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The Episode starts with Roshni telling Yash that she knows his truth. She scolds him for kidnapping her daughter and says she knows that he is a joker. She says a joker brings smiles on million faces, but you have made our life hell. Roshni says you will get rotten in jail and curses him. Yash gets angry and says now you know that I am that joker, so I will take Ayesha with me. Yash pushes Shabnam and snatches Ayesha from them. Roshni is shocked while Shabnam faints. Yash tells her that she will yearn for her daughter now. He is about to leave, just then Sid comes there and starts beating Yash, recalling all the incidents. He says I thought you as my brother, and you have betrayed me. He says now we will not talk, but will do calculations. He beats Yash. Shabnam gains consciousness. Sid says Roshni is

my life, how can you harm her. He beats him saying it is for hurting Roshni. He says you have hurt my daughter Ayesha and beats him for kidnapping and hurting Ayesha. Sid says you have made me do a sin, and malign my dad’s reputation. He beats him saying it is for dad’s suffering. He then beats him for troubling him. Yash hits Sid and runs away. Roshni tells Sid that Yash have eloped. They hug each other. Sid says my family is with me now. Roshni asks Shabnam to hug her.

Shabnam hugs her happily. Pinto gives tickets to Sid. Sid says Yash is not caught, and gets worried for Ayesha’s safety. He asks Shabnam to take Ayesha far from them and gives the tickets. Ayesha says I don’t want to go away from here. Sid promises that this is a matter of few days. Sid says we will give big punishment to joker and will bring you home. Ayesha refuses. Shabnam says I am with you….Ayesha. Sid thanks Shabnam. Shabnam says I am thankful to you for giving me a chance for repentance and for believing on me. She apologizes to him. Sid hugs Ayesha and promises that he will call her back soon. Roshni hugs Ayesha and asks her not to cry. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come. They sit in car and leaves. Roshni cries. Sid asks her not to cry and says it is a matter of few days, our family will complete again. Roshni cries hugging him.

Sid and Roshni come home. Resham says he is Sid. Roshni asks her not to be shocked and says Sid have acted to expose Yash. Kesar is shocked. He says Yash came here and said that he have met with an accident. He says DD took him to hospital. Roshni feels like fainting and cries. She asks him to save her mum. Sid asks her not to be tensed. Sam comes there and is happy seeing Sid fine. Resham tells her that Sid is fine and did this to trap Yash. Resham recollects and tells Sid that she had seen CCTV footage of their home in Yash’s phone. She says DD is kidnapped by Yash. Everyone is shocked.

DD is seen in a jail like place and shouts if anyone there. Yash comes there and says I am here sasumom. He acts like mad. DD asks what happened to you? Why you are behaving this way. Yash asks her why did you ruin my life, and gave much priority to Sid than me. Sam cries and asks them to shut up. She says although we do fight much, but that doesn’t mean that I will believe you. She says Roshni is doing this to break my marriage, and tells Sid that Yash always supports them. Roshni asks Sam to stop it and says you don’t know anything. She tells that Yash’s game have started from God and says Yash is behind those cheap games. She says Yash have kept small cameras in our house. She shows one of the camera kept in the vase. She says he is watching us every second and recording us. She says he had even kidnapped Ayesha and made Sid to do strange things so that his loved ones go far from him.

Roshni says what else do you want to hear Sam. He has ruined everything. Sam says I don’t want to hear all this, I will call Yash now itself. She calls Yash, but his phone is switched off. Roshni says Yash will not answer any call and will not returned as his truth is out infront of us. Sam says but why he will do this. Sid says I can get it now, attacks on family, Ayesha’s kidnap, etc and says his motive was something else. He says he wants to break sasumom and my relation, but I won’t let this happen.

DD calls Yash, are you there. When she don’t see him, she opens her hands and comes out of the trap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I dont feel good about ayesha being sent with shabnam…maybe she can kidnap her again…i dont trust her

    1. Spolier said sabnam kidnaps roshni and ayshea and is actually with yash din’t know if she actually changed or not

  2. I think in the upcoming episodes we can’t see this little Aysha. Because her last day shooting has done…. Maybe they will show her more older than now.

    1. Or replace her;they just did a few months leap 10 months back(when sidni got seperated) i don’t think they will make a leap,at least hope not other wise this serial will be like QH leaps every 6 months

  3. I hope shabnam has changed else its gonna be same square one at kidnapping!

  4. I feel sorry for sid

  5. Hey guys did u noticed tht in all the serials it’s like the main lead hero and heroine have a best friend which is opposite of their gender which will not be seen in the starting episodes but will somehow appear later in the show and create misunderstanding between the couple
    Like misha and yash

    1. Yes yes yes…… Exactly Neha. I also noticed that.

  6. I think shabnam is with yash to get ayesha away from roshni or she is helping them

  7. How can ayesha be sid’s daughter

    1. ayesha is just his adopted daughter….

  8. Hey author…… Please update today’s episode as soon as possible. Please please please…

  9. But where is today’s episode
    By the way I think Sabhnam is gonna give SIDNI APRIL FOOL package of kidnapping Ayesha..????

  10. Yash is so cute


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