Jamai Raja 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid devastatedly walking towards his car after divorcing Roshni. Roshni also feels dejected. She goes to Sid and asks why did he divorce her, how can he take a decision alone, she will never separate from him. He says everything is over now. She says nothing is over and says she will never accept this divorce and tears it.

DD comes there smiling and tells she won her case and got back all her property and bank balance. Roshni congratulates her crying and even Sid congratulates her and leaves in car. DD asks Roshni what happened to him. Roshni says he divorced me. DD is shocked to hear that.

Sid drives his car crying, stops in a secluded place and reminisces Simran asking him to divorce Roshni in exchange of DD’s property back. Sid says he will never

do that. She says she cannot see Kritika suffering like this. He says he cares for Kritika and her, but will never his life Roshni. She says if he does not, she and Kritika will suicide. She gives him DD’s property papers and says he has to prove that he is a good son-in-law also. He further reminisces accepting her deal and asking her to keep her promise. He comes out of flashback and starts crying vigorously. Rain in summer starts and he gets drench and shouts Roshni…

DD at home tells Roshni that she already told Sid will never go against his family. He divorced her on family’s insistence and left her along with property. Roshni says he did a lot to Sam, this house, her. Mona says she is right, but.. DD says he wanted to get away from real situation, so he divorced her. She says she agrees he helped them, but also gave them pain. A man who does not take care of his wife must go away. She hugs Roshni and says they will never separate again.

Raj reaches home happily and tells Biji that he is very happy that DD won the case and now our son will also come back and give good news. Biji say she is not understanding what he is telling. Sid comes. Raj asks if he got divorce papers back and asks where is Roshni, if she is in temple. Biji also asks same. He says she will not come as he divorced her. Raj is shocked to hear that, but ugly Kritika and dumb Simran smirk. Raj asks Sid not to lie on this auspicious day. Sid says he is telling truth, he divorced Roshni. Raj slaps him and says he is ashamed to call him his son.

Precap: Simran comes to DD’s house to take back her items. DD says she is not like her and will not keep her things. She asks Mona to clean the house with ganga jal once Simran’s negative energy leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. vere oru margavum ellajittano sid roshniye divorce cheythathe. sid shouldn’t have done this. Iwish sid& roshni 2 be together always

    1. Njanum ath thanneya parayunne…paavam sid randindeyum idayil kudungi poyi..sho! kashtam thanne

  2. So they said they would commit suicide?? this is so ridiculous. I hope Roshni isn’t stupid this time to blindly beleive Sid is this shallow… but of course, Roshni is shallow so this is how she will think.

    1. True….. but I’m starting to hate simran!!:( 🙁 🙁

  3. now that the property has gone back to DD, Sid should play the same game his mom played. He should tell his dad and biji why he divorced Roshni -… Simran can’t make the judge go back and rule in her favour. The decision is made. Sid is very clever… he should do this.

  4. Sid u should let them go and commit suicide and then u go see if she canreally do it sid u r wise enough to know what rights n what wrong she was emotional blackmailing you and you buy it
    By the way that property was dd own in the first so you just had to give it back to her without divorcing roshni were u n your families was living before simran take away dd house i know that for sure that u ppls was not living on the road so simran just had to move over in her own house and give dd back her house so divorcing roshni was out of the question

  5. ufff…..story came to beginning again…..DD with her attitude…….

  6. U r rgt dd to clean your house with holy water because that no good was living in that house for a long or else her negative energy will still be flowing in there and cuz mores problems for you n your families

  7. sad for siddharth…

  8. writers what kind of stupid serials you are writing that starts off good and ends badly my gosh what stupidity is this a mother blackmailing her son to divorce his wife and then threatening him that if he does not do it she dotish simran and her ugly wicked daughter kritika will commit suicide well sid from my point of view I know you love your mother but if I were you I would not have divorced roshini I would have shown simran who is stronger because that is a line the Indians always use suicide well maybe it is for the best let both simran and kritika commit suicide and go to hell where they deserve to be for all their wicked deeds and then all three of them will reunite simran kritika and rajveer LOL sid I know you did it for dd to get back all her property but you should have discussed it with roshini before doing so please raj when you find out throw your wife simran and kritika out of the house and divorce simran also letting her see and feel what she did to roshini and writers I must say you all are no way qualified to really write serials you just keep writing shit and more shit dd I advise that you send roshini far away from sid and you know what I think sid feel that he is smart he did all this after he got yash and samaria together so that roshini would not marry yash he toooooooooo has a little wicked streak so roshini is better off without that family she will meet someone better than sid come to think of it roshini should have used that line also that if sid divorce her she will commit suicide but then again she is from a different class so sid I hope you get what you deserve

  9. sid the same way your mother tricked you do the same to her as dd got back her property and everything speak to roshini and dd and let them know why you did all this and let them know you will remarry roshini without any blessings from simran and just have your marriage among roshinis family and give a heavy blow to simran and kritika let them pay for what they did to you and roshini for that evil man rajveer whom they adore so much that murdering b*t*h who got off toooooooooooooooooooo easily with just a bullet he should have gotten it more for every murder he committed and every bad deed that he did

  10. Sad for siddhart. Sad for roshni. Angry at simran n DD. N y DD doesn’t understand that the sid who did soo much for her wud do that to her daughter. N all in all I’m disappointed with the writers for this crap

  11. The mood and character of the characters in this serial changes on a daily basis. What do the writers think of audience? A dumb ass? Not so

  12. Everything in these serials is about revenge,hate and jealousy.

  13. This is just a blackmail to fancy Kritka and her mother hateful ways.If they so desperate then go ahead and commit the suicide but why blackmail your own son.Truth does not hide itself for a long time before showing it’s head.

  14. Mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally, but in so many of these serials, mothers use emotional blackmail to control and hurt their children. Another thing is that everyone threatens to commit suicide if they don’t get their way. I have to wonder if this is common in East Indian culture. If they want to commit suicide, I say – go right ahead……..IDIOTS.

  15. I’m really disappointed in this serial,I can’t understand a grown boy like Siddarth will allow his mother to influence him to do such a hideous thing,and I think that he should have talk with his father about the blackmail that his mother subjected him under.

  16. Simran you are one selfish woman you sacrifice one child happiness for another how more selfish can you be…the story was going so good until it went off track what’s up writers?! This is one messy storyline, it just don’t add up at all Sid is also a owner of his parents company why did he need his mom to give him back DD property when he could’ve went straight to his dad look how close they are…i guess he’s scared because she was emotionally blackmailing him about their suicide, i watched that stale line in almost all of the series if parents don’t get their way they are ready to kill themselves it’s very corny writers we the viewers are tired it’s time to change gear, which good mothers and fathers want to see their children in pain? None only the selfish ones allow their children to suffer

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