Jamai Raja 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sid coming to Roshni while she is sleeping and says few more days, then all the truth will be out. He says I want to tell you everything, but I have to settle down few things. He says he needs blessings from God, and seeks strength. He says everything will be same as before once Shabnam is out of this house, and with you too. Roshni wakes up and sees him closer to her. She asks what you are doing on my bed? Sid says there was mosquito and I was sacred of dengue. Roshni asks him not to act to get closer. Sid says I came to get my phone. He acts to see cockroach. Roshni hugs him scared. Raghu hugs her back and says there is no cockroach. Roshni says don’t know until when she has to bear him and leaves. Sid says all our lives.

DD comes to the dining table and sits to

have food. Shabnam comes and says she couldn’t sleep all night because of Mona. Sid comes and throws water on her face. Shabnam gets irked. DD thanks him. Sid says you have learnt manners after going to jail and is appreciates her. DD thinks his habits are same as Sid.

Simran and Raj come home and meet Krutika. They ask about Sid. Krutika says he is in his inlaws home. Simran says I will bring him home, and says she didn’t give him birth to give him to sasural. Roshni tells DD that Nani will be fine now. DD’s office employees come to meet her. Shabnam says what nonsense, I am your boss. The employees says she is our Madam and refuses to acknowledge her as their boss. Shabnam says I will see you. Roshni looks at Sid and asks if you have done this. Sid says intelligent people needs only one sign.

Shabnam gets tensed and wonders what to do now. Roshni gets impressed with him. Shabnam gets a message asking her to come down and see Sid’s reality. She calls on that number, but it is switched off. She thinks to go and check. She go downstairs. Raghu sees her coming and pretends to talk to someone. He tells that he has signed all the cheques and once he did a commitment, he didn’t listen to anyone. Someone attacks him on his neck with a stick and that woman turns out to be Sundari. She takes him inside the car. Shabnam follows the car. Sundari thinks Pinto gave her a good idea. Sid is in pain. Sundari says you are my son Raghu and I couldn’t let you stay there. He sees Shabnam coming there and asks about the place. Sundari says it is very far from Mumbai and says we will go to our village early morning. He acts and says I can’t do this act anymore. I am your son Raghu and asks her to take her home.

Raghu falls down. Roshni tries to help him get up. Raghu comments that she is trying to get closer to him. She helps him get up. Shabnam thinks to kill Raghu and follows him holding a pistol. She wonders where did they go? Roshni says Shabnam would have seen you. Raghu says it was his plan. He says he is trapped between mother and wife. Roshni asks who is wife? She asks him not to call her wife. They argue.

Simran comes to DD’s house. DD asks her to sit and greets her. Simran says I don’t want to sit and talks about her parvarish because of which Sid helped her come out of jail. She calls for Sid. DD says he is not at home. Mona comes and says he is your son’s lookalike and his name is Raghu. Simran says I don’t want to hear your nonsense, and says she came to take her son. DD says Sid went on a date with Roshni. Simran says he is very unsafe then.

Sid and Roshni gets romantic. Sid asks her to identify him and says he don’t want to hide truth from her. Shabnam looks at them and thinks she will find out about his reality now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what the hell now thay are saying it is real sid..i dont understand anything

    1. Watchtge maha episode it is revealed it is sid and what happend to him

  2. lovely sid….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv uuuuuuuuuuuu….!!!!!!……????????


  3. Sofiyana shaikh

    Good sid and roshini now sid will tell the trth to roshini that he is sid i very happy to see 2Morrow’s episode

  4. the truth that is only DD’s jamai raja my Did is alive after all. but why is he pretending to be another person?

  5. Hey blessy its true he is the sid it was disclosed this Saturday. Would love to see the romantic scenes and yes pls sid confess it to roshini that u r her sid

  6. what the hell these writers are truly confusing us but lets wait and see what plays out cause as far as I can see that is all we can do at this point in time agree

  7. I am so excited… Sid plz kick Shabnam out of the house soon…

  8. I hope he is the real sid n he DD have a plan to catch shabnam

    1. Hope
      .. ?? Saturday it was revealed tat he is real sid…. He s pretending to expose shabnam…

  9. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Love you ravi dubey aka sidharth.sooooooooooo handsome and cute

  10. Love u sid I’m soooo excited

  11. Love u sid

  12. Oh My GOD!!! So happy to know it is SID!!! But unfortunately, Simran is gonna ruin everything!!!! LIKE ALWAYS!!!

  13. simran and raj needs to really stop and think about the situation and what is really going on do not matter how dd dislikes sid sometimes but she is not capable of harming him so why are they believing that she dd really killed sid I thought raj was way smarter than that I can see simran believing that because she is kinda niaive in the way she always jumps to conclusions without thinking we all know she acts hastily when coming to sid but raj he surprise me I did not think he was so gullable he was the one that always stood firm when coming to family matters anyway he is just falling into his wife stupid way of thinking

  14. Glad to know our SID is back wehre he belongs with ROSHNI.

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