Jamai Raja 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with DD doing online shopping with Kesar. Sid shouts at Kesar to get them also some appliances. DD ignores him. Roshni asks not to stop his james bond acting as DD is not paying attention.

Kritika and Simran are busy taking girl’s interviews for Sid’s remarriage and shouts at them. Kritika hears Biji increasing TV’s volume and goes to her room. Biji increases more volume, and Kritika walks out angrily.

Sid purposefully boils milks and it spills over DD’s side of house. She shouts at servant to keep the house clean. Roshni tries to pick utensil, burns her hand and writhes in pain to garner DD’s attention, but DD leaves without paying any attention. Shiv and Mona come from shopping and get worried seeing Roshni crying.


tells Kritika that Sid had a childhood friend Nisha in London and they used to taunt Sid that they will get them married, but sid used to tell they are just friends. They came to India after that. Kritika says that girl can be Sid’s next wife and asks her to call her here. Simran says she does not have her contact number. Kritika suggests to check on net, finds Nisha and calls her.

Reporter comes to DD’s office for her interview. She sees roshni’s pic and says she met her before and she must be mamma’s daughter. DD feels irked hearing that.

Roshni goes to Simran’s house and she says she can continue as Biji’s caretaker as biji likes only her. Sid smiles hearing that..

Simran tells she cannot go against Sid. Kritika says if they want to succeed in their plan, Sid should not know that they are against him. She then says they are doing it for Sid’s goodness and asks her not to tell they called Nisha here. Nisha SMSes her hotel address.

Reporter continues interviewing DD and says she has really worked hard to establish her business. Sid comes with Shiv. Reporter tells DD her jamai is also here with her dance partner. DD goes out and asks Sid to go from there. Sid jokes. Mona also comes there. Reporter joins them. Sid identifies her as some newspaper reporter and asks if she knows shiv. She says of course, he is DD’s dance partner, but does not know his. Shiv says he is Shiv patel. Reporter asks if he is DD’s younger brother. Sid blurts in laughter. DD says he is my husband. Reporter says it is an important element for her news report and says from today, whole business community will know her husband and says she needs exclusive interview from both of them and will come to her house. Sid says now DD will be a superwoman and Shiv superman, whole world will know about them. DD says interview at home is a bad idea. Sid says it is a wonderful idea and asks reporter to come home in the evening.

Once reporter leaves, DD asks Sid why is he interfering in her life. He says he is her jamai and she should be thankful to him that he stopped Shiv from becoming her brother. She shouts. he gives his coconut water and says she needs it more. She throws it on him and he runs. Shiv also runs.

Precap: Reporters during interview asks Shiv and Dd to sit holding each other’s hand for a pic. DD gets irked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I would like to know where Sid lives? lol he’s always at is ex-wife house if all divorcees could live like this what a wonderful world it would be… But i think this show is going well as usual

    1. ikr….he need to go back to his house to uncover his idiot mom and sis trying to marry him off though lol

  2. Dont know what wrong with sid he only concern about his in laws i think he shld stop doing all those nonsense and start business about himself n be more at his home then roshni home so that he can see what his mom n sister doing behind his back
    And this nisha shld come and start to rule n make they two of them lifes a hell it will be good to see them get torture n then they will learn a lesson that next time they will think twice before something like that

  3. Sid is one of the best in law in the world.Wish many in law is like him.He is also a wonderful man.husband and divorcee.Great example of a family man.

  4. i luv sid..his style to sketch the character is really awesome..

  5. Sid is just superb – love him to bits.

  6. Superb Sid

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