Jamai Raja 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Police coming and arresting Sid. Roshni asks him not to worry as she will free him. Raghu says you have to be as if I drown, then I will take you also. Shabnam tells Tiwari to make sure Sid stays in jail. Roshni comes there and scolds her for playing bad games. Shabnam says if you prove him Sid then he will be jailed for molestation, and if you couldn’t then DD will go to jail. Roshni says she will protect her husband and mum, both.

Simran and Raj talk about meeting Sid. Just then someone comes. Simran is shocked. Roshni and DD talk to the lawyer. Lawyer says molestation charge is strong. Raghu gets angry and says what is this molestation charges. They hear Sundari’s voice. She shows photos of Raghu to Inspector and says he is Raghu. Simran tells DD that she didn’t

see woman like her, and says now you are using her son. Roshni asks Simran to listen to her once. Simran refuses to talk to her and says you are dead for me when your mum shot at my son. She says my son was a good Jamai and you don’t deserve him. Now you are using Sid’s lookalike Shabnam claps and says DD and Roshni are bad players. She shows fake sympathy towards Simran and says you can only identify your son. Simran says I am a mum and will unveil this secret. She tells Inspector that she wants to meet that man. Inspector asks Constable to bring him. Sundari gets happy seeing him. Simran says Sid had some stitches behind his ears during his childhood. She says she wants to check those stitches. She says even Sid and Roshni doesn’t know about it. She checks the marks and says he is not my son. Sid apologizes to his mum in his heart and thinks he got the marks removed by the doctor.

Simran asks him to keep hand on Sundari’s head and tell that she is not your mum. He keeps hand on Sundari’s head and says she is my mum. Roshni closes her eyes tensedly. Sid tells that he is not Sid, but Raghu. Simran slaps him hard for lying to everyone, and says you are just a lookalike. You can’t become like my son even if you take 7 births. Shabnam smirks.

Pinto asks Sid why he is trying to become Raghu and says you are Sid. Sid says he wants Shabnam to be happy and celebrate over her win, and says her plan will be failed and then she will fall down badly. Mona tells that he is Sid and that’s why united Yash and Sam. Roshni says he is not Sid, but his lookalike. DD gives her jewellery to Roshni and says Police can come at any time to arrest her. Sid comes there and thanks for getting him out of bail. He apologizes if any trouble come to them because of him. He says everything would have been fine if your Jamai’s sins wouldn’t have come out. He says your Jamai had a beautiful wife, then why did he look at his saali. If he was alive, I would have killed him. Roshni slaps him hard.

She says I told you many times not to tell anything against my Sid. Sid holds her hand and says he has given her right to do anything as she has brought him. He says once Raghu mechanic holds someone’s hand, then he will not leave so easily. Police comes and arrests DD again. DD asks her not to cry, and asks Mona and Nani Maasi to take care of home. Shabnam says you both have played a master game plan, and says you said so much…that your jamai is back. What will happen now Roshni. Roshni cries. DD asks her to be strong. Shabnam says you have broken now, and says she will kick them out of the house. She calls Shambu and asks him to clean DD’s room. She says that room will be mine for forever and no ghost can enter. She smirks.

DD tells Sid that everyone has started trusting him and asks not to break her trust. Police is taking DD from there, just then Krutika comes and says you can’t take her as Sid is alive. Shabnam is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this thing is only getting worst and so confusing

  2. Sid… Come on… It is about time you kicked shabnam out of the house and tell your truth to everyone… Sid.. Plz…

    1. totally agree azy

      1. i think sid should take his time then expose her

  3. oh sid babu
    jaldi shabnam ka sach samne lau na …. pls sid .
    aapka har move kitna plan karte ho aap
    luv u sid …. kitne acche aur supportive ho tum

  4. guys
    if u dont mind to share wid me
    wht r ur top fav 4-5 serials
    fr me –
    jamai raja
    tashan e ishq

    1. Navya my favorite shows are
      Jamai raja
      Tashan e ishq
      Yeh hai mohabatein
      Sumit sambhal lenga

      1. Thanks

    2. 1. Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
      2. Jamai Raja
      3. Lajwanti
      4. Qubool hai
      5. Tashan E Ishq
      6. Kum kum Bhagya
      7. Yeh Vada Raha

      1. Thankyou for ur suppoet

    3. what a coincidence u all like these crappy serials

  5. See this is exactly y he was hiding. Shabnam would have sent him to jail. His oly way to expose shabnam is to make her confess everything. From her mouth. Tat s y he s doing this drama.

    1. looks like uk every bit of this crappy serial. CONGRATULATIONSS!!!!!!!

  6. [email protected]!! crap this drama is falling eh i tell u stupid story

  7. Yes that’s my sid. Love him

  8. Navya… I can’t give list of my favourite 4-5 serials. Because I watch one and only show jamai raja.

  9. Please don’t drag it like kumkum bhagya

  10. I no sid didnr die it was to trap that wicked b*t*h shabnam

  11. Sid… all you have to do is team up with Sam , yash , roshni and Mona. Just simply put some medicine in shabnam glass of drink and make her get very high and then let roshni ask her why she is doing all this and let her spill out all her plans and wrong doings and you have a video camera recording it all
    Then you make several copies of it and upload them to various cloud storages . So you wont ever lose them. Then carry it to the police and let them hear everything and have her ass arrested. SIMPLE !!!!

    1. Have u tried being a daily soap written? ?

      too good explanation. .. but I guess it has become very old fashion these days..so writers are not using this story line

  12. i like how this tv show s going if sid tell the truth right away then the tv show will be boring and it will come to an end soon

    1. i totally agree with you meena

    2. r u stupid or something!!!

  13. Love this tv show
    Sid is so cute
    i really love him

  14. Xavier I wish it was so simple to do no way; these writers are having a field time prolonging this shabnam tract there is so many simple storyline that these writers could use to end this serial instead of prolonging the inevitable come on dd start thinking of ways in which you can throw that evil shabnam out of the house do you need help just rope granny, mona, sam and yash and with this team of players you could sure bring down shabnam to her knees but please act fast as for sid he needs to stop playing all these childish games now they are getting him no where but in trouble all the time

  15. uff….headache serial ….

  16. cannot understand this story any longer. Either expose SHABNAM or kill the show once and for all

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