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The Episode starts with Payal reading the notice, and says Raj will be arrested for using british lifestyle magazine wrongly. Simran is shocked. Sid asks what nonsense. Inspector says you have to come with us. Raj says I will come. Sid says this is wrong. Payal laughs and says you are so expressive, gives so many expressions. She says I don’t understand who is real Siddharth Khurana, hero or zero. She says you said that I will be left alone and asks him to save his family now. She asks Inspector to arrest Raj. Simran asks how dare you? Payal asks her not to dare else she will get her arrested too. Roshni says Papa. Sid says this is wrong and tries to stop Inspector. Payal asks him to get ready to bend his knees. Sid looks angrily. Payal leaves.

Roshni tells Sid that she will also come. Sid

asks have you gone mad? Roshni says I can’t stay at home. Simran tells Roshni that she needs rest now, and asks Sid to go to Dad. Bunty asks Sid why we are meeting Payal and that foreigner. Sid says we have to meet them. He goes inside and greets Mr. Smith. Payal says he is the accused party. Sid says you would have done your homework and know that I am Siddharth Khurana. I don’t bother how much you earn. Payal says enough and says lets come to the point. Simran sees Roshni over eating and gets tensed.

Neil asks Payal, how can you sleep peacefully after ruining innocent lives. Payal asks who is innocent? She says I am taking revenge. Neil says what is your enmity with Raj Khurana or Roshni’s unborn child. Payal says whoever supports you are my enemies. Neil tries to slap her, Ria comes and holds his hand. Neil is shocked. Ria asks him don’t you dare touch her. She says don’t give lecture on humanity and says now I am walking on right path. She asks him to sit quietly and see how they ruin him. Neil looks on shocked. Roshni worries about Raj. Simran says I will break her mouth.

Sid brings Raj home. Roshni says I wanted to meet you, but Sid haven’t bring me there. Sid says I brought teddy bear you. Roshni says she don’t want and asks him to tell about the case. Simran asks her not to stress herself and take the gift. Roshni takes it. Sid says good girl and tells the plan.
Payal tells lawyer that they can’t waste time and have to do something quick so that Siddharth Khurana don’t get the time to think about his next conspiracy. She faints and falls down. Mitul sees her unconscious and calls Ria.

Doctor checks her and says something is serious. Payal says there is nothing wrong. Later Ria gets a call from Sid. She says everything is happening as per plan and recalls giving her medicine to faint. Sid says we have to do everything carefully. Roshni asks him to tell what is the next plan. Sid says picture is still remaining and hero and heroine will win at the end. Roshni gets angry as Sid snores much. She wakes up Sid. Roshni says she is not getting sleep and is hungry. Sid says your mum have eaten food of three persons. Roshni gets angry. Sid asks what do you want to eat. Roshni says strawberry cake. Sid asks her to sleep as of now..

Sid is making cake in the kitchen. He asks Roshni can you learn cooking. Simran hears noise coming from kitchen and wakes up Raj. Raj comes to kitchen and asks Sid where is his basement. Simran asks what are you talking about. He teasingly beats up Sid. Sid says your bahu wants to eat cake at this time. Raj says Simran will make. Simran says yes. Sid says they will transfer property on your name…Raj says definitely. Simran smiles.

Payal sees her nose bleeding and checks for the symptoms in her phone. She thinks how can this happen and calls Mr. Dixit asking him to do it so soon. She thinks how can life make joke with me.

Sid as a doctor tells Payal that you are suffering from leukemia. Payal asks how much time I have?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is ria helping sid??? i think that’s what i read…. anyway i mill watch the episode later.

  2. Yes she’s helping Sid. Because she wants her lover,Neil, back

  3. Is Mahi opposite sid after leap or replacing roshni post the leap?

  4. Why r u writers making a wonderful serial into a revenge one like QH?U killed the best lead and now their children r taking revenge.

  5. From everybody u guys picked payal as a saas?R u guys planning to torture the leads post the leap by making Payal a Dayan or making payal a nice saas like Durga who loves her Jamai

  6. Is magi playing roshni?Cause I hope so cause I won’t watch my fav.Jodi die.Why can’t writers replace Sid and roshni with other actors?

  7. WOW writers,who picked a nice DAYAN Saas who will definitely turtore daughter and jamai

    1. Hey rubyii nufa yutal yuyu barbie why r u using different names to comment ? Can’t u c the logo is same ,seems u forgot to change e mail id

  8. Writers plzzzzzz I’m begging u pls replace roshni and Sid with other actors I don’t and everybody else doesn’t want to see didn’t die.Plzzzzzzzz

  9. No one will watch JR if u guys don’t change ur plan of killing Sidni.I’m WARNING u that u’ll loose ur viewers cause u killed the best Jodi.And any way if u look at other serials that has happened.In SAATHIYA after ahem died everybody stopped watching it cause it was bakwas.And after Zoya,Asad,Ahil died everyday stopped watching it and told writers to end it.

    1. U mean in QH

      1. Hey again a again a duplicate bulmier pumpkin sushi I think u r same as barbie yuyu yutalnufa rubyii ? N why r u replying to ur own comment ? U r stupid

  10. Are u writers mad to make payal saas please writers please change the storyline because it is going like qubul hai n begusarai if u don’t change the storyline than the show will surely go offair n please don’t make payal saas make whatever u want to but not saas.. Who is opposite ravi please make surbhi

  11. Marie Raphael

    Why they didn’t bring back DD, I don’t even like the new lead that would be paired opposite Sid. No one looks good beside him, except his wife and Roshni. I would definitely stop watching and reading if they Kill the perfect Jodi SidNia.
    This show only survived because of SidNia and they want to kill them! I can bet my last $$$$ the trp wont raise, and they show will flop and will have to come to an end.
    Even so Why are they Killing Sid, he is the show, It’s the story about Sid, fixing the estranged relation between DD and Roshni. And only time will tell if he succeed in his endeavors? Why are they straying from the concept they promised.

  12. Y dont they just end d serial rather than going for JR 3…..if not y dont they replace roshni and sid rather than killing them……
    And more suprising is payal is gonna be the saasumom in season 3….a complete torture for the jamai as well as us…..i hv also heard dat mahi is opposite ravi…..yuck they dont even luk gud together ….ths serial is gonna be a huge flop as its gonna lose its fan as well as trp rate….
    But surely wll miss sidni(best jodi) and i wish nia all d best fr her career in future

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