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The Episode starts with Sid asking Roshni why she is angry at him. Roshni says she is not angry at him. Bansi looks on. Shakuntala looks at Raj’s photo and thinks she wants to do shringar for him. Bansi comes and tells her to do some important work. She tells something in her ears. Shakuntala agrees to do her work. Bansi looks on. Sid tries talking to Roshni. Roshni says she wants to know what is going on and about his plan. Sid says so much is happening and tells something which is muted. Shakuntala opens the window’s screw. Sid sees the falling window and saves Roshni on time. Shakuntala smiles. Roshni asks Sid why did he save her and got himself injured. Bansi says this is inauspicious thing as our bahu is living with a stranger man. Roshni says he is not stranger, but her husband. She says

you are inauspicious and not my husband. Bansi says she will protect her bahu and says no one can come in between her way. DD asks Roshni to go to her room and asks Sid if he is fine. Sid says yes. Bansi looks on. Sid looks at Bansi. He thinks many guests have come in this house, and their target was my family, but nobody could harm my family as I was covering them like a protective sheild. He says I know who is doing all this and says I won’t let anything happen to my family.

Later in the morning, Nani comes and asks who made this breakfast? Sid says he made it for her. Nani sits to have food. Sid serves her. Nani says it might serve good. Sid asks her about the secret which is torturing them, and asks will you hide it from me. Nani nods no. Sid says I am always with you and promises to support them. Nani is about to say, but just then DD comes and stops Nani asking Sid not to trouble Nani. Sid says you have fought with thousands of troubles and asks how could Bansi and family made her helpless. He says Bansi have slapped me infront of you and you couldn’t do anything. He asks about her helplessness, and promises that no one can touch or harm her. He promises that he will set everything fine and gives Roshni’s promise. DD says I can’t tell as I am trapped badly. Just then she hears Roshni’s shout and runs to her room. They see Roshni pimply face because of allergy. Mona tells DD that Bansi might be right about the inauspicious thing. Bansi comes and says it is inauspicious. Sid says I think she is right and says if something big happens then I will not be able to forgive myself. He says we have to be stay separately for sometime. Roshni says you can’t take the decisions alone. Sid says he will also take decision and says it’s final. Roshni is shocked and cries. Later Sid feels apologetic and says he should make Bansi feel her win, and thinks to win Premal’s trust. He says he is sure that Bansi and her family are behind this, and promises to make them pay for their doings.

Nani tells DD that she can’t believe that Bansi have made her puppet and is playing with her. DD says I don’t know what to do? Nani says we should tell about this secret to Sid, and says he will help us. DD says not now, and says Roshni will hate her if comes to know about it. She says seriously no. Bansi hears them and thinks mother and daughter are losing infront of her. She says questions are raised in DD’s mind because of my doings. A fb is shown, Bansi goes to Roshni’s room and applies some ointment on her face to make her face pimply with rashes. Sid comes to her room and searches for the proof. Bansi is coming to her room and calls Premal. Sid gets the medicine bottle in her cupboard. He hides before she arrives in her room. He then manages to escape. He thinks to talk to DD. Kesar tells him that Kunal went with DD. Sid calls DD, but she disconnects the call. Shakuntala thinks if she tells about her love, then Bansi will scold her for loving someone at the age of 40. She says there is no age for love and marriage. Sid comes there and says you said right. He says you are still young and can bowl over anyone. He says I salute you as you are waiting for the right man and haven’t married due to family pressure. He says you have become like servant for your family and says they don’t want to let you go as 80 percent work is done by you. Shakuntala gets thinking.

Bansi accuses Sid and says he might be the one who want to harm Roshni for his advantage. Roshni says she won’t bear her husband’s insult and asks her to dip in Ganga river to wash away the sins.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    what could be this secret??
    any guess pliiz

  3. I think DD take money from bansi exchange to roshni

  4. i use to love the show but have stopped watching, it doesn’t make sense any more.

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