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The Episode starts with Sid showing a dream to Shakuntala and says you might have gotten married, have kids etc, but someone couldn’t let you have a married life. He says I am no one to tell anything, but I am saying what I have seen. He sings Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. He meets Raj and tells about Shakuntala. He asks Raj to romance with Shakuntala, and says it is a ideal situation for every man. Raj refuses to do it. Sid says can’t you do it for Roshni. Raj refuses. Sid emotionally blackmails him and says you don’t care about your son. He says I will face this situation alone. Raj says I will trap…I mean will woo her. Sid asks him to take his help in charming a woman. Raj says charming man….and says he is her son.

He comes back home, and sees everyone standing. DD shows the bottle

and says it is found in his room. Sid says I brought it to make Roshni’s face pimply, and asks her not to be ridiculous. He says you are asking me this and says it is done by them. Bansi says how can you blame us. Sid says I don’t want to convince anyone here and says it is done by Bansi. Bansi says Sid is lying again and again, and says he can harm Roshni for his advantage. Roshni asks Bansi to stop her crab and says she won’t tolerate her nonsense. She asks her to wash her sins in ganga before blaming her husband. Bansi tells DD that she has given enough liberty to Roshni. Sid asks Roshni to stop it. Roshni says it is happening because of you as you preferred to stay in the house. She tells DD that she is doubting her damad today, who defeated death and returned to save her and Nani. She says we have waited for him for six days, and tells about his doings. She goes inside angrily. Bansi asks DD to see with her eyes.

Roshni is crying. Kunal shows her guava. Roshni thinks Sid is giving her and refuses. She is surprised to see Kunal there. Kunal says he is very apologetic seeing his family doings. Roshni accepts guava and thanks him. Kunal collides with DD and asks if she got hurt. DD says no. DD looks at Roshni.

Premal compromises with the junction box. Sid happens to see it at right time. The decorative chandelier is about to fall on Roshni, while at the other end Sid is repairing it. Sid sees Roshni standing right there and runs to save her, but Kunal saves her. Roshni hugs Sid and asks if she is fine. Bansi asks Sid to move away from her daughter in law. Roshni says it is not Sid’s fault. DD asks Roshni to come with her and says she is very much scared. Roshni says it was just an accident. Sid tries to speak, but DD slaps him. Roshni asks have you lost it mom. Nani asks what you have done DD. DD apologizes and asks Roshni to come with her. Sid asks Roshni to go with DD. He thinks this is happening because of Bansi and family and thinks not to leave them as DD is believing them.

Later in night, DD is sitting at pool side. Bansi says you are not getting sleep as you have realized that I said right that your Jamai is not right for your daughter. She asks her to think about the troubles which Roshni faced since her marriage, and tells about Kundli, rashi etc. She asks did you check Sid and Roshni’s kundlis? No. She says first they got married, then divorce and again remarriage. She says even Roshni’s child couldn’t be saved. She says they can’t be together as there is no patni and pati yog on their kundlis, and asks her to accept it as soon as possible. She asks her to keep Roshni and Sid separated for a day, and see. She asks her to decide. DD comes in her words.

A Man wearing black long coat and white gloves comes to Roshni’s room and takes Roshni forcibly. Roshni opens the cloth from her eyes and asks him to leave her as he don’t know her husband. She folds her hands and asks him to leave her. Sid says how I can leave you for God. Roshni says why would you do this? Sid asks her to close mouth and come with him. He shows her I love you in the sky and wishes her happy new year my love……………..He takes her to cut the cake decorated with flower petals. Roshni gets happy, and thanks him. Mere Rubaru plays………Sid makes her wear ring. Roshni says I love you Sid. Sid says I love you Roshni. Roshni says you have managed it in this bad time. Sid says every time will be good and promises that every moment will be golden for them. He says he remember the 7 vows of marriage and says he won’t let anything happen to her or her family. They cut the cake. Mere Rubaru plays………They wish each other happy new year.

Sid is indisguise of a tantrik and says I understood why DD is helpless since years. He thinks to find out about the whole truth. Someone comes and holds the hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How can dd slap sid. This is ridiculous. Later the new year celebration was very nice and sid with his father conversation was very funny.

  2. Happy new year to all

  3. nice episode was cool when sid put ring around roshni finger anyways i think kunal is with cahoots with banshi behen

  4. need more romance of sid and roshni

  5. I miss raghu and roshni part especially when we got to knew that raghu is sid ….
    Those episodes where awesome when raghu and roshni chip chip ke met each other
    Roshni applying mehendi on sid s hand , romancing late night……

  6. Prema hold his hand

    1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the JAMAI raja fans. I really want to know the secret now I guess they will try to drag it a bit. Hope sid gets to know the secret somehow and solve it. I think the secret is that dd son is still alive of may be. Roshini is not her daughter etc
      Hopes that sid gets to now in the pandit ka bhesh and clears all misunderstandings between everyone.
      Love sid and roshini
      There should be a little bit of romance between sid and roshini and sid should share the plans with roshini that she does not feel hurt.

  7. Awesome episode.. What a lovely surprise!!! Keep going siddharth..
    And guys wish you a very very happy and prosperous new year to all.

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