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The episode starts with Raj coming to Sid’s room. Sid asks why did he come there. He says he wanted to spend time with his beta and bahu. Sid says because of him, he is suffering by staying here alone without Simran. Raj says his son is his first priorty and asks if he thinks he will find Roshni soon. Sid gets emotional and says he does not know, but he is trying his best to find her and wakes up each day with a new hope. Raj also gets sad seeing his son sad and leaves.

DD’s house’s door bell rings. Naani asks Pratima to open door. DD also comes out. Naani acts as getting heartburn and asks DD to go and get her medicine. Once DD goes in, Pratima goes and receives courier. Naani checks a letter from Sid for Roshni in it and hides it in cupboard. Pratima says hope

we could send at least 1 letter to Roshni. Naani says her daughter is very egoistic and does not want Roshni and Sid to unite. Pratima asks Naani how can a husband and wife be away from each other for such a long time. DD calls Pratima and she leaves. Naani prays god to unite Roshni and Sid.

Sid’s employee informs Sid that Roshni is in Thailand. Sid asks where in Thailand. Employee says does not know exact address and boasts that DD was thinking herself as very intelligent, but she is not. Sid asks him to mind his tongue as DD is his saas. Raj saks Sid to be courageous. DD on the other hand meets her lawyer and tells she will inform Roshni. While traveling in car, DD thinks Sid should not know that Roshni is in Bangkok with Yash Mehra. Sid asks employee to find out more details about Roshni.

Roshni is seen with Yash. Yash asks if he is looking good or very good. She says good. He says he is flirting with her. She says how cheesy and asks him to go to work now. He says he did not know he he stayed without her.

Simran (dumb agony aunt) scolds Rajveer for making loss in business. Rajveer says Sid is spending a lot nowadays by hiring agencies to find Roshni. Simran (dumb aunt) thinks 6 months is a long time to search someone, she will have to ask Sid to stop now.

Roshni starts shooting for a TV channel. Yash starts staring at her. She asks what is he looking at and tells him about his today’s schedule. He says she has taken over his life in such short span and she is more than his wife now. She says he told him twice since morning and says she is happy being his executive assistant. Once Yash leaves, she reminisces how she came to Bangkok and met Yash and how Yash as a friend took care of her. She thinks Yash took her out of her sorrows and kept her out from remember Sid.

Raj asks Sid to wait till the evening to till their employee brings Roshni’s info and goes out to get his mobile. Roshni is shown in a TV show, but Sid does not look at her.

Precap: Sid scolds Raj for making losses in business and asks him not to come into his cabin again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. speed up this show now don’t drag it anymore we getting tired of it

  2. Sid scolds RAj or Raj scolds Sid ??

  3. I agree speed up this soap it done going shitty already if you have roshini who is a married woman living with another man writers how gross what the hell are you all doing sid is trying to utter best to find roshini while roshini is living it up with another man I cannot accept that with all that sid did he should not be going through this because he did not cheat on roshini so why have roshini cheating on sid see what I am saying writers you all are doing a whole lot of shit bad takes precedence over good wrong teaching as I said before you know what writers you all do not have good storyines so I believe you all make up this scripts along the way without thinking please get new writers for me the acting and all is very poor end this soap

  4. Very boring serial, not at all interesting story, don’t waste your time watching this waste serial.

  5. How loose is that a married women living with a man this is not done…indians are well cultured ppl how comes these writers are showing such things this isn’t the western world although some indians are modernized , even in the western it doesn’t look good stop this crap

  6. I hope roshni needn’t marry yash and they are faking it 🙁 fingers crossed

  7. I think is time to put some life back in the show u all killing me, not evev interesting to watch any moore just read up on it an that’s it.

  8. I think Roshni is not using her sense……But Sid lies got him where is is now…. And Simran–slap her already someone.

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