Jamai Raja 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mahi thinking to expose Satya. She asks Koel not to call Satya to her birthday party as Payal might not like him. Koel says she will invite Satya and gets angry on Mahi. Mahi thinks she will expose him. Koel calls Satya and asks him to come to her birthday party to Masquerade party. Satya thinks he will get Gangu Tai’s necklace now, and meet Koel also. He asks Kajal about the party. She says she doesn’t know what is Masquerade party. Sunil comes and says it is masquerade party. Satya thinks to go. Gangu Tai watches a promo of the upcoming show and says she wants Sunil, Satya and Kajal to stay with her always. They say we will be with you. Kajal brings rented suit for Satya and says it is very costly, don’t let anything fall on it else your 5 months salary will go.


gets ready for the party. Payal asks Mahi to invite the special someone. Mahi says she has invited special guest already. Kajal compliments Satya’s looks in suit. Payal asks Mahi to wear nice jewellery. Mahi says she will wear something special today. Satya comes to party wearing suit. Mahi looks at him. Satya comes near her and I have never thought that you can look nice in good clothes. Mahi says even you are looking good and asks if the suit is rented or stolen. She says I am joking. Mahi asks him to come inside and asks what he would like to have.

Satya thinks what is happening. Mahi asks who will wear mask? She gives him mask to wear. Koel comes and greets him with a hug. She introduces him to her friends. Mahi says I will expose you Satya. Mahi sees Satya with mask and is doubtful. Satya tells Koel that her chipku sister can’t stick to him. Koel gets happy. Satya thinks to get habitual to these parties after he marries Koel. Mahi comes and asks what he was saying? Satya says I said, but what to do with you. Mahi calls waiter and asks him to serve to Satya. Waiter asks what do you like to drink. Payal tries to see his face. Satya orders drinks. Mahi tells something. Satya removes his mask, but Payal couldn’t see his face. Satya wears mask again, after Mahi tells that you will know everything soon. He thinks what she is upto. Payal is coming to Satya. Satya goes somewhere.

Mahi announces the theme of the party and asks them to play the chair game. She says lets start the game. Satya sees necklace in Mahi’s neck and thinks this is the matter. She thinks I have stolen it. Koel tells Satya that they have to win. Satya says we will win. They play the chair game. Satya tries to get necklace. Mahi moves away. Tum Se Hi song plays………Koel asks Satya to concentrate on her. Mahi asks Satya to stop thinking about win, and says you will not win this game nor this necklace. Just then electricity goes off, Mahi wonder what happened to light. Electricity comes back. Mahi sees it missing and looks at Satya talking to Koel.

Mahi tells Koel that Satya has stolen my necklace. She says he is a thief and I have all the proofs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Did koel steal the necklace out of jealousy?when will mahi stop doubting satay?when will Maya’s love story start?

  2. nice

  3. Love you ravi.. let satya know he is karanvir.

  4. Jaan Fernandez

    ow my God i lefft watching Jamai Raja sincethe day Sidni died…

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