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The Episode starts with Sunaina coming home wearing veil on her head. She takes Dhruv inside. Mitul thinks where is she? Dhruv asks who is she? Sunaina lifts her ghunghat and says she is pregnant with his child. Dhruv says whatever he is doing is for money and threatens to kill her and her baby. He asks his goons to take and kill her. Mitul looks for Sunaina and asks Dhruv, if he saw veiled woman. He says no. Satya is tied to the chair and made to sit on the chair. He gains consciousness and tries to free his hands. Gangu Tai brings Kajal to mandap. Everyone looks at her. Mahi is sad.

Kajal sits for marriage. Mahi calls Satya and thinks why he is not picking the call and thinks that he told her to stop the marriage somehow. Somebody comes and pats on her shoulder. Mahi says thank god, you

came…She turns and sees Dhruv standing. Satya tells goons that he is feeling thirsty, and says if I die then you will get jailed for murder and asks them to give him water. They don’t listen to him. Satya shouts asking him to give water. Other goon asks him to get water.

Kajal tells Gangu Tai that Dhruv didn’t come till now. Dhruv tells Mahi that he thought to practice wedding night with her. Mahi asks what nonsense and tells that everyone is waiting for him downstairs for marriage. Dhruv says I am not married. She tries to go, he holds her. Satya laughs and tells that his phone is vibrating and making him laugh. Goons laugh too. Satya holds goon with his legs and asks him to open his rope. He opens it. Satya escapes. Gangu Tai asks women to play dhol. Dhruv tells Mahi that he is real Satya and that means her real husband. Mahi asks him not to touch her and shouts Aayi, Satya. Dhruv asks what you will do…Mahi slaps him. Satya is running and in on the way to home. Pandit ji asks them to call the groom. Kajal asks Gangu Tai to see Dhruv. Mahi tells Dhruv that Satya will kill him. Dhruv says he is ready to die for her. Gangu Tai calls Dhruv and thinks where is he?

Dhruv tries to get closer to Mahi. She pushes him. Payal also senses something is wrong. Satya tries taking lift, but nobody gives him lift. Gangu Tai comes there and calls Dhruv. Dhruv is holding Mahi there. Mahi bites on his hand and runs to gangu Tai. She is shocked. Dhruv catches Mahi and asks Gangu Tai to leave. Payal sees Satya coming and thinks to stop him. Kajal asks Sunil to bring Dhruv and Aayi. Sunil says I will bring them. Payal asks Satya to go from there and says Gangu Tai and Kajal are upset with him. Satya says I can’t explain you now, and will talk later. Sunil looks for Gangu Tai and Dhruv.

Gangu Tai asks Dhruv to leave Mahi and says she is your Bhabhi. Dhruv says I am not your son…you left me there, I got brought you there alone. Gangu Tai is shocked and says Satya said right, you can’t be my son. I won’t let you misbehave with Mahi. Dhruv asks her to leave.

Gangu Tai says you can’t be my blood. He asks her to go and keeps gun on Mahi. Mahi shouts…..Gangu Tai is shocked. While dhol is being played in the hall. Dhruv tries to molest Mahi, Gangu Tai hits on his head with rod. He catches Mahi again and pushes Gangu Tai on floor. He pushes Mahi and she faints. He makes Gangu Tai go out and locks the door. He tries to get closer to Mahi while she is unconscious. Gangu Tai cries and knocks on the door. The door opens. Gangu Tai comes inside and targets gun on him.

Gangu Tai shoots Dhruv. He faints and falls down. Satya comes and takes gun in his hands. Others also come there and sees Satya holding gun. Payal says he is dead. Kajal is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what de hell.i do hope gangu accept this becuz kajal will hate sid and make him go jail.hope very soon payal secret come out and everything gets back to normal

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