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The Episode starts with Kunal coming out of the washroom. Sid gets tensed. The kids throw water on Kunal through a water pipe and run. Kunal asks Roshni if Sid came here. He scolds the kids for throwing water on him and locking him in washroom. Roshni asks what you are doing and says they are kids. Kunal asks if Sid came here and says I am your husband. Roshni says no, and says she was playing with kids. Kunal gets angry and takes her from there. He comes home and tells Bansi that he will kill Sid and will fire 6 bullets in his heart. Shabnam asks have you gone mad? She asks him not to think like villager and says this is city. She says Police will arrest you then you can love her from there. Bansi says you said right. We will return to our village. Shabnam asks what you will do there? You have to

give money to many people there and don’t own land also. She says Kunal should get money from DD first. She plans to hurt Sid’s family to hurt Sid. Jyoti Tai collides with Premal and something spills on his kurta. He asks Jyoti to clean it. Jyoti asks about the gajra….Premal says it can be for you. Jyoti asks if he is coming from watching mujra. Premal says his heart strings are on….Jyoti asks him to keep tap on his heart. She gets a phone call and says hello in Sid’s phone. Premal says I have heard a man’s voice. Jyoti acts and goes from there. Premal sings song…..Kunal asks what he is doing here? Premal says Jamuna Bai. Kunal asks who? Premal sings song and laughs. Kunal thinks he might have gone mad.

Sid reaches home and asks Simran about Bunty. Simran says Bunty was badly beaten by goons and they have messed up office. They also threatened Krutika and Raj. Sid gets angry and says he will teach them a lesson. Simran says you should protect Roshni and asks him not to take any step in a hurry. Sid says you people are my family also. Raj asks him to make Bansi and family belief that he don’t care about Roshni anymore. He asks what is going on in your mind. Simran signs him something and she smiles.

Nani comes to the pandit and tells that she wants to save Roshni from black magic. He says she have to lose something to get something. Nani agrees and says she can give her life also. Pandit Baba says okay and asks her to keep some paper in Roshni’s room, and if it turns black then it means Roshni is under black magic influence. Nani says okay and goes.

Roshni is trying to tie her blouse’s lace. Someone comes and ties the lace. Roshni thinks it is Kunal and asks him to leave her, but he is Sid. Sid says I can give my life for you Roshni……She moves back and asks him not to come near her. Mere Rubaru plays………..She says Kunal is my husband. Sid asks her not to get afraid of him and says I will never hurt you. Just then vase falls down, Roshni hugs him scared. Sid asks are you fine? Kunal comes hearing the sound, and beat up Sid. He asks how dare you to enter my house and beats him. Roshni looks on shocked. Sid gets injured.

Kunal asks his men to throw Kunal out of house. He then asks his men to make Sid stand. He asks what you are staring? He beats him again badly. Roshni looks clueless. Simran comes and asks them to stop. She asks Kunal to leave her son and warns him not to raise hand on her son. She slaps Sid repeatedly. Everyone is shocked. She warns Sid not to come near Roshni again and says you are putting your family in danger.

Bansi says it is good. Simran says my son will not have any relation with Roshni or this house. This is my promise. Also if anyone tries to harm my family then I will burn this house. This is also my promise. She takes Sid from there. DD and Nani are shocked. Sid tells Simran that she has done over acting and asks why did she slap him repeatedly. Simran asks him to shut up and says her over acting will be beneficial to them. Roshni looks on.

Kunal comes to Roshni’s room. Roshni asks him to let her go. Kunal asks what happened? Didn’t you like me. He force himself on her. Roshni is scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Simran, Could have remind them about when her family turn middle class for Roshni, about Sid turning a slave in DD house because of his wife Roshni, met in a accident for Roshni, Went to Paris for her, when Sid stop Yash and Roshni wedding and all because of wedding vows he take with Roshni, but when it comes to her Family and she lose her anger she is Simran Kurana, owner of Kurana Empire and the house they are standing is her!

    1. It seems to be her plan….that’s all

    2. They can bring ayesha to Roshni

  2. Kunal only deserves that slaps… But didn’t. Anyway this track is okay ? keep moving

  3. i really hate kunal how dare he to touch roshni ….I can not wait for sid to teach him a lesson

  4. Someone plz update satrangi sasural 30 January 2016 written update plz thank u

  5. Episode was fine. Everyone acted well… Precap was bad hope that Kunal daoes not misbehave with roshini and sids teach him a lesson …..
    I think the writers should improve the story line but everything looks amazin.. Love jamai raja

  6. I love Jamai raja serial very much. love u sid and roshny cute jodi. sid (ravi dubey)u r my favourite hero. I love ur acting very much.

  7. hy what nonses epic why every think 2sid

  8. utter disgusting & senseless – roshni loosing d memory ; btw how d penniless villains can attack a multi millionaire office – sid owns about 850 crores & that too a year back

  9. you know what writers it is high time this shabnam, bansi, kumal, shakur, primal storyline end now it is going nowhere and you know what it has lost its flavor because it is too bring and monotonous now we definitely need the storyline to end now same thing with satrangi sasural it is high time the mili fake Vihaan tract come to an end these tracts are prolonging way past its time so please writers end it now

  10. correction not bring but boring

    1. Anita Blickle

      I agree Jamai Raja is becoming very boring n stupid … Isn’t there something called neighbors ??? Police ??? Who knows that house belongs to DD … Is it really possible for ppl to walk into someone’s house n claim it’s theirs?????what happened to the DNA test to prove Roshini is DD baby???? Haiyah it’s really getting so borin n irritating that I stooped watching .

  11. I used to love this serial – Now I only read the updates as I am tired of SID being in some or other problem because of ROSHNI and her family – DD. Should stand her ground with BANSI and kick her out and ask her to expose the truth as no one would believe and OLD HAG.
    The entire Patel family can work togeher and throw out those village idiots.

  12. I know this is only a serial but for heavens sake why does each of these show engage in black magic. Are the writers running out of things to write about? I had no idea Shabnum came back into their lives because I stopped watching. This is just getting bad each day.

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