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The Episode starts with DD crying and wishes Sid never met Roshni so that this would not have happen. Nani comes and tells that Sid and Roshni exposed Misha. DD says Sid is directly or indirectly involved as misha is his friend. Nani asks why you don’t want to listen and tells Sid is the one who brought Shiv in the house. DD asks if Shiv’s portrait is delivered. Nani says yes, and asks her to tell where to hang it. She talks to Shiv’s pic and asks him to make DD understand the right path.

DD still mourns for Shiv’s death, Sid and his family come with band baja. Roshni looks on surprisingly. DD stares him. Sid asks if Sasumom doing something special. Nani greets them. Beeji tells that she came to ask for something today. She asks for Roshni’s alliance for her grand

son Sid. Everyone is happy. Beeji tells that they want to make Roshni bahu of the house and want to take her home. Roshni blushes. Sid teases her. Nani says Roshni is yours and you can take her. Raj says you said right. DD says Roshni is my daughter and not anyone’s amanat(safe keeping). She will not leave from here.

Sid asks what happened now Sasumom? DD says whatever they have bear because of him and refuses to accept the alliance. She tells whenever you come to my house, something bad happens. She says if Misha wasn’t your best friend, then Shiv might be with us. Sid says whatever happened was wrong, but we have to move on. He says even Shiv wanted the same. DD says I want to make you realize that Shiv is gone and it is all because of you. This is bitter truth of our life. This marriage can’t happen and this is my decision. Everyone looks on shockingly. DD goes inside.

Krutika tells this is wrong, DD can’t see the goodness. She says we will take Roshni if they don’t give with respect. Simran asks what you are saying? Nani says Krutika is saying right. DD is making issue unneccessary. She says I want the kids to be together, they have suffered much. Sid says whenever we come closer, it was against sasumom and my mom’s wish. He says he needs Sasumom’s blessings. Roshni says she don’t worry about anything and will obey to Sid. She goes to talk to DD. Sid thinks he needs Sasumom’s blessings at any cost.

DD tells Roshni that she will not agree and knows Sid and his family well. Roshni tries to reason with her. DD says since Sid came in our life, we have lost many things. They kicked us out of house, divorced you, and snatched your father. She asks her not to talk about this alliance. Roshni says Sid always did wrong, and says whenever I look in the past, I see the thorns on which I have been walking, I also see the flowers that has blossomed because of Sid. She says he cleared our misunderstanding and brought Papa in your life. DD says you can’t sell Sid’s goodness and this is my decision. She comes out and asks them to leave.

Sid asks till when this will happen? He says he will come on horse, take Roshni from here and will spend rest of his life with her. He says you used to forget that I am your strong Jamai, and you will never be able to separate us. DD shouts it is not possible and takes out the gun. Everyone is shocked.

Sid asks her to get the gun down. DD keeps gun on her head asking them to leave else she will kill herself. She says she has just Roshni and can’t lose her. Sid asks her not to do this. DD says go ahead if you want to marry, but after my death. I cannot handle this anymore and threatens to shoot herself if they don’t leave. Nani asks DD not to do this. Raj intervenes and tells her that Roshni and Sid are made for each other. He says you can’t separate them by showing the gun or getting them scared. He asks Sid to come with him. They leave. Roshni asks DD to put the gun down as they have gone. DD keeps the gun down.

Beeji tells her family that DD will never get Roshni marry Sid because of her hatredness. Yash says her point of view is right. Sam taunts him. Yash asks her to grow up. Roshni tries to convince DD and says she can’t stay without Sid. DD asks her to go and says just think your mum is dead for you. Roshni collapses and falls down. DD calls Kesar. Sid gets shocked as the photo frame falls down. Beeji asks him to be positive.

Doctor checks Roshni and says she needs rest at the most. He says he gave her medicine and there is nothing to worry. Everyone go outside the room. Doctor stops DD and says he needs to give her news. He says I knew that Roshni is a divorcee and is not with Siddharth Khurana. DD asks what happened? Doctor says Roshni is pregnant. DD gets shocked and angry.

Roshni tells DD that she is carrying Sid’s love and this is proof that their love is so strong. She says you can stop me from going to Sid, but can’t stop me from delivering this baby. DD is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow nice precap and lovely epi without misha

  2. Pregnant???

  3. i hope roshni is making a drama only….c cant do that!

  4. Nice.

  5. lover of jamai raja

    Hey did u get to know dat Roshni is pregnant of Sid’s child… I am so happy to hear it. Oh I wishh dd agrees… Reunion if sidni

  6. Baby wow!!!!amazing…..


  8. this is good that roshini is pregnant now every thing will fall into place and sid and roshini will be united once again

  9. Another pregnancy drama,first is tanu and now roshni

    1. True thing too much drama

  10. I think an act so ddhave to beg Sid to married her daughter to good job roshni

  11. Gonna miss it tonight but it seems like a great episode and so happy roshni pregnant

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Sori i missed wat happend to shellshoced misha?happy she gone n hope in mental home loll
    so long to pick up roshonis pregancy lol

  13. I think did is overreacting she need to grown up and act maturely i can understand that she lose her husband because of misha but u don’t have to blame sid for everything remember he still do good things for u like divorcing roshni so that u can get ur house and so on and now u be ungrateful i know both of u is ryt but it roshni life if she want to married to sid u can’t stop her she have every ryt to make decision on her own so plz end this drama of urs cuz in the end sid will be the winner

  14. Wat roshni pregnant n DD should be happy to be grandmother

  15. MaressaStyles

    wonderful just wonderful perfect yall right put dd in her place

  16. I am happy that roshni is pregnant ! when will sid and roshni ever get married ?

  17. I think misha get caught too easily wat happen to the video shiv Fone has wat happen to misha parent …..the writer did same wit rajveer episode I hate dis

  18. Who say pregnancy is drama…..
    Roshni and tanu have different character roshini love only n only for one n tanu who is characterless… How you compared both
    Amazing episode…happy happy now ye dd ka drama band krao…

  19. What is this rabish roshni pergnant how can it possible after divorc this is totaly bakwas and d d do good job writer don’t unite sid and roshi they r not 4 each other according this secne roshni is a character les girl if roshni want to marry with sid than d d should break every relation with roshi 4 ever and roshi leve with sid after sometime khurana family kick out her from house and the she understand the feling of a mother she foget every thing which do her mom 4 her and she remember only sid not her mom very bed roshni

  20. super wuper and sabse uper and also super cool episode…. just loved that part when doct. says dd that roshni is pregnant, then u know guys that roshni shies … woh sharmarahi thi aur blanket ke under apna face chupaker muskura Rai thi … oooo goddd!!!!
    but I know ki bachcha to definitely nahi hoga baad me isko shayad kisi accident or kuch aur se baccha wala twist chala jayeha…. baccha wala twist isliya laya hai taki sidni ki shaadi ho sake in saari problems ke baad …. ok…
    super epi. of super duper show 🙂

  21. Pyar ho toh aisa otherwise girls turned another guy after divorce n Sid n roshni proved that a piece of paper never spoiled a relation of love…n dd ko kab se roshini ki or shiv ki fikr hone lgi risto ki ahmeyat samjhane wala bhi Sid h n misunderstanding khi b ho sakti h etni he achi h dd toh shiv ke fake msg pr kaise vishwas kr ke beth gye thi tab kha mar gye thi kyu nhe dhunda shiv ko

    1. I totally support u

      1. sometimes I also feel that I should have a husband like sid …

      2. Oooooo…. Milega pkka milega 🙂
        Am olso thankful to god…!! <3

  22. Bacha! yeh kya ho gaya but i m happy 🙂

  23. DD needs to let go of her bitterness and controling ways. She has to accept that SID and ROSHNI are meant to be together – no matter what. Rosni being pregnans is Gods wish

  24. O my god im soooooo happybroshni is pregnant

  25. beautiii quueeen

    Roshni is pregnent ???

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