Jamai Raja 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nani telling somw women organization people have come. They switch on the TV and sees Bua Dadi telling the press that DD tortured Shabnam and beaten her. Beeji says she can’t do this. Bua Dadi says DD has beaten Shabnam being her step mum. Media says DD has become Kaikayi. The women organisation group barged into DD’s house and says DD haiye haiye……DD asks them to get out and it is enough of drama. The woman says you have to accept your doing. DD says she didn’t do anything and asks them to get out. The woman says you have to apologize to Shabnam else we will take this matter very up. DD asks them to get out. They threaten to call the police and then brings a donkey to make DD sit on it. The women organisation ladies pushes Roshni and Nani. Then they make DD sit on

it and blacken her face. Shabnam comes and acts to rescue her. She asks them to stop it and asks Nani to wash her face. She asks the women, don’t you get shame to do this. She says she is alive because of this. She says she got the marks as she fell down. The media also come there and asks questions. Why DD has thrown you out? Shabnam says this house is hers and only she can decide who will stay in her house. She says I left this house with my wish. She asks them to stay out of the matter. DD comes and says Shabnam is saying right. We will solve the matter and it is a family matter. She asks Shabnam to stay at her house, and asks them to go. Media person asks if Shabnam will stay with you. DD asks didn’t he hear now, and asks them to get out. DD eyes Shabnam.

Bua Dadi is eating apple happily. Beeji asks why you are doing this and breaking two families. Bua Dadi says she is supporting truth and says may be DD had beaten her. Beeji asks how can you be so sure? She says if Sid and Roshni have any trouble then she will not spare her. DD recalls the insult which Mahila Samithi did to her. Shabnam comes to her and asks her to trust. She says I don’t have anything against you in my heart, and my Abbu will curse me. DD says she knows about her blood and holds her by her hairs. Sid asks what you are doing? DD says you will repent and will curse every moment thinking why I have taken this decision to let you stay in this house. She says this house is mine and you will do what I say. She says nobody shall challenge my decision and says drama is over. Shabnam gets angry and says you left this marks on my heart. I am back in your house to ruin you. She says your reverse countdown begins.

DD is still recalling the insult and Shabnam asking them to stay out of their personal matter. DD thinks I will take revenge for my insult. Someone comes in the room. Ayesha calls for Shabnam and asks Sid. Roshni asks what happened? Sid says Shabnam is not here. Nani Maasi says she might ran away. Ayesha says she is my Didi and can’t run. Sid asks the servant to find her. He asks DD if she saw her. DD says she might be here, I don’t care. Servant comes back and says she found a suitcase in the pool which is moving also. Everyone rush to her. They come near the pool side and see a big box floating in the pool. Sid jumps in and gets the box. He asks to get the hammer and breaks the lock. DD is busy having food at the dinning table. Roshni, Nani and Mona are shocked to see Shabnam inside the box. Sid takes her out. Roshni asks Shabnam to wake up and presses her stomach to take water out.

Sid tells Roshni that DD’s conduct is not justified. He says it doesn’t mean that she will kill someone, whom she don’t like.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol…throwing her in a box & throwing her in the pool is funny as hell…hahaha!! She shud av died….cz I kno she’s nt hesitating to hurt tht family

    1. I highly doubt DD did that. I am sure Shabham must have done that to herself to let DD family accuse her.

  2. This show is getting too repetitive….it is the same storyline with Misha. Girl trying to get in between Sid and Roshni and is defaming DD to do it. I am so annoyed. They ended that old storyline to put one exactly like it. I am so disappointed to that they turn a little girl manipulative. What child really gets on like that? And Sid is such an idiot that he is letting the little girl make decisions for him…ah mean Ayesha is a damn child. She should not be able to be controlling her parents….bout making her sister go to school with her, or forcing her to sit next to Sid, or misbehave with Roshni. The fact is, I know they probably love Ayesha, but she has an adult sister who could take care of her, let her take her!!!! There is an entire orphanage of kids that Roshni has been dealing with for years that she could adopt one of those. And Sid always trying to fix other people business, why he dont go home and see somebody torturing his actual blood (his sister). I am so disappointed that they have characters moving stupid.

    1. you are absolutely right – it’s just a repeat of the Misha storyline… sooo lame. I actually don’t watch this serial anymore – i have been reading the updates but i think i will stop that too… the writers have ruined a good story.

    2. I am starting to hate Ayesha.. She looks a little wicked evil brat !!! Shit.. cant they realize since day 1 she stepped foot in that house. . The peace is ruined… Ayesha is so ewwwww also her whore sister shabnam..

      1. Xavier you are very right I said it 3days ago when sid asked ayisha that did she misses mum she said no and how Ayisha manage to escape from the fake family that came to adoped her ?

  3. this story is about the same thing all over again why can sid and roshni have some happiness ii am getting fetup.

  4. The writer have ruined the this serial.

  5. Feel the same too sid should help his poor sister and save her from the witch lol

  6. Mythily Dilchand

    Boeing plz let roshni and said live get that mad crazy girl put of this series I am stopped watching boring

  7. Roshni should leave Siddharth. Why ?? Because he is a dumb stupid a.s s… he always allow random idiots out of no where to rule and control his life.. like wtf…. He didnt learn a lesson with Misha ??? Such an IDIOT

  8. And if Mona wanna bit.ch and complain . Let her get out the house..

  9. This is the end for jamai raja

  10. Crazy boring. Yash crazy also he should know sam is like that leave her sid more mad roshini face always long. Why they still living by dd house and sid have everything a house and more that dd . Only madness showing

  11. This serial is going sooo lame.. I don’t even watch it cause it’s so boring.. Can’t they stop this stupid serial and add a next.. All my friends and family don’t even watch it!!! Please just change it!!!!!

  12. The storyline is dragging, tell the writer to end story if he has no better story to tell.This is just repetition.Everyone’s knows how this Shabnam story will end. It’s so booooring.

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