Jamai Raja 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mahi accusing Satya for playing with her emotions and conspiring. She tells she will make him go away from her life in just one moment. Payal smirks. Mahi lifts candle and burns their pics. Payal smirks victoriously. Satya gets teary eyes. Mahi burns all the pics which were hanged for the Satya’s trap arrangement. She burns Mahi loves Satya’s paper, and tells Satya that you have married me by witnessing this fire, and now I witness this fire and kick you out from my life….Satya is teary eyes. Mahi is teary eyes too. Payal says sorry and tells her that she has to see this day. Mahi goes. Satya asks her to listen to him. Payal smiles. Satya goes following Mahi, but she closes the door on his face. Satya asks her to open the door. He comes back to Nagma and asks what did

she get by ruining two lives. He says I wouldn’t have given you a second chance if I had known that you are so dirty from inside. Nagma says you was saying that you love me.

Payal comes and says you thought to used my puppet. She says just as I said, that I will throw you back in the gutter, you are thrown out now. She says Mahi will be in my control only and I will get all the property on my name and will fulfill my years long wish. She says Mahi will be in her hand and you…..you are like an ash, which will be blown in air. She laughs. Payal and Nagma go. Satya comes to Mahi’s room through the room. He asks her to listen to him once. Mahi asks him to go, and bites on her hand. Payal opens the door and comes inside. Naina and others also come. Satya tells Mahi that Payal is behind the conspiracy. Payal asks Mitul to call security, and tells her that she won’t let him harass her. She asks security to beat Satya. Satya tells Mahi that Payal is behind everything. Security guys beat Mahi. Naina cries seeing his pain. Mahi is also crying. Security guys beat up Satya badly. Naina asks Mahi to stop them. Hamari Adhuri plays….He says I love you Mahi…..Satya falls unconscious on bed while song continues to play. Payal asks security to take him away. They lift Satya and take him from there. Naina curses the security guys and calls Satya’s name. Mahi looks on.

Later, Payal comes to Mahi and asks where is she going? Mahi tells her that she is going to Pune for few days. Payal thinks if she goes to Pune then who will sign property papers, and asks her to stay back, says we will sort out. Mahi says she can’t stay here anymore and will feel better with the change. Payal says you know that Satya is behind you and have married you for your money, and says she is very much worried about her. She says we will do one thing, we will get the property transferred from your name. She asks her to make her trustee of the property. Mahi says I agree, and says she will sign on the papers after returning from Pune. Payal smiles and asks how you will go? Mahi says she will drive by herself. Someone is seen failing the car’s brakes. Payal asks mahi to think again.

Mahi keeps her stuff in the car. Payal asks her to take care. Mahi leaves. Payal looks on with some hidden motive. Satya sees Mahi leaving in her car and thinks to talk to her somehow. He follows her car. Mahi realizes that her car brakes is failed. She tries to put brakes and calls Payal. She informs her that car brakes is failed. Payal thinks if anything happens to her then everything will go in charity. She asks Mahi to slow down the speed of car. Mahi shouts Mamma as her car falls from the cliff. Payal sits in shock and the glass from her hand falls down.

Everyone gather at the accident spot and sees Mahi’s car burning. Satya also comes there and runs near to the car. He sees Mahi stuck in the car unconscious and asks her to open her eyes. He takes her out with much difficulty and goes in ambulance. Payal reaches there with Mitul, and sees Mahi’s car burning. She gets shocked and thinks nothing shall happen to her else my plans will fail. She is about to go towards the car, but someone stops her and asks where she is going? Payal says my daughter is in the car. That man informs her that someone rescued her daughter and took her to hospital.

Mahi is being treated in the hospital. Satya looks at her from outside. Payal comes there with Naina, Mitul and others. She slaps Satya and says you have done this so that you can get her property. Doctor comes and asks what she is doing? Satya asks Doctor how is Mahi and says he will do anything to save her. Doctor tells Payal that Mahi is rescued because of Satya.

Doctor tells that Mahi couldn’t speak because of burn in her vocal cords. Payal asks Inspector to arrest Satya. Inspector refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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