINI. love u sid…roshni ko realise hona chahiye….bt that tym sid shud ignore her badly. N dump her. Roshni ko sid k pyar k liye tadapna chahiye….ego wali bakwas roshni..if dd wud b alive..evrythng wud b ok..roshni doesnt know wat is love..she dont knw wat is trust….she is so stupid..but our sid is hero..he knws love very deeply….lyk he has done PH.D in love…..v love u sid…v love u ravi….our goood blessings r always wid u. May u bcum very successful… May Allah fulfil all ur wishes .

  4. This Sid n roshini should stop taking people for granted n stop playing with their emotions . After some time this two will reunite but what about Neil. His mother n their reputation.. it’s true that anya approached Sid for help but now he too taking advantage of the situation na..

    1. True dear, i accept. Again, isn’t Sid and roshni still legally married? Why is roshni getting engaged to be marry to Neil without officially divorcing Sid. Uhhh this show is just irritating me.

  5. I’m starting to hate how roshini oh sorry ragini is acting because if she has feelings for siddarth then why can’t she say and be together with siddarth and also she doesn’t realize how much siddarth is suffering! And also Anaya is really pretty and knows what siddarth is going through!

  6. Raging is being so cruel . How can she hurt sid who loves her more than his life ……..
    The story feels like roshini never loved sid

  7. which part of the movie (alice) u said u didn’t understand caz I watched De full movie n I understand so I ain’t know what u talking bout??????
    still don’t really understand what ### means

  8. Oh God wats oll this nonsens!!!!! Cammon roshniiiiii ples fedup with ur drama its enough now and came back to sid lov you sid#ravi you relly knoe wat is biyar

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