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The Episode starts with Gangu Tai praying to God for Satya’s safety and well being. Sunil comes and asks her not to worry, and says Satya must have stayed somewhere because of rain. Gangu Tai thinks Payal came today insearch of him. Payal thinks Mahi didn’t come till now. Satya drops Mahi in her car. Mahi apologizes to him for scolding him last night. Satya says it is okay, now our equation will change. I didn’t feel bad, it is okay. Mahi smiles. Payal couldn’t see Satya’s face, gets angry thinking Koel was right. Mahi couldn’t get marry to the guy of her choice, and have to marry guy of my choice only. Satya gives her keys. Mahi says goodbye. Satya asks her to watch Amitabh Bachchan film Sharabi. Mahi laughs and says good bye. Satya turns humming the same music tune. Mahi realizes that

it is the same tune. Satya turns and signs her bye. Mahi smiles looking at him and waves him bye. A song plays……..

Mahi comes inside and sees Payal. She gets scared. Payal asks where was you last night? She says do you have any idea that your mum was worried. You didn’t even call me. Gangu Tai beats Satya with broom. Satya asks her to give chance to explain. Mahi tells that there was no network and she was stuck in the rain and storm. Payal says you will understand when you will become mum. She asks about her friends. Mahi thinks if she tells anything about Satya then Payal will get angry on Koel as he is her friend and helped her. Satya tells Gangu Tai that he met a lady who told him that she knows his secret and that he is actually a millionaire. Gangu Tai gets shocked. Satya asks what happened? He says I was joking and asks why you are serious. Gangu Tai beats him. Satya asks her to give food.

Mahi apologizes to Payal. Payal says today you have proved that I am your step mum. I loved you so much, but you…Mahi asks her not to tell that and says sorry. Payal asks her to have food and asks her not to do this again. Mahi says never. Payal thinks this girl have started lying and thinks to cut her wings. Mahi comes to room and tells Koel that she has to lie to Payal to protect her. Koel says atlast your lies account opened up. Mahi says you have left me on the secluded place so that you can go on a date with your boyfriend. Koel says you are pretending to be a victim after enjoying night with him, says he came there. Mahi says he came and saved me. Atlast he was responsible and saved me. She says he is your boyfriend and loves me. Koel says your thinking have changed about him and asks her to date him then.

Mahi drinks water and thinks about Satya. Satya also thinks about her. Kuch Toh Hai Raabta song……..Mahi thinks what I am thinking. Satya asks himself to focus on mission. Gangu Tai asks why you are smiling like mad and asks him to do her work. Satya asks what? Gangu Tai says you have to get back my necklace from goldsmith. Satya asks which necklace and asks which your mum gave to you and which you will give to your crorepati bahu. She says yes. He says I am a mission and will come after getting it. He goes to shop and sees a girl. He thinks she is Mahi and calls her chipku, but the girl is someone else. Satya looks at the bracelet and buys bouquet.

Servant gives bouquet and gift to Koel and says it is for you. Koel wonders who have sent it and checks. She finds a bracelet with a message, asking her to wear bracelet and send him her selfie. She throws it and says so cheesy.

Gold smith/lender dupes of their gold. Satya throws rocket inside his shop and shouts fire broke out inside the shop. Goldsmith and other vacate the shop. Satya gets inside and searches for his mum’s necklace. He gets the necklace finally.

He sees a woman crying about her daughter’s necklace. Satya picks that necklace and gives to woman, asking her to go. Goldsmith sees Satya and asks someone to catch the thief. Deepu and his friend run behind Satya. Satya runs on the road and comes to the dance academy. He collides with Mahi and she falls in his embrace. They have an eye lock. Meherbani song plays………………..Koel comes and asks what the hell…and is angry.

Satya leaves her. Mahi slips. Satya says I will help and gives his hand to get her up. He keeps necklace in Mahi’s purse silently. Koel gets angry. Mahi says it is not like you are thinking. Satya keeps necklace in the pocket. Koel goes angrily. Deepu comes and asks Satya to return necklace. Satya says he don’t know any necklace. He says I am not thief. Deepu asks him not to act, and says everyone saw you leaving. He says if police come then you know what will happen. Mahi hears them and thinks what they are talking about……

Satya asks a boy to do something. Boy opens Mahi’s purse and is about to take out necklace. Just then Koel and Mahi comes. Mahi asks if he is stealing from her purse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sonia persaud

    omg. i love this drama.why the hell dont gangu accept the truth about karanveer.
    mahi and satya was amazing.just hate this zappa koel.???

  2. Please someone change this wallpaper. It doesn’t match with the story.

  3. Mahi is such a dumb girl.. Why can’t she tell the truth about koyal.
    I’m really waiting for the moment wen satya turns into karanveer khuranna.. ?
    But I really liked sid character than satya ?

  4. I hate shiny please nia ko vapas bullayena nia suit in this mahi role

  5. Sruthi

    pls change the cover image atleast frm today onwards

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